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Saturn & Mars: Grace Under Pressure

The gate is open just a crack. [See image below]. A glimmer of release from sequestration. Saturn retrograde goes direct on September 29, the night of the first presidential debate. We have all been quarantined, sequestered and sheltering in place because of COVID. That won’t disappear. What will open is a part of ourselves that has been “sequestered”, “encapsulated”, locked in a crucible where we’ve been forced to look at where we feel most trapped, insecure, or judgmental of self and others. A new self-mastery can come from Saturn retrograde cycles. A new level of rectitude and what that means. Discipline, persistence, and endurance. Unfaltering although under tests and trials. Grace Under Pressure. Learning to stand alone and handle it, whatever “it” may be.

Mars now in his domicile, Aries, is exalted in Capricorn, where Saturn is spending his last months in the sign of his rulership. Mars squares Saturn on the night of the first debate. Mars square Saturn is the classic “stalemate” aspect. Both sides of the square (in this case, Biden and Trump) will struggle for dominance, but neither will “win” this first round. I’m already tipping my hand for my next astro post, but here’s another tidbit: Moon will conjoin obscuring Neptune: 1) Lies and more lies leaving us feeling like we didn’t learn anything we didn’t already know; 2) True Believers will call WINNER of whichever candidate they are for; 3) The pundits will tussle over miniscule points, but bottom line, fact checkers will actually be the night’s winners.

So mixing what I unpacked above describes how we are likely to feel when, in our own lives, we are facing a person, place or thing head on. A thing that has equal weight and power in our lives and is embedded in our minds. For us, the key is to give both sides their “say” [even mental arguments we have with ourselves!] then let go until the two hard energies release each other — and us — so we can move on. Remember — It’s Grace Under Pressure.

Guardian of the Woods

Guardian of the Woods

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The Handmaid’s Tale: Amy Coney Barrett’s Horoscope

Analysis of horoscope of Amy Coney Barrett.

Amy Coney Barrett is Trump’s choice for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court. When I heard Justice Ginsburg had passed, my mind jumped to Barrett immediately. I also knew Trump would instantly nominate her. That and watching Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham explode with glee was something else I believed we would see — instantly — not even 24 hours after Justice Ginsburg passed on. SEE Wiki Bio notes below, but before you do, here is a sentence that chilled me to the marrow:

“In the past, female personal advisors were called “handmaidens.” ….

Barrett’s Saturn is at 29 degrees Taurus, On the Fixed Star, Alcyone in the constellation Pleiades. Alcyone is considered the most malefic fixed star in the heavens. Alcyone is attached to great grief and serious consequences for any infraction. Draconian law; administration of cruel sentences; severe penalties for the most minor of infractions. [Alcyone by angular placement was a key player in the Clinton’s impeachment trial.]

Her Mercury at 24 Capricorn is conjoined to the USA’s horoscope’s Mercury. Mercury lies in opposition to America’s PLUTO. We are rapidly approaching the USA’s first Pluto Return, but before that event, SATURN in Capricorn will conjoin Pluto and oppose the USA’s and Barrett’s natal Mercury positions. This, along with Saturn/Alcyone above, show us a most severe combination for a Justice of the Supreme Court. Handmaid’s Tale writ large.

Barrett’s Uranus at Libra is opposite her Mars at 21 Aries. Mars is transiting through Aries in the big sky now, ushering in another Mars Return for her. Mars is retrograde thus creating many “hits” and aspects more than one time as the warrior goes back and forth until reaching direct motion on November 13, 2020. A combination of Mars in opposition to Uranus in the Justice sign Libra is the formula for explosive, shocking, destructive, incinerating, disintegrating behavior and in this case, overturning of case law. She says Roe is “stare decisis” [standing law], but that does not mean she and a conservative court majority won’t find numerous ways to make a woman’s reproductive rights virtually null and void. Her Mars trines Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Barrett’s natal Mars is 28 Sagittarius. It is the final chart dispositor (in the sign of its rulership, and therefore, stands alone as “overlord” of her chart.]. Her lodestar is a philosophical [Jupiter], and in Sagittarius, coupled with her draconian Saturn, she is originalist, literal, and biblical in her approach to law. Law as funneled through the originalist doctrine of the Federalist Society and her idol, Antonin Scalia.

Barrett and a majority conservative Supreme Court will be a danger and fearsome setback for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrants, workers, climate change, animals, and our standing in the world at large. Barrett’s throwback beliefs modeled on the bible would be a poison pill the world should not be forced to swallow. When the country and, indeed, the planet are at stake, this author will not pretend there are no stakes in the game. Hence, it is time we all stood up and told the truth.

Bio notes from Wiki: “In September 2017, The New York Times reported that Barrett was a member of a small, tightly knit Charismatic Christian group called People of Praise;[68] its members swear a lifelong “covenant” (loyalty oath) to each other and are assigned a personal advisor, a “head” for men or “leader” for women, who gives direction on important personal decisions.[69] In the past, female personal advisors were called “handmaidens.”[70] As a judicial nominee in 2017, Barrett’s affiliation with People of Praise did not come up during the confirmation process, however her religious faith was notably questioned by some members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

Amy Coney Barrett Noon Chart

Amy Coney Barrett, horoscope

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Autumn Equinox Or Night & Day, You Are the One

By Claudia Dikinis

September 21, 2016

libra-ingress-2016Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox, the Yin & Yang moment of the earth’s journey around Sol. Sol begins to move South by declination from our vantage point because we are positioned north of the Equator. When the Sun is at 0 degrees latitude at our autumn, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere greet their spring. They will celebrate explosions of seed pods into flower.


