Posted by: starcatsastrology | April 10, 2011

11Th Hour Bandaid on Government Shutdown

Friday night’s late night aversion of a government shutdown guarantees funding for our ship of state until Thursday night April 14th. Then, with Mercury retrograde in Aries still spouting political warfare rhetoric, we’ll have to see if the budget is extended to the end of this fiscal year (September 30th). The federal budget kicks every year on October 1st.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) hopes that his draconian budget program will be adopted and then cut out anything that might help the nation’s working class and poor — including a major gutting of Medicare and Social Security. It matters little to the GOP that 87% of those polled are vehemently opposed to such cuts. This is another two-by-four over the head signaling that the American people have zero say about their future. The ballot box, one man one vote, is part of the national myth (first house of a mundane horoscope).

Speaker Boehner announced at 10:53 pm (Washington, DC) that an agreement had been forged between Democrats and Republicans to extend the budget clock to Thursday, April 14th. This allegedly gives them time to craft the bill needed to fund the USA until September 30th. Raising the debt ceiling is but a part of the partisan blood letting we’ll be witnessing starting on Monday.

Obama spoke at 11:04 pm (Washington, DC), claiming victory out the bloody and craven jaws of Democratic defeat.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) address the Senate at 11:10 pm (D.C) and the bipartisan extension bill was passed by the Senate by unanimous consent. The only Nay vote came from the idiotic Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). Meanwhile, Sarah Palin, the brain trust from Alaska, was tweeting: SHUT IT DOWN. SHUT IT DOWN. What a patriot.

The House reconvened to finalize the vote on the extension at 12:28 am, April 9th. The budget extension was deemed retroactively effective, so at no time during the kabuki theater proceedings was the government unfunded.

Mutable Gemini Moon under rulership of retrograde Mercury alone can do much to explain the last minute flip flop. The politics of re-election, a pragmatic, self-serving earthbound reason for compromising can be summed up by looking at earthy transiting (and natal) Pluto in Capricorn within a reasonable orb of square to transiting and natal Saturn (USA chart). Transiting Pluto, now retrograde, has been frustrated for several months ahead from making its opposition to the USA’s Sun (thereby igniting a T-square configuration in the USA chart), so there is some relief there.

The ascendant for Boehner’s announcement that a crisis had been averted is 28 Scorpio. A late ascendant shows it’s the last minute and a last ditch effort. The GOP ran out the clock, which was their intention. The transiting Moon had gone Void of Course by that time, indicating that the last ditch effort comes to nothing. It’s temporary. A mere bandaid fix. All that happened is that both parties kicked the can down the road another 4 working days.

The Ascendant for Sen. Reid’s remarks on the the Senate floor and the vote by unanimous consent is 2 Sagittarius. That’s the degree of the Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011. I don’t want to get too far off into the weeds today by interpreting every possible sensitive degree point to come. It would behoove us to mark our calendars and have a backward look at Thanksgiving eclipse time to see what themes and what consequences from April’s bandaid vote we’re dealing with.

The Ascendant for the time when the House of Representatives voted on extending the budget is 18 Sagittarius. That degree is the degree of the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse, the final eclipse of 2011.

For both eclipses, transiting Saturn (25 and 26 degrees Libra, respectively) will be close enough in orb to qualify as a square to the USA’s natal Saturn and Mercury. Thus, a big T-square with T-Saturn as the release value. Saturn in square to Pluto is lethal. It doesn’t get any rougher than Saturn and Pluto in hard aspect. The opposition between the pair in Gemini/Sagittarius was the signature aspect that marked 9-11.

No, I’m not forecasting a terrorist attack. I’m pointing out that the last two eclipses of 2011 where Saturn is in brutal struggle with the USA’s natal Pluto will be given voice (U.S. Mercury in Cancer) in the most vitriolic and scathing terms.

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