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The Handmaid’s Tale: Amy Coney Barrett’s Horoscope

May 4, 2022 – I was right, wasn’t I? Supreme Court via a leaked draft, states they intend to overturn Roe v. Wade — Starcats

Analysis of horoscope of Amy Coney Barrett.

Amy Coney Barrett is Trump’s choice for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court. When I heard Justice Ginsburg had passed, my mind jumped to Barrett immediately. I also knew Trump would instantly nominate her. That and watching Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham explode with glee was something else I believed we would see — instantly — not even 24 hours after Justice Ginsburg passed on. SEE Wiki Bio notes below, but before you do, here is a sentence that chilled me to the marrow:

“In the past, female personal advisors were called “handmaidens.” ….

Barrett’s Saturn is at 29 degrees Taurus, On the Fixed Star, Alcyone in the constellation Pleiades. Alcyone is considered the most malefic fixed star in the heavens. Alcyone is attached to great grief and serious consequences for any infraction. Draconian law; administration of cruel sentences; severe penalties for the most minor of infractions. [Alcyone by angular placement was a key player in the Clinton’s impeachment trial.]

Her Mercury at 24 Capricorn is conjoined to the USA’s horoscope’s Mercury. Mercury lies in opposition to America’s PLUTO. We are rapidly approaching the USA’s first Pluto Return, but before that event, SATURN in Capricorn will conjoin Pluto and oppose the USA’s and Barrett’s natal Mercury positions. This, along with Saturn/Alcyone above, show us a most severe combination for a Justice of the Supreme Court. Handmaid’s Tale writ large.

Barrett’s Uranus at Libra is opposite her Mars at 21 Aries. Mars is transiting through Aries in the big sky now, ushering in another Mars Return for her. Mars is retrograde thus creating many “hits” and aspects more than one time as the warrior goes back and forth until reaching direct motion on November 13, 2020. A combination of Mars in opposition to Uranus in the Justice sign Libra is the formula for explosive, shocking, destructive, incinerating, disintegrating behavior and in this case, overturning of case law. She says Roe is “stare decisis” [standing law], but that does not mean she and a conservative court majority won’t find numerous ways to make a woman’s reproductive rights virtually null and void. Her Mars trines Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Barrett’s natal Mars is 28 Sagittarius. It is the final chart dispositor (in the sign of its rulership, and therefore, stands alone as “overlord” of her chart.]. Her lodestar is a philosophical [Jupiter], and in Sagittarius, coupled with her draconian Saturn, she is originalist, literal, and biblical in her approach to law. Law as funneled through the originalist doctrine of the Federalist Society and her idol, Antonin Scalia.

Barrett and a majority conservative Supreme Court will be a danger and fearsome setback for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrants, workers, climate change, animals, and our standing in the world at large. Barrett’s throwback beliefs modeled on the bible would be a poison pill the world should not be forced to swallow. When the country and, indeed, the planet are at stake, this author will not pretend there are no stakes in the game. Hence, it is time we all stood up and told the truth.

Bio notes from Wiki: “In September 2017, The New York Times reported that Barrett was a member of a small, tightly knit Charismatic Christian group called People of Praise;[68] its members swear a lifelong “covenant” (loyalty oath) to each other and are assigned a personal advisor, a “head” for men or “leader” for women, who gives direction on important personal decisions.[69] In the past, female personal advisors were called “handmaidens.”[70] As a judicial nominee in 2017, Barrett’s affiliation with People of Praise did not come up during the confirmation process, however her religious faith was notably questioned by some members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

Amy Coney Barrett Noon Chart

Amy Coney Barrett, horoscope


  1. In contrast to your fearful assessment of ACB’s natal chart, her Mercury in Capricorn suggests a wise and careful thinker who values credibility and lends a respectful tone. Her Mercury is in trine to Saturn and also Pluto. Saturn trines her midheaven, and her Aquarian Sun N Node conjunct in the tenth. Venus is her chart ruler and Saturn answers to her. Venus in Pisces offers compassion and peacemaking skills trines her Moon in Cancer , a clear positive female connection that nurtures and values female essence.
    No mistake here with her Mars and Chiron in Aries the timing of transiting Mars in Aries brings the cycle into play at this time. The opposition to Uranus suggests sacrifice of her personal self to a humanitarian consideration in her work and service. Jupiter trines Mars and offers benefic outcomes. Her Chiron in Aries times perfectly with transiting Chiron in Aries suggesting a pioneering in service to humanity. Her Neptune in Saggitarius shows Spiritual vision and expansive goals inclusive of differing races and beliefs. There are many ways to view a chart….hope this offers less fear, more balance.

