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In Defense of Occupy

In Defense of Occupy

“If you are in prison, do not brag about the spaciousness of your cell.” Zen Proverb.

Awake From Your Slumber

Talking heads from Fox News to CNN and even to the more liberal MSNBC still don’t get it about the Occupy protest that is quickly coalescing into what we call a MOVEMENT.

Criticisms leveled against Occupy encampments worldwide miss the mark. No, this isn’t an inchoate or confused uprising by a bunch of DFH (dirty fucking hippies) or unemployed layabouts. This is the birth of a movement that is the direct outpicturing of the collective shadow of GLOBALISM. Hence, this isn’t a one size fits all protest.

Injustice and inequality have escalated exponentially over the last 25 to 30 years. Each and every attempt at change from the time of Ronald Reagan up to the remedies and policies for America that President Obama pushes for, have been ignored. Hence, we’ve reached the ugliness of critical mass; a new Zeitgeist that emerges through Uranus in square to Pluto (June 2012-2015). This square promises. Yes,  hear me, PROMISES, to bring sweeping global as well as national change.

Again, the OCCUPY Movement is the outpicturing of grief and rage at the corruption contained within the collective Shadow of predatory capitalism, the corporate monopolizing of the human body (medicine for profit) and the rape of Gaia (i.e., global warming, Monsanto frankenfood seeds, etc.). These are just a few of the talking points we could put on the table.

My prefatory remarks are not meant to be in any way a final statement or complete assessment of what lies before us. They are an introduction to a piece written last night by my friend and colleague Karen McCauley. She was moved to respond to an emailer who attacked the Occupy movement as insufficient, ineffective  or “woo-woo”.

The movement is only 10-12 weeks old.

This movement is taking place in 2011 (Uranus-Pluto Square), not 1965 (Uranus-Pluto conjunction opposed by Saturn) when the Vietnam War, during a time of the Draft, coalesced around a dynamic single purpose. STOP THE WAR.

We don’t live in the 20th Century anymore. This is a 21st Century emergence. This is a global emergence, and radicals and protestors from the 1960’s also need to do what Steve Jobs told us to do: THINK DIFFERENT. This isn’t your granny glasses protest anymore. Nor is it Timothy Leary’s world anymore.
Turn On (your iPod), Tune In (to Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now) and Drop Out (of Bank of America and the worldwide corporate whore house).
That being said, I welcome these shared remarks by Karen McCauley. With her permission, please take note of the following:

In Defense of Occupy

Karen McCauley

“You are certainly entitled to your opinion. And yes, there is no consistency among the demonstrations throughout the world other than their opposition to being continually oppressed, used and discarded by the plutocracy/cutthroat corporate capitalism/greedy number crunchers and despots. And yes, every group has their fringe-people and crazies just as the beginning John Birch Society flavored “tea party” groups had theirs until Koch Bros. and Dick Armey and others stepped in to push the no taxes, no regulations, no entitlements (their terms, not mine) agenda in exchange for trip financing and transportation.

“There’s been numerous marches and demonstrations in Portland over the past 8-9 years against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There will never be widespread demonstrations against wars unless the draft is reinstated (as it was during Viet Nam).

“I would certainly rather that the needed changes to how our government is elected and governed come peacefully rather than through violence though I’ll wager that the violence will begin by next summer.  The government takeover by the military industrial (and corporate) complex has been happening over the past 30 years and has been very effective. It is a very different world now and many of the jobs have been eliminated, downgraded or outsourced. Hell, even Motts apple juice comes from concentrate made in China.”  — Karen

Karen is a Professor of Astrology at Kepler College, an Experienced counselor, Psychology/cosmology educator-researcher; Creative internet course designer, writer, editor. You can find her on Facebook.

Occupy Wall Street


  1. I hope all can read this with an open, thoughtful mind. Whether you believe or follow Astrology, the points made the FACTS presented are worth your while. Please plug in and be a part of WHAT IS HAPPENING ON OUR PLANET! Read, research, find your own information and VOTE. Make the government work for us not themselves. Just as there “should be” no church and state there should be no corporate and state.

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