PrintSince the earth is tilted 23.5 degrees from the poles, we have different seasonal cycles based on North and South of the Equator.

We in the Northern Hemisphere can make our own special autumn magic a sacred ritual by lighting candles, burning incense, and perfuming with essential oils such as Cedar and Sandalwood. Visualize and write down your sacred intentions; goals you want to achieve by the time we reach the Winter Solstice on December 21st.

The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. I think of the I Ching hexagram #20, Kuan, Contemplation. [Wilhelm & Baynes edition].

bwdragon“CONTEMPLATION. The ablution has been made,

But not yet the offering.

Full of trust they look up to him.”

This time of inner concentration, of which the autumn equinox is a preparation, “. . . enables them to apprehend the mysterious and divine laws of life . . . Thus a hidden spiritual power emanates from them, influencing and dominating others without their being aware of how it happens.”

(The Winter Solstice represents the rebirth of the Sun which takes place the day after at sunrise. Sol starts his journey upwards to 0 declination north where earth will defrost at the vernal equinox in March.)

yingyangThe autumn equinox balances (Libra!) day and night.

We are called to take stock of our year so far. We balance our positive and negative actions on the scales of justice and mercy. Saturn, the planet that holds sway over the penalty phase of trials and the role of the Judge handing down a sentence, is exalted in in the Justice sign Libra. Saturn is Karma, and at our equinox meditations we take responsibility for what we have set in motion, both positive and negative.

We can redirect our path and revise plans to ensure a better future. We petition our guides/angels/God asking with gratitude for what we want stating, “This or something better.” In that way we keep our hearts and minds open to receive even better gifts than those we are able to imagine.

We are well supported at this year’s Autumn Equinox by Saturn’s partner Jupiter. These two planets are called “chronocrators” or “Timers.” Saturn and Jupiter meet by conjunction every 20 years ushering in the next wave of governmental, economic, and societal goals.

You can read my in-depth astro-analysis on the Jupiter-Saturn dynamic on my website:

bigjupiterbigsaturn“Jupiter is growth and expansion. Saturn is organization and conservatism. The two work together creating a checks and balance relationship. For example, The U.S. Constitution is constructed to prevent any one branch of government from gaining total control over the whole. . . .Saturn disciplines Jupiter’s penchant for overexpansion. Jupiter checks Saturn’s tendency toward restriction and crystallization.”   

Jupiter and Saturn are now in a special relationship termed Ruler-Exalt. This astro-tech term means Jupiter is in Libra, the sign in which Saturn is exalted, while Saturn is in Sagittarius, the sign which Jupiter rules. This also means that for as long as Venus is in Libra a sign she rules (to September 24), we find similar support relationships between her, Jupiter and Saturn.

Since Jupiter (ethics and the body of social laws) and Saturn (legal structures and administration) are the gods of time and manifestation both are given the kiss of grace from Venus who holds the mirror of values to our faces supporting us as we define what means the most to us.

bigvenusWhat we value (Venus) and what we’ll manifest (Jupiter-Saturn) is not only personal (relationships, vocation, recreation, finances, love, sex, ethics, beliefs, social position, family, friends, children, animal companions, etc.) but national, international and universal. What we choose personally affects far more than we realize.

Just as the I Ching Hexagram “Contemplation” defines:  “a hidden spiritual power emanates from them, influencing and dominating others without their being aware of how it happens. . .”

We are more important than we know. Aristotle said none of us is born with virtue. We become virtuous by doing the hard thing: we make the right choice over and over again until it is ingrained as a new habit.

earthinthebalanceAs day and night, good and bad, up and down, right and wrong, love and hate, justice and lawlessness, charity and greed, light and dark merge into the perfect Yin/Yang of the equinox. We are called to balance our own poisons and elixirs into one life sustaining potable brew.

Fun & Free Associations:

Francois Traffaut’s film, “Day for Night”. One of his famous quotes is “In love, women are professionals, men are amateurs.”  You can view the film if you like on YouTube.

 Or how about Cole Porter’s “Night and Day”? Only you beneath the Moon and the Sun . . .

Outside of a cat a book is my best friend.

Inside of a cat it’s too dark to read.

How many can you think of?

[Charts were cast using Esoteric Technologies Solar Fire v. 9.0.24]

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Libra’s Lovely Autumn Arrives This Thursday

autumn-pieLibra’s Lovely Autumn Arrives This Thursday

September 19, 2016 by Claudia Dikinis

Lovely, autumn arrives this Thursday at 7:22 am/PDT – 10:22 am/EDT on September 22nd. The Sun moves to 0 Libra signaling the autumnal equinox. Day and Night are of equal measure. Justice’s scale balances.

Notice I said balances and not “balanced.” This is an ongoing process. There is no end to effort, except at life’s end when the goddess of truth, order and justice comes for her accounting.

anubis-weighing-heartGoddess Maat’s feather (ancient Egypt) was used as the counterweight to the heart (pharaoh’s) that Anubis placed on the scale. Osiris presided over the ritual while Thoth recorded the transaction on the eternal scroll.

Our modern goddess of justice in the USA is blindfolded beauty holding a sword and a set of scales signifying equality before the law. Justice should be tempered by mercy. The letter of it should not outweigh the spirit.

