Posted by: starcatsastrology | December 3, 2009

Put Kepler on Your Solstice Gift List!

Special note from my friend and colleague, Karen McCauley:

Dear Friends of Astrology:

We have, in the past, agreed that the inclusion of astrological studies in academia is a necessary condition in validating, legitimizing, and maintaining our diverse profession.

As many of you know, for four years I have served on the Kepler College faculty. While it’s an honor and joy to teach there, it’s also provided me with an opportunity to give back to the astrological community I dearly love. As a retiree since 1995 and on a fixed income, my previous financial support of Kepler was limited. In volunteering my teaching, I have finally been able to more substantially support the Kepler experience.

Unfortunately, during the past four years, Kepler’s support from others in the astrological community has dwindled. The only “professional” organization that has made a contribution ($360) in 2009 was the Oregon Astrological Association. (Thanks to the OAA!) Not one other local, state, national or international group has made a donation in 2009 though several have given scholarships to activities benefiting their own organizations.

Kepler’s professors and staff earn less than 50% of normal college personnel salaries and several have donated major amounts of their services to the college. Kepler has only a very part-time office staff. Our president, Enid Newberg,has made heroic efforts to cover for the staff reductions and has been putting in an enormous amount of extra and unpaid time in doing so this year. Kepler tuition has remained reasonable ($170 per unit) considering that there are minimal scholarships to help our students, most of whom are now attending Kepler only part-time.

Fostering Kepler’s continued existence and growth is integral to our community’s cultural status. The poor economy has affected us all, but even so I’ll bet each of us can spare five or ten dollars for donations to Kepler a few times per year. Those dollars add up to cover the $7000 monthly overhead at Kepler.

Please consider making a donation to Kepler this month. Any donation is tax deductible and will help Kepler keep its doors open for current and future students. You can send a check or money order to Kepler at 4630 200th Street SW, Ste P, Lynnwood, WA 98036. Or, you can call 425-673-4292 and make a donation over the phone using your debit or credit card.

Blessings to you all this holiday season,
Karen (McCauley)

Visit Kepler College online. Check out their great Kepler introductive video. Read about Kepler on Wikipedia. I hope you’ll put Kepler College on your Christmas list this year! — Claudia

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