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Starcats, Mercury Retrograde, Eclipses & Lunations!


Heads Up! I’ll be Storm Cestavani’s featured guest on his radio show Jan 22, 2009 at 11PM EST/8 PM PST.

If you haven’t checked out the 100% free, hie thee hence and sign up. Storm and I will be discussing the astrology of eclipses. You won’t want to miss this broadcast. We’re facing a year of 6 eclipses — 2 Solar and 4 Lunar. This is a repeat of the 1990 eclipse cycle, so check out this 1990 timeline and do some thinking about where you were and what you were doing.

Solar Eclipse, January 26, 2009


Our first eclipse is a Solar one at 6 degrees 30 minutes Aquarius set for January 26, 2009 at 2:59 AM, Washington, DC. It’s the first supercharged lunation (all eclipses are lunations, but not all lunations are eclipses) of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The Eclipse rulers are Saturn (traditional ruler of Aquarius) and Uranus (modern ruler). Both planets are in orb of opposition to each other. The first of 5 perfect oppositions of the two occurred on Election night, November 4, 2008. Oppositions are starkly confrontational and the two players are aligned along Virgo/Pisces, the axis known as the serve or suffer polarity.

Obama’s natal 6th house Sun (in egocentric Leo) resonates with the concept of service because of the Solar god’s natal placement in the house of humility. Obama began his political career by giving service as a community organizer. Obama’s natal 6th house in dramatic Leo reveals that this solar placement was bound to bring him publicity and a place on the national stage.

The Lord of the eclipse is Jupiter, the planet closest in degree to the Sun and Moon, shares the highest dignity (valuation) of the planets in the eclipse, and although occulted (eclipsed) by the Sun and Moon, technically rises east of them by two degrees at the maximum height of this celestial event.

A few quickie rules to keep in mind when evaluating eclipses. Which planet is closest in degree to an eclipse? That’s your Lord. That’s a special designation that goes beyond identifying the sign rulers. If Jupiter is Lord or in the degree of the eclipse nodes or tightly aspected to the eclipse, the darling gas bag expands the eclipses themes. Mars fulfilling the aforementioned criteria stimulates eclipses by virtue of his impatience, ham-fistedness and (with Mercury) big mouth. Saturn, by contrast, usually cuts short, cuts off, depresses, constricts, contracts and ends an eclipse cycle. These are just a few basic ideas to get you thinking before my big night on Storm’s radio show!

Just so you know, Mars is at 22 degrees Capricorn conjoined to Mercury in the Solar Eclipse chart. Both planets are in orb of conjunction of Barack Obama’s Saturn, the USA’s Pluto and in opposition to the USA’s natal Mercury. USA Mercury and transiting Mercury are both retrograde. So the question is: what angry reactions and debates will take place after Obama signs his very first legislation the day is he inaugurated? Since transiting Mercury is retrograde, what will he be forced to undo or revise by the time of the Lunar eclipse of February 10th at 21 Leo/Aquarius?

Mercury turned retrograde on January 11, 2009 at 7 Aquarius, which is in line with January 26th’s eclipse degree. The little guy goes direct on February 1 at 21 Capricorn (The degree of the full Moon of January 10) and won’t be out of its retrograde shadow degrees until February 21-22. Mercury by virture of its retrograde backtracking will make a total of three conjunctions to Obama’s natal Saturn, Michele’s natal Sun, the USA’s natal Pluto while opposing the USA’s natal Mercury along the way.

[Mercury is retrograde, and since Mercury is my natal chart’s ruling planet, cut me some slack while I veer all over the place!]

I don’t want to forget to bring up one of my mega-finds tucked away in the Full Moon chart (2009’s first lunation) of January 10th, set for Washington, DC. The Ascendant is 26 Virgo, accentuating and introducing into our Solar year that serve or suffer Virgo/Pisces axis. Venus in her loving exaltation is in Pisces in the 6th (!!) house along with the Vertex (fated point) and Uranus of dynamic change straight from the sky god himself. The Part of Fortune is also in Pisces conjoined to the Descendant at 26 Pisces.

What really got me is that the midpoint between the Sun and Neptune (Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces. The traditional ruler is Jupiter) is 6 Aquarius 30 — or the degree of January 26th Solar Eclipse!

The Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint is 11 Leo 06, or conjunct Barack Obama’s 6th house natal Sun in the sign of Leo.

Obama’s natal Jupiter is at 0 Aquarius, the degree the Sun is always in for a presidential inauguration. In fact, Obama had his Jupiter Return (we have them every 12 years) in the days leading up the the New Year’s first lunation.

Obama’s natal Saturn is conjunct the New Moon’s Juno — an asteroid that is powerfully connected to personal marriage but also to important political alliances both national and international as well.

I suspect that these points of contact, now written in the Akashic Records for all time, point to the fact Obama’s alliances as president will be fraught with complexities, complications, and difficulties — his natal Saturn, Michele’s Sun, and the New Moon chart’s Juno sit on the USA’s natal Pluto opposite it’s Mercury.

Obama’s alliances with Congress have already been tested as he pressed for the additional billions resting in the TARP account in order to help jump-start the economy. Whereas Republican law makers balked at handing the funds over in a (now) rare moment of fiscal concern for the country, they quickly reversed course and handed the funds to the president-elect.

What do all these planetary hits mean? Why list them? Why talk about them? Because tucked away in these charts, the earliest ones for 2009, are the clues to how Obama’s first year as president are going to unfold. We the people have a huge stake in how events play out.

Eclipses and powerful lunations that make aspect to the charts of world leaders and nations have significant impact on us personally (our own horoscopes and lives resonate), on the collective body (“we the people”), and at all points where the collective lines blur and merge with the personal and vice versa.

I think our nation’s leaders ignore astrology at their and our peril. America faces nothing less than the resurrecting of herself after an astonishing rapine and savage 30 years spawned by the so-called Reagan Revolution.

The time has come for 50% of the electorate to come to grips with the fact that trickle-down economics, the invisible hand of the market place and Milton Friedman/Shock Doctrine economics don’t work. Old ideas and ideologies have brought us to the brink of disaster. Let’s turn this Titanic around before she really does hit the iceberg. — Starcats, January 17, 2009.

Barack H. Obama, August 4, 1961, 7:24 PM, Honolulu, Hawaii, 18 AQ Asc. AA rating. Data from BC.

2009-2010 Saturn-Uranus Oppositions:

Nov 4, 2008

Feb 5, 2009

Sept 15, 2009

Apr 26, 2010

Jul 26, 2010

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  1. Claudia- You’ve done it again- a very timely thought-provoking article which I will be sure to re-read as time goes on. This certainly will be an interesting presidency-hold on, it looks like a bumpy ride!But at least we have you to point out the potholes in the road. I will try to catch the radio show, but it’s late EST for me.Good Luck with the show!

  2. Wonderful presentation and explanation of very complex points, Claudia. And no surprise, really, as you do these things so well. As Anita says, it looks like a bumpy ride, but what else can it be as we try and pull ourselves out of the national train-wreck the Repugs have obsessively created? Thanks so much for this article.

  3. Anita and Shylurker, it’s great to have you commenting on the blog. The article barely scratches the surface of what I want to say and what I see is to come. I don’t believe there’s been a president since Lincoln and Roosevelt who has had such heavy burdens to carry.

    Simon Schama was on Bill Moyers’ PBS show “The Journal” on Friday night. One of Schama’s remarks about the American people struck me to the core. He said that we’re a nation that goes through cycles of “innocent naivete followed by tragic illumination.” I was moved to tears by this utterance and will never forget it.

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