There are 4 seasonal shifts a year punctuated by two solstices (Summer/Winter) and two equinoxes (Spring/Fall). The changing of the seasons occurs at 0 degrees of their respective cardinal signs: 0 Cancer Summer/0 Capricorn/Winter and 0 Aries Spring/0 Libra Fall. Cardinal signs initiate change. Monthly Lunar cycles and eclipses in Cardinal signs as well as the year’s season shifts advise us that the blackboard is about to be erased in favor of totally new notations.

PrintThe 4 seasonal shifts each year are called INGRESSES. The horoscopes for them are used in combination with several other charts to evaluate what lies ahead in world events. Each Ingress chart is set for the capital city of each country, state, province, territory of the world where astrologers have interest. Areas of the world that are referred to as “hot spots” get special attention.

Some of the horoscopes astrologer’s use to judge the next 4 seasonal months ahead are the last powerful New and Full Moons the month previous, the last Solar and Lunar Eclipses in whatever months they fell. The foregoing horoscopes are analyzed with the birth chart for the nation or state in question. Techniques of advancing these charts forward in time to present day called Progressions, Solar Arc Directions and the nation’s Solar Return (birthday chart for each year) are highly important and are also analyzed.

The same techniques I mentioned above are also used in personal horoscope readings. Interpreting a nation or state or city’s chart means using somewhat different rules of delineation than those in the tool box of individual horoscope analysis. Unlocking the keys to what lies ahead for the United States, for example, means understanding a different, wider, broader set of rules for interpretation. This branch of astrology is called MUNDANE, as in “world”. It is not at all mundane as in pedestrian or boring!

libra-ingress-2016A quick glance at the Libra Ingress (Autumn Equinox horoscope) reveals much all by itself. The Libra Sun at 0 degrees (initiating/cardinal) is in square (90 degree aspect of friction and struggle) to bellicose Mars. Mars is the traditional ruler of the Scorpio Ascendant (Pluto is the modern ruler). Sun and Mars are combat where Mars in Sagittarius is a bit stronger by planetary dignity than is Sun in Libra, the sign of its fall (no pun there).

We know that in the battle between these two masculine forces means Mars has the winning edge. Mars now in the Jupiter ruled sign of “religious fervor” and ideological extremes abruptly butts against the Venus ruled Sun in diplomacy oriented Libra. Just off hand look at our Secretary of State John Kerry’s fractious encounter with his Russian counterpart (and Putin) in relation to the ceasefire in Aleppo, Syria. The ceasefire has already fallen apart in some sectors as I knew they would based on Mercury’s current retrograde (Mercury is back to direct motion 9/21/16, just before the autumn equinox a day later).

nyc-chelsea-explosionWe also just witnessed the bomb attacks on Seaside Park, NJ and New York City’s Chelsea district. The alleged bomber, Ahmad Khan Rahami, claims he and his family experienced bigotry based on his religion and his ethic background. Even from Police. We have the case of the knife attack in Minnesota.

A general idea of the struggle: Men (Sun) with knives and guns (Mars).

“(CNN)The man who stabbed nine people at a Minnesota mall Saturday before being shot dead by an off-duty police officer was a “soldier of the Islamic state,” according to an ISIS-linked news agency.” . . .The FBI is calling the attack “a potential act of terrorism.” The man was known to police and the community fears an anti-muslim backlash.
These acts are an outpouring of the Sun/Moon square to Mars featured in the September 16, 2016 Lunar Eclipse. Going forward from that signature release event, the Libra Equinox chart with strong Sun square Mars alerts us to be prepared for more of the same.The Moon in the Equinox chart opposes Mars from Gemini, another Mercury ruled sign. The sign is different from where Luna was positioned in the eclipse chart and is opposing rather than squaring Mars, but we find resonance with the eclipse chart as Sun, Mars and Moon all are still locked in struggle.

A mitigating factor in the Equinox chart is Venus in late Libra (28 degrees) making a sextile (60 degrees) to Mars. A sextile provides an opportunity for diplomacy over the next 4 days for John Kerry to engage in productive talks with his Russian counterpart re extending the ceasefire in Syria. Venus, however, will change to Capricorn on September 24 shutting down Venus’s make-peace overtures in favor of more hard line (Saturn rules Capricorn) “by the book” policy speeches and remedies.

usa-autumn-equinox-biwheelThe Libra Ingress chart’s Moon at 19 Gemini and Mars at 26 Sagittarius line up with Donald Trump’s birth Sun (21 Gemini) and Moon (21 Sagittarius). The aforementioned connect with the USA’s Declaration of Independence chart’s birth Mars (21 Gemini) loudly signaling the sluices and flood gates of racism, bigotry, religious persecution, xenophobic and misogynistic hate speech will hit ever harder and lower up to election day (Nov 8).

bigplutoThe first presidential debate is Monday, September 26th, the day when underhanded, underworld, dark political backroom maneuvering goes back to direct motion in Capricorn. Pluto in the USA’s birth chart is opposite Mercury, which is retrograde. This explains our nation’s penchant for conspiracy theories of all sorts. Social Media is alive with outcries against stolen primary elections, unnamed/unseen forces against Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders, fluoride in the water, vaccines cause autism, and the 9-11 Truthers are back at it along with the Sandy Hook Shooting of innocent children was a false flag operation. Alex Jones, Breitbart, WorldNetDaily and Fox News never had it so good.

biguranusUranus of populist uprisings is currently retrograde at 23 Aries conjoined to the Asteroid ERIS, goddess of disruption and discord. Uranus, when he goes direct December 19 at 20 Aries, will recross Eris in early 2017 igniting much of what will surround the inauguration of the next president, which I forecast will be Hillary Clinton.

