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Earthquake In Haiti

Earthquake In Haiti

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Haiti Earthquake
Jan 12, 2010
4:53:09 PM EST +5:00
Port au Prince, Haiti
18N32, 72W20
Asc: 14 Cancer

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Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) — “International aid groups were feverishly trying to get supplies into quake-ravaged Haiti on Thursday to prevent the situation from going from ‘dire to absolutely catastrophic.'”

“Hospitals in Port-au-Prince have collapsed, and the few facilities still open can’t handle the needs of the injured. The United States and other countries were dispatching medical supplies, facilities and personnel. People who suffered broken bones from falling debris have been unable to get treatment; there’s simply too many of them.”

Haiti, de jure Independence
Haiti history HERE
Jan 1, 1804
12:00 pm LMT
Gonaives, Haiti
19N27, 72W41
(No time for declaration known)

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The earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12 was the third in a series of warning quakes across the western world that began during the shadow days leading up to tonight’s Solar Eclipse.

On January 9 there was a 6.5 magnitude quake in Eureka, California followed by a 4.3 quake in Riverside, most likely an aftermath event of the Eureka temblor.

January 17, 2010 marks the 16th anniversary of the California Northridge quake designated a magnitude of 6.7 but the “ground acceleration was one of the highest ever instrumentally recorded in an urban area in North America.”

I survived the Northridge quake and can testify to the terror of such an event.

What makes the Haiti quake all the more tragic is the country’s poverty, misery, poorly organized government, lack of resources and crumbling infrastructure. To those who would say that government is the enemy and that spending money on infrastructure is a waste hasn’t survived a disaster.

Solar Eclipse
January 15, 2010
2:11 am EST +5:00
Asc: 14 Scorpio

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The aforementioned quake charts, including Haiti’s, are packed with planets in the cardinal earth sign Capricorn. Our Solar Eclipse at 25 Capricorn is the messenger. Saturn is ruler of the earth’s crust and the tectonic plates our cities and nations float upon.

Saturn, now stationing for its 4 month retrograde in Libra is strengthened by the slow-down and still is in square to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the force that erodes, undermines, erases and transforms. Saturn is the structure and infrastructure upon which a nation, a city, a government or a people rest and depend.

A terrible irony of this earthquake is the crumbling of the presidential palace. The people of Haiti don’t even have an intact symbol of their country’s leader. Last night I attempted to visualize what it would be like to see the White House crumble. It seemed in my vision like our nation’s history and the focus of our national identity disintegrated.

What louder message to send planet earth about the transitoriness of fragile physical life than to “shake it up” at eclipse time with earthquakes?

The country of Haiti (see charts above) is experiencing its 7th Saturn return. Its independence was hard won after centuries of being plundered for goods and slaves commencing with Christopher Columbus in 1492. Haiti is also in line for another Venus Return. Its Venus at 29 Capricorn is in mutual reception (two planets trading houses of rulership) with its natal Saturn — the same celestial pattern we’re experiencing right now by current transit.

Haiti’s natal (and transiting) Saturn squares its Mars at 3 Capricorn and Chiron at 4 Capricorn. Transiting Pluto is conjoined to the Mars-Chiron conjunction. This harsh mix reveals that no matter what the event, physical or political, this beleaguered nation has a planetary set up that spells devastation.

As stated earlier, we don’t have a birth time for Haiti de jure Independence, so its hard to know if its pristine Virgo Moon opposes its eradicating Pluto in watery Pisces. We at least know that transiting Saturn, associated with cutting off or limiting supply, contacted Haiti’s Moon at some point during the last 2 1/2 years.

So, depending on the Moon’s degree and Saturn’s retrograde patterns and its transiting oppositions with disrupting Uranus in Pisces), its likely that Haiti’s Moon was hit at least 3 times by Saturn’s transit and Pluto was opposed once. Saturn to natal Moon bespeaks food shortages; malnourishment; deprivation; scarcity; lack; hunger; and stomach disorders. We know that in the last few years the Haitian people have experienced increased famine.

Another outstanding planet relationship in Haiti’s chart is the mutual reception between Pluto in sacrificial Pisces and Neptune in underworld Scorpio. This rulership exchange brings us into benthic waters (absolute depths) whether they be spiritual or historic in nature.

Haiti’s scorpionic Neptune is in a challenging square with transiting Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in the common people’s sign of Aquarius. Fixed signs in challenging aspect give way or crack apart at some point when when other planet stressors set them off. Jupiter’s job is to expand; push limits; exceed boundaries and in the build-up to Haiti’s natal Neptune, perhaps the slip fault 6 miles deep finally gave way.

In the hours leading up to the earthquake, the transiting Moon at 26 Sagittarius — Galactic Center! — squared natal Pluto setting off a possible T-square if Haiti’s Virgo Moon is close in orb. Transiting Moon was at the Pluto square January 11th at 1:53 am.

Earlier I mentioned Haiti’s natal Saturn and its 7th Saturn return in square to transiting Pluto. As Saturn moves through its cycle in Libra it will square Haiti’s Sun in 2010 and Pluto will conjoin Haiti’s Sun in 2013. Disruptive Uranus’s move into Aries will create a cardinal grand square in Haiti’s horoscope. The nation is called to rebuild itself but it cannot do so without massive international intervention.

The Haiti earthquake is a stark reminder of the millions around the world who are forced to live and endure like conditions day after day, life after life. Let us hope that in these early years of the Third Millennium that human beings will begin making that next evolutionary step in consciousness that will allow for poverty and illness to be wiped from the face of the earth.

Starcats – January 14, 2010


# Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 21:53:10 UTC
# Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 04:53:10 PM at epicenter

Haiti Earthquake – a guide on How to Donate


  1. Beautiful work on a tragic subject Claudia. Once
    again you have given us an insightful look at current events! Thank you.

  2. Pallas Athena and the Vertex, conjunct in Scorpio in the 4th house. Not pretty.

  3. Thank you Anita and Nancy. Yes, Pallas Athena on Vertex brings the fated nature of justice or the lack thereof to the 4th house — the very land on which Haitians live. The 4th house is also where matters end or resolve. In this case, we are seeing mass burials take place — Hades realm — the descent to the underworld/interments which speak also of Saturn’s square to transiting Pluto.


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