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Senate Passes Stimulus Bill — Who Knew The Moon Would Make the Call?

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At 12:43 PM, the Senate passed President Obama’s Stimulus Plan in a 61-37 vote largely cast along party lines.

My take on the “when” Congress would get off it’s overpriced pants and get busy on behalf of the people coincided with 1) the February 9 Lunar Eclipse; and 2) Moon moving from it’s void degrees in Leo into shriekingly efficient Virgo.

That’s just how it happened, folks. Today’s Virgo Moon was at 7 degrees of hard working maiden’s sign on approach to a conjunction with (gulp) retrograde Saturn.

As I pointed out in my Lunar Eclipse blog notes, the midpoints and progressed Sun-Moon in the USA’s chart tell the larger story. I’m reproducing the midpoint hits list just below so you can mark for yourself just how tightly connected our early 2009 soli-lunar patterns are tied into our destiny. Heads up. The New Moon of February 24 is at 6 Pisces. Here we go again.

The Solar Eclipse of January 26 at 6+ Aquarius may have laid the groundwork, but the Lunar eclipse has exceeded my expectations when it comes to energetic offloads. Offloads, in Starcats lingo, means events rushing forth as the Moon travels back to the arms of Sol. (New Moon).

As I marked for you on the graphic for the vote chart, Obama’s natal South Node (on his Ascendant), which is conjunct the USA’s natal Moon (27 Aquarius) is on the Midheaven of the Stimulus vote chart.

southnObama’s South Node on the MC reveals the sacrifice made and called for on behalf and by the people of the United States. As Celeste Teal writes in her excellent book “Lunar Nodes: Discover Your Soul’s Karmic Mission” (available from Amazon books):

”When the nodes lie across the Ascendant and Descendant . . . the life appears particularly fateful or predestined. These individuals live a life or providence. In other words, the higher cosmic forces have greater influence over that life.” (pg. 21).


“Those with South Node conjunct the Ascendant are very soulful people. . . . They have a sense of how ephemeral life really is.” [Obama’s father abandoned the family when he was very young. His mother died when he was a teen.]

The foregoing being cited regarding South Node Ascendant people, Ms. Teal also remarks that those with this chart signature are often called to sacrifice – that is pour out of themselves for a calling much greater than themselves. Obama’s South Node conjunct the USA’s Moon denotes a sacrificial calling by the president (Obama’s South Node on the vote chart’s MC) to Congress, and to the people of the United States to toughen up and pony up. This is going to be a hard ride.

The Ascendant of the vote chart at 20 Gemini is conjoined to the USA’s natal Mars in it’s 7th house. Those who read me know I prefer the Sibley chart with 12 Sagittarius rising. The vote chart Ascendant on the USA’s Mars is in square to it’s Neptune in Virgo which takes the heat from transiting Saturn in retrograde – the planet that reveals (among other things) a state of ruin that one can barely face. This configuration is opposed by eruptive and radical reactionary Uranus who’s greatest dread is being pinned down without options.

The lunar nodes at 9 Leo/Aquarius are in t-square to the safety and security asteroid Vesta in the vote chart. She’s in transit to her natal position in the USA’s chart (20 Taurus). It would seem that the fate of our very security and safety are caught up with Congress’s (11th house is where we locate that deliberative body) actions. >/p>

Since nothing has been done since the announcement of the economic meltdown on September 15, 2008 (Virgo Sun there, folks) except the stuffing of rich banker’s pockets by Henry Paulson with proceeds grabbed out of the first half of the $700bn bailout package, what SACRIFICE are we talking about here? There has been – and probably will not be – anything much given to the American people who are having their backs broken by having to pay to keep the rich in cuban cigars and champagne.

The transiting Sun has just passed over Chiron in the humanity based sign of Aquarius. Aye, therein lies the rub. Who has taken on the wound? The people? The president on behalf of the people? Or do the people bear up with the president as we all walk this trail of tears? What dreams may die when Chiron reaches its conjunction with Neptune this coming April?

Finally, it is worth speculating as to what wound will the President will sustain when Chiron transits his South Node in March of 2010? Let us be hopeful and speculate that it will have something to do with his political power rather than something more sinister.


Finally a quick reminder – I’ll be Robin Richardson’s featured guest on her radio show on Wednesday, February 11 at 10 PM EST/7PM PST. Sign up at Ask 1 Radio is 100% free. Robin and I will be discussing the astrology of relationships. We’ll touch on super topics like the lunar nodes and the vertex (fated encounter point) in cross-chart comparisons while powering down Valentine’s Day chocolate. Be there!

Below you’ll find the midpoint hits I mentioned above. Enjoy!

February 10, 2009 — Starcats

Ready? Lock and Load Your Midpoints!

The list below sets out major cross-chart hits from the Eclipse chart Asc/MC midpoint to President Obama’s chart and the progressed chart of the USA

USA’s progressed Sun is 4 Pisces 16 (remember, the eclipse chart’s Asc/MC midpoint is 4 Pisces 15).

The USA’s progressed Moon is 5 Virgo 43. The USA, by progression, has reached a Full Moon climax cycle. From here on out, the USA’s progressed Moon is in her waning phase. As is the case with any Full Moon lunation whether it is an eclipse or a progressed cycle, the life phase in question has crested and now disseminates the fruits of it’s labor whether for good or ill.

The Sun/Uranus midpoint in the eclipse chart is 5 Pisces 55.

The Moon/Saturn midpoint is 5 Virgo 41.

President Obama’s Venus/Neptune midpoint natally is 5 Virgo 11.

His Mars/Ascendant midpoint is 5 Sagittarius 18 (forming a grand mutable square with the aforementioned mutable chart midpoints. See other placements below as they are also hoooked into the grand square).

Obama’s Uranus/Vertex (Vertex is a point of fated encounters in the horoscope) is 4 Virgo 05.

The President’s Neptune/Part of Fortune is at 2 Aquarius 55 (I digress to mention that this midpoint equates to President John F. Kennedy’s pre-natal Solar Eclipse that proved to be fated and ultimately fatal in connection with his brother Joe, brother Robert and his own destiny in Dallas, Texas. This does not mean I’m predicting the same for President Obama. It means that the President must be very careful, especially during January and February 2009).

[Another Starcats digression!] Obama’s Uranus/South Node midpoint equate to 26 Taurus 17, the degree of Mars on the July 7, 2009 Lunar eclipse. 26 Taurus is Caput Algol a most unfortunate fixed star placement. [read about Algol here. The president will need to be very careful during this eclipse as well. Also, the Democratic Party’s (chart) Mercury is at 26 Taurus (Joe Liberman’s Uranus is 26 Taurus!) so I it appears the party as a whole will see someone in high position “beheaded” or “heads will roll” at this time. Sen. Joe Lieberman could be at the center of some of this flap. Also Al Gore’s Venus is conjunct Algol — Al Gore (you can’t make this stuff up!. What will Mr. Gore teach us about global warming this summer? What events such as massive fires (droughts) are on our horizon?

The USA’s progressed chart at it’s full progressed moon cycle along the Virgo/Pisces axis connects deeply with the Midpoints found in the Feb 9 Lunar Eclipse chart and in Barack Obama’s natal chart.

It can be no accident that the President’s call for service and sacrifice resonate with the waning Moon phase indicated in the USA’s progressed chart. The apex (full moon) has crested. The USA’s progressed Moon is now one degree past her opposition with the progressed Pisces Sun.


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