Posted by: starcatsastrology | May 19, 2022

Monkeypox & May 16’s Eclipse

“In parts of central and west Africa where monkeypox occurs, people can be exposed through bites or scratches from rodents and small mammals, preparing wild game, or having contact with an infected animal or possibly animal products.”

Monkeypox, a rare contagion mostly centered in Southern Africa, has made its way to Canada and Massachusetts. For Astrologers, the asteroid Hygeia [ she’s Asclepius’s daughter], of health was a 5 degrees Scorpio on Lunar Eclipse Day, [May 15-16] . degrees Scorpio is the rising sign of the USA’s birth chart. Hygeia, at 5 Scorpio is on the 12th house side of the USA’s rising sign.

The 12th house is associated with hidden matters, and the emergence of matters we’re often unconscious of. 12th house activation can blind-side us — particularly because our attention for over 2 years has been riveted on COVID. That was a major surprise too. I’m not forecasting a global outbreak of Monkeypox so let’s not go there. I would say this is an important reminder to maintain vigilance. It’s another “new NEW” cajoling us to observe and stay ever vigilant.

Global warming is battering the earth and continues to subject Earthlings to strange new viruses and bacteria once hidden within rain forests and jungle foliage. These micro-devils leap to invade our immune systems. What used to feel “remote” now travels by stealth on ships and planes encircling Mother Gaia in 24-to 48 hours.

The USA’s Moon [horoscope ruler of “we the people”] is “squared [90-degree aspect]”  by friction, obstacles and struggle courtesy of the Eclipse Sun and Moon in the signs Taurus & Scorpio.

Eclipses are wild cards! Depending on whether it’s a solar or lunar eclipse, either intellect and will [Sun] or Moon [emotional intelligence and intuitive processing] gets blocked. In this case it’s the intuitive Moon in the life-death-transformation-regeneration sign of Scorpio which is associated with the underworld. Hades’ domain! “Wow! I didn’t see that coming! It was the last thing I’d think of!”

Monkeypox in Massachusetts is a dramatic example of “hidden enemies”; a reality associated with the 12th house. Hygeia’s conjunction to the ascendant of the USA’s horoscope from the well of secrets opens her to a level of exposure where she/we can review and renew our relationship to health and safety by accepting the things we cannot change. That is: the state of planet earth.

Mercury’s current retrograde [May 10 to June 3] starting at 4 Gemini  will hike back to 26 Taurus [landing on the unhappy fixed star CAPUT ALGOL] can but needn’t trap us into working at cross-purposes with ourselves. There is a way around that obstacle! If we slow our roll in accordance Mercury’s retrograde rhythm, by early June we can take advantage of benefits associated with re-visioning and re-balancing our relationship to social risk. Life itself favors all manner of workarounds needed sustain life while remaining healthy and sane.

For the record: Mercury was the only entity allowed access to both Mt. Olympus and hell by the Gods. We all know this aphorism, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” Mercury *is* the  messenger, the trickster who carried information back and forth between Pluto/Hades and Jupiter/Zeus on Olympus.

There are those times when, like Zeus, we’ve been furious at Mercury’s messages. The news is sometimes very, very bad. So, the little guy who always travels with the Sun [the two are always within 28 degrees of each other!] knows how to navigate both the light and the dark. Mercury is the guide between the conscious and unconscious. Mercury is all about how we talk to ourselves, receive inspirational insights, transcend our lower selves, and accept the things we cannot change while changing the things we can. Mercury is the Psychopomp —  he’s also Loki the trickster from Norse mythology. He is quicksilver, “Mercurial”, the healer/genius, Hermes.

Our next Lunation in May [not an eclipse!] is a New Moon at 9 Gemini 03. Mercury is the ruler, guide, psychopomp, joker, prankster, speaker, writer, transmitter, receiver, and inventor of the alphabet we use to translate the language of the hidden into the chants, wishes and prayers we humans dream to speak. Make the New Moon matter not just for the one, but for the many.

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