    • The eye of the beholder. Let us say a person who is religious, or a conservative Republican, who is pro-life, anti-healthcare, anti-affirmative action, anti-rejoining the Paris Climate Accord in order to save the planet, anti a vibrant open Democratic society, for example, would read her chart just as you have. I appreciate your analysis on the positive side of things at least. Her Saturn conjoined Alcyone, the malevolent fixed star in the Pleiades, brings no grace or mercy to ruthless, power hungry Pluto.
      It is not possible to ascertain rulers to her Ascendant or MC as the horoscope has not birth time. It is calculated for noontime to allow a look at planet distribution and aspects. If you have a birth time, it would be a good thing to post that before making judgments about chart angle rulers. Jupiter trine Mars, indeed, any aspect of the two, are markers of crusaders, those with an axe to grind, and those who are impatient for war. Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune in Sagittarius [state religion, mainstream belief systems] believe in absolutes absolutely. That is who Amy Barret is! She is free to believe as she wants just as I and most of my readers are free to believe what we want. And we will fight for those rights against all odds whether we win or lose.
      Barrett is a clear and present danger to those who fought so hard since the dawn of history and to the present in this modern country to free women from the burden of antiquated biological destiny and submission to a patriarchal system both religious and political. You speak of “balance” and there is nothing balanced about the radical vision Barrett holds. Female advisors in her “order” are referred to as “Handmaids” — does that ring any bells for you?
      And Chiron. I am curious about your level of astrological study. Your analysis, a lovely hagiography, much like those I have read about saints, misses the depth of Chiron, the centaurs, and the asteroids – all of which need years and years of study to use them fluidly. Chiron is a wounder, or one who has sustained an unfair, accidental wound. He is not a healer. Chiron used his medicine after he was poisoned to spare others his fate. I cannot help but think of Barrett as having been wounded. I imagine her as a child belittled with catechism and negative messages about her sex imposed upon her by church and family.
      I think dread, not fear, is the appropriate response to Barrett’s potential nomination to the Supreme Court. She and her strange, incomprehensible (to me) followers are so busy building a bridge back to Medieval times they have forgotten the women who died to secure the rights and freedoms Amy Barrett so freely enjoys.
      I conclude that anyone, whether male, female, LGBTQ or N [Non-Binary] should all be filled with existential dread to think a jurist as extreme as Amy Coney Barrett might sit on our nation’s Supreme Court. Again, thank you for weighing in, but it is clear we do not share a common vision.

      • Thank you for this analysis. I am hoping that she can embrace her north node in Aquarius and see things from her 7th Chakra, but I’m more likely to believe those of us who experienced trauma and abuse in the Catholic church will be having some PTSD from this real life Serena Joy soon. 😦

  2. Excellent delineation…Seems to go well with this new era we just entered according to some that I just happened to find today: “The Dawr period actually changed this year from Saturn/Virgo to Jupiter/Libra. The Dawr periods are 360 years in length. This truly is a landmark year for the ages… Not everyone of course will agree with you, even if you did your best. Emotions run rampant even for astrologers these highly politicized days.

    For those interested in knowing more about the technique, here’s the link

  3. Thank you, Leomoon. Welcome! I had a quick look at the link you shared re Dawr and will read it thoroughly when time permits. I work with Fidaria, Profected Ascendants and Time Lords, all of which are outstanding techniques.

  4. In the horoscope of the original May 15, 1776 independence resolution (5:00 p.m.. Philadelphia), Mercury is at 29 Taurus, conjunct Barrett’s Saturn. Even more significant, Barrett’s Sun/North Node/Midheaven conjunction is closely conjunct the U.S. South Node/Nadir conjunction. Prediction: a constitutional “originalist” is about to come out of the closet.

    • Excellent observations. Thank you, John. Yes, she’s an “originalist” and clerked for Scalia. That’s all we need to know, lol!

  5. I think you meant Jupiter in Sagittarius… I agree whole heartedly with your interpretation Jude. I find that Mercury in Cap capable of being the Voice of the State, while the Sagittarian Jupiter and Neptune energies suggest zealotry. not a balance chart at all.

    • Welcome! And thank you for weighing in. Well-stated: Mercury in Cap as “voice of the state” while Sagittarian Jupiter and Neptune point to zealotry. I also think of JU-NE as “irrational exuberance,” a term also used to describe stock market bubbles.

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