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It’s Never Easy

September 3, 2009

From my dad’s friend Bob – please feel free to distribute to all your friends.


Friends,   This Obama health plan will be hailed as one of the greatest political feats in American history.  It must be nurtured. Please send this letter to your local newspaper and to all your friends.  Tell your Member of Congress we need health care reform because the insurance companies are draining the life out of America.    It will not be easy.  Take a look at history.

Editor, Sept 2, 2009

The giants in America took on the big tasks and made America better.

Thomas Jefferson took advantage of Napoleon Bonaparte’s financial problems to buy the Louisiana Territory for a pittance. It was not easy.

It took DeWitt Clinton and friends many years to persuade the US government to build the Erie Canal.  It was not easy.

Theodore Judah, with help from Abraham Lincoln, helped create the Transcontinental Railroad.  Definitely not an easy task.

Justin Morrill was a school dropout, yet he was the driving force behind the legislation that created the Land Grant Colleges.  Not an easy task.

The Homestead Act was loaded with corruption, but it gave new life to immigrants and to poor people, thanks to Andrew Jackson.  It’s never easy.

Building the Panama Canal took a strong person like Teddy Roosevelt to overcome all those problems including a little revolution in Panama.  Not so easy.

FDR wanted rural America to have the convenience of electric power like the major cities enjoyed.  It was not easy convincing power companies to light up the farms.

Cold War GI Bill was created and it helped me complete my PhD at the University of Michigan.  It helped millions of vets to achieve a college degree.

The Interstate Highway System is the heart of America’s infrastructure and the source of great changes in our history.  Thanks to Dwight Eisenhower.

Now, the Obama Health Reform Plan will fit into the most important events in US history.  It will not be easy.  It must be done.

This is not a Republican task.  It’s not a Democratic task.  It is an American task.

It must be done right away because all people need good health care right now.

Robert Wesolowski


  1. Claudia,
    Thanks for publishing my letter posted September 2009–“It is not easy.”
    I hope readers across the US will read it and support the Obama agenda which may help fix the Bush agenda. Ugh.
    Bob W

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