Scorpio rises in the Libra Ingress chart with Juno of political marriages right at the ascendant. Hillary has Scorpio rising and has Juno, the Greek Hera kept surveillance on Zeus (the Roman Jupiter) whose philandering forced her to have a child all by herself: Hephaestus (God of Forge) who was born with a deformity which made him lame. Symbolically, and I do like to use myths and archetypes for world figures, Hillary has had to give birth to herself while suffering the insults of those who would say she’s cold or unlikeable. Hephaestus was the god all others on Olympus came to when they needed something done.

There are few in the political world in the United States that have Hillary’s grit, resilience, steely concentration, and discipline. “Forged” out of hardship and slights, Hillary Clinton will dominate. [Should any readers of my blog suspect I’m viewing this through the lens of my lifelong Democratic Party filters, think again. In 2000 and again in 2004 I’m on record having forecast George W. Bush wins against Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.]

ur-square-usa-pluto-june-14-2017Heads up on Pluto, the underworld guy I talked about above. Uranus will conjoin the USA’s horoscope’s progressed VENUS (27 Aries) and square the USA’s birth chart Pluto (27 Capricorn) on June 14, 2017, September 23, 2017 and April 1, 2018.

Transiting Uranus in square to Pluto over the last 3-4 years in the big sky is separating, but we can’t ignore that there is a tightening of the two planets as they effect the United States’ common welfare.

I had been looking at this over some days lately but hadn’t yet written about it. Colleague Michael Wolfstar’s column this week provides a good analysis.  [Note Wolfstar uses the 8 Scorpio rising chart for the USA. I prefer the 12 Sagittarius rising chart aka, “The Sibly Chart”. There are several different proposed times for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.]


[Charts were cast using Esoteric Technologies Solar Fire v. 9.0.24]

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Lunar Eclipse Watch September 16, 2016

Lunar Eclipse Watchsept-16-2016-lunar-eclipse

Friday, September 16 marks our second autumn eclipse – a Full Moon (Lunar) Eclipse at 25 Pisces. [Sun at 25 Virgo]. Full Moons, especially eclipses in mutable the mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius), come on quickly.

With Mercury in Virgo retrograde expect more than the usual amount of misunderstandings and chaos. Make sure you slow down, pay attention and clarify meanings. If you’re in doubt: ASK. The T-square comprised of Eclipse Sun and Moon in 90 degree angle to Mars in Sagittarius coupled with Venus in Libra unsettled by disruptive Uranus (retrograde) in Aries (Mars ruled) means combative Mars is in charge. Not known for his diplomatic skills, Mars would rather kick ass first then ask for names later.

The planetary aspects in play for the 3 days after the eclipse inject more substrata into this multilayered lunar eclipse. Saturday: Mars trine Uranus. A trine in this case simply means Mars makes an easy slide into Uranus’s penchant for disturbances. Reaction time is instant:

Moon in square to complicating Pluto means just that: all that deep down murky stuff we usually shove into the cellar of our unconscious leaks like toxic waste up through the floorboards. The cherry on top is Luna’s trine to Saturn. Mind messages crisscross and point to harsh judgements. We’re either seeing ourselves as damaged goods or we look at those around us and misjudge them as “lower companions.”

Sunday’s Venus in opposition to Uranus with Moon conjoined to Uranus (and opposing Venus in trine to Mars) means I need to give a caution. That guy or girl who looks so hot and so exciting . . . I’d say you’d be better off taking a cold shower because the price you could pay dealing with a relative stranger’s sudden revelation that they’re NUTS isn’t worth it!

If Sunday means you’re spending the day with your significant other and you’ve managed to navigate your way through Friday and Saturday without a fight, Moon, Venus and Uranus? Hey you guys, swing from the chandeliers! Boldly go where you’ve never gone before. Just be sure you both are ready for it.

As you can see, this eclipse will be a deeply emotional one. We’re liable to be blindsided by the irrational. We need to get a coping strategy in place ahead of time. Practice awareness!


If you can get close to the ocean, a river, creek, reflecting pool, Koi pond, or just soak in your bathtub, incorporate water into your release ritual. A dose of lavender scented Epsom salts will relieve sore muscles and induce calm.

The way out is “through” so here are some navigating tips:

Listen to inspiring music;

Inhale the perfume of fresh herbs: Rosemary, Sage, Basil and Mint;

Do yoga, go for a run, long walk,

temperanceIndulge in some online Retail Therapy, Just don’t overshoot the  budget;


Unplug from devices and meditate;

Read! And by that I mean a real book you hold in your hands;

Spend quiet time with your animal companions;

Order take-out and give yourself a break from chores;


Intensive Journaling;

Avoid TV Cable News;

Tune out politics;

Read an inspiring biography or inspirational quotes;

And remember, we’ll always have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Stream movies!

Prayer: Please help me to remember that “this too shall pass” – what am I to learn from this? How can I best take care of myself while being helpful to my loved ones? — The Serenity Prayer will come in handy!

