Posted by: starcatsastrology | June 18, 2009

Prayer Request for Astrologer & Friend Sally Cheyne McDonald

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The photo above is of my friend and colleague Sally Cheyne McDonald posing with two of her grandchildren. I’m asking that you place Sally on your prayer and meditation list as she is facing a major health challenge.

As I write this, Sally is one hour into surgery in Denver, Colorado (operation commenced at 5:00 pm local Denver time). After a couple of medical tests performed last week, doctors discovered that Sally had a spot of cancer in her stomach and a tumor the size of a fist in between her colon and right ovary. The tumor is malignant and doctors suspect lymph node involvement. She will be in the hospital for about a week, in bed recovering for a month, then will undergo a six month term of intensive chemotherapy.

Sally is the woman who, after my cat Draggie passed away in February of 2004, did an astrology reading for a client as payment for a painting of Draggie to be done by her artist-client. That painting hangs in my living room and a copy of it is on my website: Here.

Sally also helped me through a very difficult time later in 2004 when my computer malfunctioned and I had no way to make income. Through her efforts, many donations were made to me so that I could continue my work as a writer and counseling astrologer.

The aforementioned stories are not about “me,” although it may appear that way. The stories testify to the kind of woman my friend Sally is. Her capacity to empathize with another’s pain and offer gifts of healing are genuine and rare. For my part, I asked Sally what I could do for her now that the tables had turned. It’s not an issue of “tit for tat.” It’s about love; about the completion of the circle.

I hope that you will join me as well, in your own time zone, this coming Saturday (June 20-21) for a Summer Solstice candle lighting in Sally’s honor. The Summer Solstice is at 10:46 pm Pacific Time on June 20 and at 1:46 am, ET. You don’t have to feel stressed about lighting a candle at the exact moment the Sun reaches 0 degrees Cancer, because that may not be possible given the lateness of the hour on the East Coast. The universe understands our intentions and God/dess knows what lies in our hearts. The healing power of the solstice moment will surely reach Sally! This was one of her requests — that we engage in prayer and candle lighting for her healing. I hope you will join with me and tell me about your experiences.

I will be walking along the beach this Saturday with a dear friend of mine, Marjan (if she is able to go with me this weekend), and we’ll take a moment to drop a magic charm in sea for Sally!

Thank you all for being in my life and for helping the many of us who love Sally uplift and support her.

Visit Sally’s ASTROWORLD blog Here.

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