Posted by: starcatsastrology | September 21, 2020

Saturn & Mars: Grace Under Pressure

The gate is open just a crack. [See image below]. A glimmer of release from sequestration. Saturn retrograde goes direct on September 29, the night of the first presidential debate. We have all been quarantined, sequestered and sheltering in place because of COVID. That won’t disappear. What will open is a part of ourselves that has been “sequestered”, “encapsulated”, locked in a crucible where we’ve been forced to look at where we feel most trapped, insecure, or judgmental of self and others. A new self-mastery can come from Saturn retrograde cycles. A new level of rectitude and what that means. Discipline, persistence, and endurance. Unfaltering although under tests and trials. Grace Under Pressure. Learning to stand alone and handle it, whatever “it” may be.

Mars now in his domicile, Aries, is exalted in Capricorn, where Saturn is spending his last months in the sign of his rulership. Mars squares Saturn on the night of the first debate. Mars square Saturn is the classic “stalemate” aspect. Both sides of the square (in this case, Biden and Trump) will struggle for dominance, but neither will “win” this first round. I’m already tipping my hand for my next astro post, but here’s another tidbit: Moon will conjoin obscuring Neptune: 1) Lies and more lies leaving us feeling like we didn’t learn anything we didn’t already know; 2) True Believers will call WINNER of whichever candidate they are for; 3) The pundits will tussle over miniscule points, but bottom line, fact checkers will actually be the night’s winners.

So mixing what I unpacked above describes how we are likely to feel when, in our own lives, we are facing a person, place or thing head on. A thing that has equal weight and power in our lives and is embedded in our minds. For us, the key is to give both sides their “say” [even mental arguments we have with ourselves!] then let go until the two hard energies release each other — and us — so we can move on. Remember — It’s Grace Under Pressure.

Guardian of the Woods

Guardian of the Woods

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