[Chart is set for Washington, DC using Esoteric Technologies Solar Fire v. 9.0.24]

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Claudia Dobkins Dikinis: Poem written August 27, 2016

No One Can Tell Me Different
(For Valerie Rankin)

When the scent of cedar, juniper and sage
Perfume my windows,
As one lone crow gives way
To a murder assembled,
At the hour hummingbirds and butterflies
Circle the red feeder
I know it’s time

When my breath draws in as rippling sobs,
As roses in winds move to Tai Chi flow,
While Maples bend like supple yogis,
A tickling at the back of my neck begins

Druids say Samhain is when the veil
Blocking worlds is thinnest
I say any day, at any time (though unbidden),
The veil for me can part

I sense them. They’re coming to visit,
My eyes refill like long dried cisterns,
My throat is alive with cries,
Then a sudden explosion of wails and grief

They, the visitors, are like quantum;
Organized as conscious flickers,
They are clustered photons
Appearing in my mental passages

My father is there
And so is my brother
Cats, guinea pigs, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, birds,
All rescued, loved and restored in one life
Play over there in the other

The 82nd Street woods (an escape long vanished)
Is waiting over there intact.
All greet me, including the souls of trees,
Appearing renewed as in a wildflower spring
They all come
They all speak to me — in telepathy
No one can tell me different.

I’ve seen over there and I’ve come back
And I remember it clearly
I’ve seen Them in my dreams but also
During my vast and lonely midnights

It doesn’t matter how the paths on my side
Break through to this “other.”
They just do
And these membranes will leak again
And again,
And at times yet again,
Until the very last day,
When smiling, They come to shepherd me.

Claudia Dobkins Dikinis
August 27, 2016
Santa Monica, California

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Mars, Saturn, Antares Conjunction

mars sat antares conjMars, Saturn, Antares Conjunction

Back in the middle 90’s as I was leaving my temp legal secretary job, I stood on the corner of Wilshire- and- something fuming about the day’s grinding frustrations. It was a hot, humid August day. Struggling spirit being that I am, my heart’s desire lay somewhere between bursting into tears or kicking the shit out someone. The air stank. Road crews were destroying part of Wilshire on one side while laying down asphalt on the other. I heard a sudden ear-splitting, migraine inducing sound: workmen had just fired up a jack hammer and a concrete cutter.

As I watched the concrete cutter at work, it came to me: Mars conjoined to Saturn. Perfect. A steel blade cutting (Mars) into dense, resistant concrete (Saturn). That was the story of my life that day on the corner of Wilshire and- something. As it was then, it is now. Mars comes to meet Saturn on August 24, 2016. We’ve been feeling the run-up to these gangstas meeting up for some days now. The zone of crushing intensity tightens like a vice from Monday the 22nd and stuns us with its mighty crushing weight until at least Saturday August 27th. I guess we could say the good in all this is that Monday means Mars has left its retrograde shadow degrees. Once we get out of the black hole of the conjunction, Mars’s forward motion means an easing of certain tensions.

Mars conjoins Saturn on the Royal Fixed Star Antares:

From Anne Wright’s Constellations of words. Here is a quick overview of Antares in dialogue with Mars and Saturn:

“With Mars: Detrimental habits powerfully affecting the life, quarrels with friends and relatives, fairly favorable for gain. If at the same time the Moon is with Aldebaran, danger of death by sword or hanging. [Robson*, p.138.]”

“With Saturn: Materialistic, dishonest through circumstances created by environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and legal affairs, trouble through enemies, many failures, hampered by relatives, unfavorable for domestic matters, much sickness to and sorrow from children. If at the same time the Moon is with Aldebaran, danger of death by sword or hanging. [Robson*, p.138.]”

“A Mars nature, in which the powers of Mercury and Jupiter and Saturn are also added. Antares makes people tough, belligerent and pugnacious. This is an important star for military personnel and is said to convey mental alertness, strategic ability and courage and to make dare-devils, especially if tied up with the MC, Ascendant, Sun or Jupiter. If associated with Mars, courage is said to become foolhardiness, leading to increased dangers. Natives with this particular configuration have to be prepared at all times for sudden incidents, unforeseen events and potential accidents. According to tradition, Antares is of violent character and is credited with being significant for a violent death, either in battle or by process of law. On the other hand, danger may come about by fire, weapons or machinery. Antares is also said to be unfortunate for the eyes, if in conjunction with the Ascendant, Moon or Sun and this has proven to be the case by later researchers. [“Fixed Stars & Their Interpretation”, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.70-71.]

When moving from the personal to the world of people, their countries, governments, religious and secular institutions, we can safely assume we’re going to see much more of the same, but the “same” under the grinding compression of two planets that are antithetical to each other.

Personal belief systems come up against everybody else’s sacred cows. The phrase, “somebody’s ox gets gored” is apt, even though the thought pains this astrologer who is an avid animal rights advocate. So imagine my rage and dismay at every single animal abuse or hunting trophy slaughter picture posted on Facebook. Nobody gets out of this phase without bruises and cuts of soul and of body. [Caution: be careful. Don’t try to hang a new curtain rod or start constructing a gazebo in the backyard. Wait until Labor Day Weekend!]

Religionists of extreme sects, political ideologists that adhere to whatever extremist drivel they love will execute [ISIL/Taliban] people and launch reprisals with the zeal of the “crusaders” they profess to hate. Politicians on the side of raging extremes whether it’s the Right or the extreme Left will brook no negotiations or compromise. For the Right it’s Trump or nothing. For the extreme Left its Bernie or Jill Stein. For conspiracy theorists nothing and no one will ever be good enough and some will offer prayers for an alien starship intervention.

There is no center. It cannot hold. [Shout out to W.B. Yeats]. There is a rough beast slouching.

