Starcats in Thailand with Lucky Elephant

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Claudia D. Dikinis (Starcats) is an American Astrologer, Poet & Writer residing in Santa Monica, California. As founder of AstroConsultants of
Santa Monica, Claudia maintains a thriving private practice as a full-time astrologer and writer.

She has written extensively for the Astrology journal, “Aspects” magazine, published by Aquarius Workshops, Inc. (founded by preeminent astrologers Joan McEvers & Marion March).

As a poet, Claudia has published over 200 poems in literary journals and anthologies across the USA. She is the author of a book of poetry, “First Poems,” published by Brett Rutherford/Grim Reaper Books, Inc. NYC. She also appears in various anthologies published by Brett Rutherford, including “MAY EVE,” a collection of supernatural poems. You can read Claudia’s poetic series, NOCTURNES on-line.

Claudia’s Starcats astrology Web site has been listed as one of The Mountain Astrologer ‘s “Favorite Web Sites,” and was chosen for the April-May 2000 issue’s top Web site review.

Avi Bass, Professor of Political Science at Northern Illinois University, chose Starcats as his only astrology web site: White House 2000-2004. Claudia is a winner of Canopus Academy’s Panplanet Omega Award for Internet mundane (world predictions) astrology and M-Comp’s Golden Ratio Award for outstanding service to the metaphysical community.

At the exclusive request of Llewellyn Books, Claudia wrote “Global Predictions for the Year 2003” for publication in its 2003 Astrology calendar by this renowned publishing house! Claudia has a 97-98% accuracy rating in the prediction of world affairs. Check out her world famous “Newsmakers” series and see for yourself!

Claudia’s world travels (1974-1987) have introduced to her to the diverse cultures of East Africa, Southeast Asia (Hong Kong, Thailand and Sri Lanka), Europe, Canada and Mexico. Her cultural studies uniquely qualify her as a mundane astrologer and for astrological counseling work with clients from all walks of life.

To book a private (confidential) astrological consultation with Claudia, please contact her by e-mail


  1. Dear Ms. Dikinis:
    What software did you use to get the times for the 7 upcoming transiting Uranus square Pluto aspects? I used three different programs: 1. Matrix s/w, 2. Solar Fire 7 and 3. A.I.R. software and didn’t come anywhere close to those times. I assume they are Pacific Times?

    The reason I ask is that if I do an astro*Cartography*Map, it depends a great deals where the planets on the angles fall. An hours difference can make a hundreds of miles difference.

    By way of introduction, I’ve been a Financial Astrologer for 30 years, and that’s how I support my self (trading futures), however my first love is Mundane Astrology.
    William G. Foster

    • Dear Mr. Foster – Charts are set at Greenwich, England, 51N29, 000W00. The first chart for June 24, 2012 is BST-1. My references are Neil F. Michelsen “Table of Planetary Phenomena, Third Edition,” and from Richard Nolle’s AstroPro website. http://www.astropro.com/features/tables/geo/ur-pl/ur-sqr-pl/ursqrpl.html. He has a treasure trove of data on his website. Thank you for writing. We share in common the love of mundane astrology. Wonderful. I’m glad you subscribed. /Claudia

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