Posted by: starcatsastrology | December 6, 2008

Pluto in Capricorn – Saturday’s quick notes I posted on a list

p_pluto2Michael Lutin’s video on YOUTUBE makes Pluto’s run through Capricorn accessible, meaningful and humorous. That is not to say that he dismisses the depth of Pluto’s role and how we will experience it via power, structures, institutions, corporations, governing, and so on. That wouldn’t be a practice of authentic astrology.

Lutin humanizes what we sense as dire by drawing in Uranus’s transit into Aries and how Mars ruled Aries will confront the power excesses of Saturn ruled Pluto in Capricorn. Let’s not forget Saturn’s transit into Venus ruled Libra — Madam Justice. How about dumping that FISA bill and restoring America’s rule of law!?

The coming grand square (USA’s Cancerian planets) point to a dynamic, vibrant…..[dare I say it?] Renaissance! That is not to say getting there won’t involve struggle. Some of the struggle will surely be earth-bound and earth-oriented. That’s Pluto’s Capricorn transit role in our evolution as a people, a country and a world. What forms of tyranny will we be liberating ourselves from this time? First it was King George’s tyranny coupled with his corrupt, crushing commerce in the 13 colonies. What will we throw off after King George Bush’s 8 years of appalling destruction? [Also our 200+years of the doctrine of “manifest destiny” which, in short, states that we have the right to acquire and consume anything and everything no matter who we kill, or what we destroy because Jesus told us so].

The recasting of America, The retrieval of her legacy, the demise of her predatory capitalism and ruthlessness consumerism have to undergo a vast reformation if we as a species, nation and globe are going to survive. Indeed, I add the welfare of animal entities and plant species to those of us that sorely need our love and advocacy. Neptune in Aquarius in mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces says to me — in part — that the group (Aquarius) needs to spiritualize it’s vision towards a radically (Uranus) new level of understanding of how animal entities are co-equal with us in the fabric of life. We on this list do that, but we live in a wide world where far too many don’t.

My take is that Uranus moving to Aries [making 7 squares to Pluto in Cap!] is going to tear up the old rug and lay down a whole new matrix.

I’m actually jazzed about this. Kinda scared too. But I wouldn’t miss this ride for anything.

Take heart. We’re going to prevail.


  1. From your lips to god/dess’ ears, hon! I’m holding my breath on O’Bambi, hoping for the best, but too skeptical after all these years to really ‘believe’. Your explanation in astrological terms is much more heartening to me than yet another speech by some politician with an agenda.

  2. Best wishes on your new venture, Claudia!

    Blog, baby, blog!!

  3. Good to have your input again: You are the best>

  4. I’d be excited about Pluto in Capricorn, too, if I didn’t have it squaring my 00 Aries 40 sun right now (with an stationary direct reprise next September) and conjunct my 01 Capricorn 09 North Node. But, sorry to report, this isn’t much fun.

    Nice to see you blogging, Claudia.

  5. I can feel big changes a comin’ for the USA(good ones hopefully) Claudia.
    Thank God Pluto has left Sadge- sorry for those of you with Capricorn stuff ,but I won’t miss Pluto scorching the earth around me…
    Thanks for the Lutin link-I love his commentary too-never fails to make me laugh!
    All the best blogging my friend.

    • Hello, Friends — Thank you one and all for commenting on the blog, especially at this sensitive time. I’m grieving the loss of Starcat Buggie, and the days are difficult. Pluto is all about sweeping changes such as this kind of loss, and at the time during transits, eclipses and other power lunations (such as Friday’s upcoming mutable/high stress Full Moon at 21 Gemini), the power of the underworld experience rips through the fabric of our lives causing us to MOVE. To Change. To integrate, contemplate and eventually honor and raise high our gratitude. I’m comforted that we have gathered together in this place.

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