Mars and Saturn key concepts:


Energy that has a purpose; fine motor control; concentration; persistence; driven to finish whether it’s the Olympic goal line or cleaning out those cabinets; Abundant access to enduring force; reliability; resolute; clear and definitive; conscientious to a fault; every jot and tittle; ability to grind it out whatever the challenge; Pulling oneself together through effort and courage; untiring sexual stamina and ability to prolong pleasure.


Saturn: consistent, unyielding, grim, hard work, depression, melancholy and with Mars: fighting to the bitter end; gritting one’s teeth; cold war tactics; controlled and suppressed urges; rage stifled and frustrated; like driving with the breaks on; grinding teeth with danger of cracking them or bruising jaw bone; timing is off leading to clumsy accidents; danger of bone breaks and fractures; Muscles fire (Mars) but Saturn makes them contract simultaneously leading to muscle spasms, leg cramps and sciatica (Mars-Saturn in Sagittarius); freezing up sexually because one can’t relax.

The Mars-Saturn-Antares conjunction at 9 degrees Sagittarius presages September 1, 2016’s Solar Eclipse at 9 Virgo. Nine should be noted as a highly sensitive degree. Any planet including the lights (Sun and Moon) triggering “9” can bring a surge of activity, news and events. There is a window of degree opportunity starting at 7 degrees to about 11 degrees by transit that marks the most intensity. The planetary rule is: “Hard aspects bring visible effects in the material world.” Especially when considering the chronocrators, or timers, Jupiter and Saturn. They work together to expand (Jupiter) but not so much that a lasting structure (Saturn) can’t be built. Saturn absolutely MUST manifest as something. This threshold God (lying between the inner and outer planets like a gatekeeper) IS this job. It’s not that he “does” it, although we like to shorthand our astrological language, it’s that this energy/entity/force DOES IT. We ARE it. We are channeling it into physical form in accordance with the laws of the dimension in which we live.

The Mars-Saturn-Antares hook up squares dissolving, mystical, spiritualizing, dreaming, idealizing, fantasizing, spinning, duplicitous, image making, deceiving, confusing, confounding, uncertain, vague, unreasoning irrational fears, Neptune. In this political season of lies and liabilities spurred on by populist rebellions Uranus still in close enough of an orb to square (struggle) with Pluto of collapse and rehabilitation, the road only gets bumpier as autumn unfolds.

A lovely Venus conjoined faith-filled Jupiter with messaging Mercury in crisp, precise Virgo opens the window on an optimistic silver-lining for those who are constitutionally disposed to making lemonade and la-la out of lemons. There are such types. I don’t know too many of them. They tend to make me gag, but then again, I’m born with Saturn in Virgo smack on my ascendant in opposition to a Pisces Moon.

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Claudia Dikinis/Starcats

animated starcats


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Starcats Op-Ed/Silence is Also a Brutal Killer

American Psycho/the cult of Trophy Hunting
by Claudia Dikinis/Starcats
Those who call themselves hunters who display their kills of Lions, Rhinos, Elephants, Giraffes, Bears, and more on social media have to know that these exhibitionist flashes are going to create revulsion. They know those who are outraged are going to heap opprobrium on them. I wonder if in the unconscious minds of some of these repulsive destroyers they think it’s an evening of the score — a public excoriation an intrinsic part of them need to expiate guilt.

Yet, the psychopathy of individuals who willfully destroy beautiful living things, whether it’s an animal, people erased through ethnic cleansing, the wanton destruction of the rainforest for palm oil or souvenir hands of gorillas turned into ashtrays or ivory from the beaten body of Satao of Kenya, the largest tusker on the land, is clear: they don’t care because they are damaged goods and utterly incapable of conscience.

What is worse is that I think they exhibit their photos, show their spears, crossbows, and hands bespattered with guts and blood because it’s another way of killing of murdering. Hurting. Wounding. Maiming. Attacking. Savaging. Eviserating. Dissecting. Sickening. Displaying. Jeering. Denigrating. Raping. US. Yes. The exhibitionistic display of beauty destroyed is Jack the Ripper. He posed his carefully murdered and disemboweled victims for maximum shock effect.

The so-called hunter, like Walter Palmer who destroyed Cecil the Lion as just another thing to do to get his dick hard while turning this King of the Jungle into another wall covering, gets away with destroying life because it’s legal.

The Trump sons, who I like to nickname Uday and Qusay Hussein Trump, are the epitome of Christian Bale’s character portrayed in American Psycho. They and others like them are the predators who devour decency while destroying animals with spears. There are also the dictators who main their populations with chemical weapons, and our primitive politicians who cut the throats of poor constituents by denying them health care and food.

Our culture is a fabric woven from the bloody entrails of those the rich, the cruel and the psychopathic deem as expendable. Useful accessories. Amusements. There is no end to it I can see. The horizon is dark. But each of us is a vibrant cell in the body politic. Because that is so we must serve as its conscience. We must. We must. Let us Speak, roar, write, post, cry out, and confront every evil in our path. Silence is also a brutal killer.


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Fiscal Cliff & Debt Ceiling Overdrive

“The deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff hasn’t even been signed by President Barack Obama yet, but Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) has already moved on to the next fight by suggesting that Republicans should shut down the government if they don’t get drastic spending cuts before agreeing to raise the nation’s debt limit.”  (

Pat Toomey (R-PA) appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this morning sporting his natal Sun conjunct warring Mars (out of sign) in square to radical Uranus (a short fuse aspect. John McCain has a Mars-Uranus opposition) by shouting his Thelma and Louise hopes for shutting down the government over the debt ceiling. The appropriations bill allowing the U.S. government to pay bills its already racked up has to be passed by the drop dead date of March 27, 2013. (See Toomey’s horoscope below. He was born on November 17, 1961 in Providence, RI. No time known).

