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Judiciary Democrats try to delay Barrett confirmation

May 4, 2022 – I was right, wasn’t I? Supreme Court via a leaked draft, states they intend to overturn Roe v. Wade — Starcats

CNN news report: “Judiciary Democrats try to delay Barrett confirmation after CNN’s KFile finds omissions in Senate paperwork”

Mercury retrograde — Judiciary Dems cite omissions in Senate paperwork.

Paperwork is ruled by Mercury, of course. I’m staying on watch as this GOP debacle unfolds.

Mercury retrograde in deep probe Scorpio is still in orb of opposition to sudden upheaval Uranus in Taurus. Venus in exacting Virgo (Mercury ruled) is the boss of Uranus (ruler of the sign he’s in). The Libra Sun and Mars retrograde have been in, and within 1 degree of the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. Planets on, or in aspect to, or in the degree of the Lunar Nodes bring fated matters to the fore. By fated I mean, “it is written.” Circumstances that bear consequences we cannot avoid. Sometimes this can be good, such as meeting our life partner or new love around the time of Planetary node contacts.

Continuing forward, we have a complicated not-so-friendly Libra New Moon this Friday, October 16. This monthly rebirth of the lights conjoins the lucky fixed stars Spica and Arcturus at 23+ Libra. You would think that would be jolly happy. It’s not. Both Sun and Moon feed each other light, but they square the nasty boys in power and prestige pushing Capricorn:

1. Jupiter [state religions and cannons of law], underhanded back room conspiracy dealings [Pluto, Mr. Invisible] and Lead-gavel- Saturn [dressed in black Armani designer robes] with scythe at the ready.

As even-handed Libra is and will be opposed by blood thirsty Mars in his own domicile, Aries. He is retrograde and seething with frustration and bottled up rage. Adding Mars to the mix creates an astrological aspect or figure called a T-Square. Talk about being boxed in! The open path out of the T-square is in the sign Capricorn where Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn serve as the valve on a pressure cooker.

Prepare for a rough two weeks, up to the next Full Moon on Halloween in Taurus, where the SUN opposes Uranus at 9 Taurus and the Moon conjoins it. This rough ride will then turn into a roller coaster. The Full Moon on Halloween at 9 Taurus is the last lunation before Election 2020 on November 3.

It is volatile:

Luna conjoins shattering Uranus and Sun opposes it. The degree, 9 Taurus is the descendant of the USA’s Scorpio Rising chart. [I still love the Sagittarius rising chart too!]. The Sun conjoins the USA’s Scorpio Ascendant. This is all about what the people are going to decide on November 3 when polls open in Washington, DC at 7 AM signaling election day’s birth. Pay close attention to what is “seen” and more attention to what is “unseen.” Listen to the Message, not the noise. Carry your own life Message, but not the Mess.

Horoscope for Today’s Transits in D.C.

A note to readers: Mundane astrology by necessity often involves political discussion because no astrologer lives in a vacuum. Personal viewpoints are acceptable. Astrologers are human beings. It is those who come to preach and parade their self-inflated notions of “ethics” who apparently have nothing better to do than leave negative remarks on blogs while feigning an ethical and moral standard they are unlikely to practice in their own lives. If you do not like what I write, keep your mouth shut and move on.

As Melania Trump so aptly stated on her green jacket: I DON’T REALLY CARE. DO YOU?


  1. For me, the key moment of the Barrett hearings was when, on 13 Oct., Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (love the name!) made his presentation about the recent role of dark money in influencing the courts and Congress. The moments when the cameras focused on key Republicans and the nominee showed some rather uncomfortable faces of unmasking (so to speak). The station of Mercury in Scorpio seemed most appropriate, along with the other, “bigger” configuration, of course.
    Whitehouse’s natal chart (20 Oct. 1955) is all Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius — including Jupiter – Pluto, recurring this year, thus indicating the opportunity to play a significant role.

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