Posted by: starcatsastrology | April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend Update & Extended Forecast

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I wanted to share with you the April 10th lunar forecast my colleague astrologer Rick Levine posted on Stariq today:

“4/10/09—The Moon enters transformational Scorpio at 5:23 am EDT, revealing magic that can unfold only in the shadows. But we are not worried now about fears that we sometimes face in the darkness because the bright Sun forms a supportive sextile with optimistic Jupiter. The light of awareness has the power to free us from the paralyzing grip of the unknown. Additionally, thoughtful Mercury’s connection to Jupiter inspires our words and uplifts our spirits.”

I’m quoting him entirely because he created the perfect synthesis of the Scorpio Moon’s impact on us over the next couple of days. Scorpio brings depth and the urge to penetrate mysteries, but the shadow side of the Scorpian is retentive, secretive and suspicious. But Jupiter will serve to uplift, especially because the Sun (consciousness) is in good aspect to the jovial one. Light, then, will balance darkness over the next 48 hours.


Sunday’s ebullient, party hearty Sagittarius Moon makes brunch, egg hunts and honey-baked ham more flavorful. Savor the day, because as we head back to the routine on Monday morning, the Moon squares “downer” Saturn. If it’s true the world runs on Dunkin’, better buy two cups on the way to work.

April 13 – April 17:

HEADS UP – Next week’s planet messengers are misaligned and royally pissed by Wednesday when fiesty Mars meets erratic Uranus. Moon with Pluto brings suspicion as Sun combined with mind-clouding Neptune throws a veil over truth. Be careful NOT to react to what you “think” is happening until you know beyond reasonable doubt what’s really going on.

Be on guard starting Tuesday (4/14) because impatient Mars is likely to jump the gun a day early. Be AWARE. Don’t react regardless of who’s trying to push your buttons.

Stay frosty through Friday (4/17) as the goddess of love, Venus, goes back to direct motion! Yippee! By Friday evening, clear thinking capabilities return when Mercury in earthy Taurus trines exacting Saturn in Virgo. Saturn is retrograde currently, so a bit of sobering introspection is just what the doctor ordered.

The week of April 20th looks like one packed with rewards and reconciliation after paying our dues for any spills we took the previous week. Masculine Mars meets up with Lady Venus on Tuesday 4/21! The union of male/female energies is the love wave we’re going to surf all the way up to Friday 4/24’s New Moon in sexy, sensual Taurus. Splurge on champagne and chocolate cake. You deserve it!

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