Toomey’s stellium in fixed Scorpio with Saturn in it’s own sign of rulership (Capricorn) is always dug in. Always prepared for battle. His Mercury is conjunct Venus and Neptune, so his words are music to the right wing’s ears and the alignment of both with Neptune makes him a true believer who draws upon “fuzzy math” to create blurred edges around truth should it suit his purposes. His Saturn, so close to the USA’s natal second house Pluto (27 Capricorn) aligns him with America’s plutocracy. [I use the Sibley chart with 12 Sagittarius rising).

The fiscal deal vote of January 1, 2013 (see biwheel with Declaration of Independence chart below) is a perfect set up for a planetary promise of many dreadful money hassles to come. First, the transiting Sun is very close to a t-square to the USA’s natal Sun (13 Cancer) and Saturn (14 Libra). Pluto is about 4 degrees away and will make the long term t-square by February 26, 2014. Power hungery Pluto will then be opposite the USA’s Sun — still in square to rebellious Uranus —  and close enough in orb to square the USA’s administrative master Saturn. This is a cardinal grand square configuration when including the USA’s natal Sun in security oriented Cancer.

Cardinal planet configurations are rapid-fire energy systems that initiate change at a breathtaking pace. A noon chart set for March 27, 2013, the deadline for the USA’s debt ceiling, finds transiting Saturn  in Pluto ruled, power-control Scorpio — conjunct Toomey’s Mercury, Venus and Neptune. Saturn, in mutual reception with transiting Pluto, fortifies Toomey and gives him the relentless energy and drive to drum up the support he needs to be one of the key actors who advocate a government shutdown. The consequences of this insane act of national self-destruction would lead to another major credit downgrade driving up the cost for America’s borrowing; pitch the markets into free fall; impact economies worldwide; and deflate the U.S. economy so rapidly that a national and international depression becomes a reality.

I mention Toomey in today’s blog not because I find him important or unique in the long term. I find him interesting in that his remarks on morning Joe set against the backdrop of his horoscope are a useful lens in which to view our planet actors so we can get a glimpse into who the harshest ones (Saturn, Uranus, Pluto) are going to come through. Toomey just happens to be one great example of far right extreme politics at work.

March 27, 2013’s Noon chart shows 5 planetary bodies in close alignment in the sign Aries: Venus, Sun, Uranus, Mars, Eris and Pallas.

The Mix:

1. Deal making Venus;

2. Organizing/overseeing Sun;

3. Rebellious, uncooperative Uranus;

4. Angry Mars;

5. Discordant Eris; and

6. Rational, strategy-savvy Pallas, who seeks to weave all these forces into a cohesive whole.

Moon in diplomatic Libra at 10 degrees of the sign opposes all but Eris and Pallas at the lunchtime hour. She is in square to Pluto, and her Venus ruler is “uncomfortable” in combative Aries. However, she’s Ruler/Terms (essential dignities) with Mars which helps the two at least “talk” to one another. Moon is trine Expansive, law-making Jupiter but he’s in quincunx (out of step) with Saturn-ruled Pluto. We could continue to unpack this box of hot planetary mess for several more paragraphs but suffice it to say that we have enough of a cosmic picture to correctly judge that Congress remains dysfunctional and the dialogue corrosive.

Immediately before and just after the Fiscal Vote passed the House of Representatives, MSNBC commentator Luke Russert, among others who also reported, immediately ginned up angst about the Appropriations battle set for March. Phrases like, “If you think this was bad. . .” and “This was nothing in comparison to what lies ahead” became the next talking points.

This, along with the pandering for network ratings rhetoric, is what Naomi Klein clearly defines as the shock doctrine of economics. In her book by the same title (SHOCK DOCTRINE), she lays out how governments, notably the United States via the right wing and the Chicago School of Economics (Milton Friedman) succeeded in destroying the economies of South America and now the United States by fomenting crises that keep the citizenry fearful, insecure, and in economic distress. Meanwhile, those at the top — the 1% — are continually engorged on ill gotten gains via destructive tax breaks that tear a nation down.

Pinochet in Chile, a friend of the Chicago School and Milton Friedman (read Ms. Klein’s book) was a past master at Shock Doctrine economics, including the “disappearing” and execution of thousands of citizens who didn’t go along with the plan. While the USA, to the best of my knowledge isn’t “disappearing” members of the middle or lower economic classes here, the impoverishment, draconian sentences given to people of color for holding miniscule amounts of pot or other drugs, the ghettoizing of populations, black prison sites, GITMO Bay, et al., serve enough of a destablizing function to keep most Americans “in line.”

Claudia D. Dikinis/Starcats, Jan 2, 2013

Pat Toomey horoscope

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA)

USA and Fiscal Deal

March 2013 Appropriations

March 2013 Appropriations

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Hillary Clinton’s Health Challenges

Hillary Clinton’s Health Challenges —

“On Sunday, she was hospitalized after doctors discovered a blood clot related to a concussion she had suffered earlier this month. Her spokesman said she would remain at New York-Presbyterian Hospital at least into Tuesday for observation. . . .” [Christian Science Monitor].

