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Virginia – 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake!

Virginia Earthquake 2011: USGS Warns it May be a Foreshock

International Business Times 8/23/2011

“According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the quake happened at 1:51 p.m. at a depth of 3.7 miles. The quake was centered 27 miles east of Charlottesville, Va., near the town Mineral in Louisa County. Virginia Earthquake 201

1: USGS Warns it May be a Foreshock”

The chart for the State of Virginia is June 26, 1788, at 12:00 pm. The noon time comes from the Virginia Historical Society. Virginia  has cardinal angles, which places transiting Saturn in Libra in the first, Uranus in Aries in the  7th and Pluto on the 4th house cusp. Saturn is too far in degree to make a perfect cardinal grand square with Virginia’s Cancerian Sun and Jupiter,  but it sure seems to be working that way. T-Pluto on the I.C. cusp opposite Virginia’s Sun is certainly the “up from under” thrust set off by unexpected shakes Uranus in the 7th house.

I think that the quincunx (150 degree aspect) between Virginia’s Cancerian Uranus and Mercury to transiting Neptune also play a part. Uranus quincunx Neptune, two outer planets, signal the timing of a destablizing stretch. Quincunx aspects signal what’s out of joint and two tectonic plates in struggle for space show that one will have to “give way” or sacrifice to the other. The earth’s crust is constantly moving like the top layer of a pie that’s floating atop hot molten juices below. The out of phase quincunx set up by transit in Virginia’s chart show that something above and below strained to the breaking point.

If this is a foreshock to a greater level event in the future, We might see something of consequence happen again after Uranus goes direct on December 10th at 0 Aries. That 0 Cardinal point is usually a signal of a big event. It can be geological or geopolitical. Or both. Uranus at 0 Aries so close in opposition to Virginia’s Ascendant means the state is going to have to get their earthquake emergency response team in place. The old Dominion, the oldest of colonies and still the keeper of some of the oldest (and not so good) ideas about humanity and politics is being “shaken up.” I know, I know. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but I still subscribe to “as above, so below.” Or as Jung would tell us, what we don’t own often eventuates in an event outside us.

Just so Virginia doesn’t feel like I’m picking on her, the quake was felt all the way into New York City, Concord, N.H., Washington, D.C., the entire East Coast Trough, and Toronto, Canada.

State of Virginia and Earthquake Transits


  1. I was at work on the top floor of SSA HQ here in Baltimore when it happened. Several people there had been in earthquakes before, so they told us what was happening, and we got out of the building. We were all evacuated, and then told to go home. They’ll need to inspect the whole complex – a monumental task – before they can let us come in again. Although a 5.8 is not a big deal in places that are used to them and have commensurate building codes, here in B’more, we don’t get quakes (last one recorded was in 1890’s I think) so our buildings are not designed to take those kinds of shocks.

    There was a large sunspot and solar wind just a day or two ago as well. Not unusual for this to happen after one of those, especially when combined with the planetary stresses.

  2. I thought about you when I heard about the quake. Then when I saw on a map how far the shock waves extended, I figured you probably felt it. I’m glad everyone is okay. Quakes aren’t fun, even when you’re used to them.

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