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Karl Rove, Bush’s Brain, Get’s Second Divorce

Karl Rove, Bush’s Brain, Get’s Second Divorce

Traditional marriage advocate and self-styled political twin of Machiavelli (3 May 1469 – 21 June 1527) Karl Rove, divorced his second wife of 24 years, Darby, in a Texas court. The split was finalized over Christmas week.

The couple wed in January 1986. They have one son. Rove’s 600 page memoir, “Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight,” is set for release in March 2010. We can hardly wait.

Karl Rove, December 25, 1950, Denver, Colorado. NO TIME KNOWN. [Click chart for larger view].

1. The divorce planet Uranus transiting at 22-23 degrees of Pisces conjoins Rove’s North Node. His natal Uranus is posited at 7 Cancer in opposition to his Sun, Venus and in square to his natal Saturn. The transit of Uranus through Pisces and aligning with his lunar nodes fulfills the natal chart promise of disruptions and separations in personal relationship. Rove’s biography includes the following:

1. His biological father left the family when Rove and his older brother were children and 2. In December 1969, the man Rove had known as his father left the family, and divorced Rove’s mother soon afterward; it later became known he was homosexual.[6][7] After his parents’ divorce, Rove learned from his aunt and uncle that the man who had raised him was not his biological father; both he and his older brother Eric were the children of another man. Rove has expressed great love and admiration for his adoptive father and for “how selfless” his love had been.[8] In 1981 Rove’s mother committed suicide in Reno, Nevada.” Wikipedia.

2. Rove’s Sun is conjoined by life transforming Pluto. By life transforming, I’m talking about irrevocable changes such as the death of a relationship which, as anyone can tell you who has grieved the loss of a love, it feels like — and is — a form of death.

3. Rove’s Sun squares transiting Saturn in Libra. The scythe carrying grim reaper prunes away relationships of all kinds that no longer serve the life regardless of our attempts to hold on. The square aspect between Saturn and Pluto is a pitched battle for power. We know Rove’s penchant for dirty tricks and ability to dismantle the lives of political opponents, but in the case of Rove’s divorce, he is confronting Pluto’s power to undermine the stablity and structure (Saturn) of one’s security. In this case, a long marriage.

4. Rove is now 60 years old. He’s experiencing his second Saturn Return (2 Libra) in square to natal Sun and transiting Pluto. This Saturn Return is brutal. He’s also in line to have his 5th Jupiter Return (3 Pisces) around January 31, 2010.

5. For asteroid fans, Juno of marriage (political and otherwise) at 22 Scorpio is in square to Rove’s natal Pluto at 19 Leo. Mars (now retrograde) stationed on his natal Pluto on December 20, 2009, the week his divorce was made final. Mars on Pluto in square to Juno: cutting ties forever. It is of interest to note that Rove’s Juno at 22 Scorpio is in the degree of his lunar nodes and trines his North Node. The nodal connection indicates his desire for lasting marriage but the transit of Uranus in opposition to his South Node triggers the separations he seems fated to experience.

6. Rove’s first marriage, to Houston socialite Valerie Wainwright in 1976 ended after a short three years. Rove’s busy schedule kept him away from home so often that he had no time to invest in the relationship. Wainwright filed for divorce in 1979. Two years after that, Rove’s mother committed suicide. His mother’s death wasn’t a result of Rove’s divorce. Pluto was transiting Libra (changing the entire landscape of relationships for a generation) and in conjunction with his natal Neptune of dissolutions; Rove is experiencing a nodal reversal (Transiting North Node conjoined to natal South Node and vice versa); and a transit of Saturn to his South Node. All of the foregoing heavy planet transits triggered off the natal potential for separations and dissolutions.

Regardless of what we may think of the manner in which Karl Rove has directed his natal chart talents and abilities, his current status as a two time divorced man coupled with political hypocrisy and irrevocable damage to others’ lives and careers, makes a look at his horoscope instructive. Each of us has a choice to transform the shocks and disappointments of conditioned life on earth into words and deeds that redeem and serve.

A Machiavellian response to life’s bitter blows is but one option. Power is oftentimes a first tier compensation for those who feel insecure (Sun square Saturn in Rove’s case and in the case of the USA). However, power misused backfires. Nemesis visits those who take by force from others what they lack in themselves.

Rove’s progressed Chiron is at 1 Capricorn. The backlash of misused power was set in time for Rove when Pluto initially conjoined his progressed Chiron by transit. The square his progressed Chiron is set to make to his natal Saturn will perfect in 2026, after the USA’s dramatic Pluto Return. It is reasonable to conclude that Karl Rove’s ability to maneuver in power circles is being undermined by the very power planets themselves — Pluto and Saturn. Chiron is the wound. Rove has been a great one for inflicting suffering on others. Now his chickens come home to roost.

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