Hillary Clinton’s birth time has long been disputed but I prefer the 8:02 am data (see,,_Hillary_Rodham for extensive notes). Jupiter in his own domain (Sagittarius) rises in the first affording Secretary Clinton an expansive and cosmopolitan world view. Her ninth house of diplomacy (Jupiter’s natural house of rulership!) is tenanted by 3 tough customers in dramatic Leo. Mars, Pluto and Saturn give the Secretary of State the grit needed for her grueling schedule and a hawkish U.S. defense posture. Her skills as a litigator (ninth house is law and lawyers) and advocate for children (“It Takes A Village”) are universally known.

The 8:02 am horoscope places the majority of Hillary’s Clinton’s planets above the horizon and in the objective or universal houses (7th to 12th). Hillary Clinton learned early on how to use her elemental square between the 9th house Leo planets and 12th house Scorpio planets. A masterful and disciplined planner and executor of long-term strategies have been played out on the world stage. Her ability to rein in and direct her husband’s sometimes chaotic and self-destructive patterns resulted in his being a two term president. She parlayed her First Ladyship into the New York U.S. Senate seat, ran for president in a close contest for the nomination with Barack Obama, and became his Secretary of State.

Her accomplishments are the stuff of legends and although she plans to retire from her current job as Secretary of State, Her fixed, tough Scorpio-Leo elemental square (Water and Fire) may well position her as the next Democratic candidate for president in 2016.

Her current health challenges are a result of exhaustion, a nasty virus, and a blood clot sustained from the concussion she suffered after passing out from dehydration. As of this writing, this astrologer hasn’t learned where in the body the blood clot is located. If it is related to a subdural hemotoma (brain) post concussion, Mrs. Clinton’s doctors will be doubly worried as a brain clot is what caused the death of actress Natasha Richardson post skiing accident on March 18, 2009. I wrote a lengthy piece here on my blog about Ms. Richardson soon after the news reports.

If the clot (Mars-Saturn: Mars is blood. Saturn’s constrictive nature congeals or clots). is located in the leg or pelvis, Mrs. Clinton’s doctors will be equally vigilant as these clots can travel to the lungs, heart and brain. Coumadin (warfarin), a blood thinning medication, dissolves (Neptune) and breaks up clots). Secretary Clinton will be in hospital for a minimum of 48 hours so that her Coumadin levels can be monitored.

Transiting Saturn (9 Scorpio) is currently in Mrs. Clinton’s 12th house (clots as unseen enemies!) and is wedged between the life-giving Sun and Chiron of wounds and injuries. Chiron is notable here because Hillary Clinton has had blood clot issues in the past. So this is a repeat scenario. A Chironic weak spot; a health issue that needs constant monitoring; a chronic or repeated physical debility.

Transiting Saturn will be in mutual reception with transiting Pluto (Capricorn) for the next two and a half years. Capricorn is mastery, stature, reputation and power. Pluto in the sign testifies to Mrs. Clinton’s global respect. She has fans located across the world as well the affection and respect of world leaders. While that testimony is a stellar one, the down side has to do with Capricorn’s penchant for overwork and perfectionism leading to circulatory problems.

With Mars now in nervous system and arterial flow Aquarius, Secretary Clinton’s above-mentioned Chiron weak spots (blood clots, circulation) seem poised as the energy that will put her at repeated higher risk. Part of the answer is her using her well-developed empathic Pisces Moon’s advice: retreat; rest; enjoy solitude; rebuild body, mind, soul; release global toxins accumulated over 4 long years of planetary travel. Mrs. Clinton has absorbed the troubles and conflicts of the world at a cellular and soul-level.

Mars’s current transit through Aquarius will set up a t-square formation where the energy locked within this hard, fixed construct will flow out transiting Saturn in her 12th of solitude, rest, repair and power-actions negotiated behind the scenes. In connection with the crisis at hand, Mars’s opposition to tough yet resilient natal Mars, Pluto and Saturn can go a couple of ways: 1) if Mrs. Clinton were to overtax herself at all over coming days and weeks, she could suffer further health breaks. Too much stress on a sturdy tree branch can snap the trunk of the whole tree if the “storm” is sufficiently strong. On the other hand, her natural survival and ability to prevail under conditions that would shatter a less capable person will be the very forces that allow her to bounce back.

Balance will be the key.  As humans age, even though they may be graced with remarkable regenerative powers, there comes a time when a more prudent or measured use of rest vs. work becomes a necessity. Saturn, the planet of necessity and prudence, is sending it’s message via the growing opening square to Mrs. Clinton’s natal Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Leo. Mars (and Pluto) is Mrs. Clinton’s Ascendant ruler and the ruler of her 6th of health and efficient functioning. Mars by transit coming to oppose her first and sixth house planet of rulership provides an extra cautionary message. Her tendency is to follow the dynamic driving force of Mars! Since when does anyone say “No” to Mars without a fight?!

What’s on Hillary Clinton’s side is Bill’s over-solicitious devotion to her post scandal and daughter Chelsea’s gentle encouragement to take the needed time off. Intelligent and wise to a fault, Mrs. Clinton will listen to her physcians’ recommendations and most likely follow their orders. An intelligent Mars chart ruler knows how to retreat from battle in order to wage a better fight another day.

1. Bucket Chart with gentle Pisces Moon as the handle.

2. Elemental balance: equal parts fire and water. STEAM!

3. Scorpio Sun in mutual reception with her sun sign rulers Mars and Pluto

4. Age factors: Reversal of Lunar Nodes and by age 66 Mrs. Clinton set to experience her 3rd waxing  square between transit and natal Saturn.

Hillary Clinton & Current Transits

Hillary Clinton & Current Transits

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