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Hillary Clinton’s Health Challenges

Hillary Clinton’s Health Challenges —

“On Sunday, she was hospitalized after doctors discovered a blood clot related to a concussion she had suffered earlier this month. Her spokesman said she would remain at New York-Presbyterian Hospital at least into Tuesday for observation. . . .” [Christian Science Monitor].

Hillary Clinton’s birth time has long been disputed but I prefer the 8:02 am data (see,,_Hillary_Rodham for extensive notes). Jupiter in his own domain (Sagittarius) rises in the first affording Secretary Clinton an expansive and cosmopolitan world view. Her ninth house of diplomacy (Jupiter’s natural house of rulership!) is tenanted by 3 tough customers in dramatic Leo. Mars, Pluto and Saturn give the Secretary of State the grit needed for her grueling schedule and a hawkish U.S. defense posture. Her skills as a litigator (ninth house is law and lawyers) and advocate for children (“It Takes A Village”) are universally known.

The 8:02 am horoscope places the majority of Hillary’s Clinton’s planets above the horizon and in the objective or universal houses (7th to 12th). Hillary Clinton learned early on how to use her elemental square between the 9th house Leo planets and 12th house Scorpio planets. A masterful and disciplined planner and executor of long-term strategies have been played out on the world stage. Her ability to rein in and direct her husband’s sometimes chaotic and self-destructive patterns resulted in his being a two term president. She parlayed her First Ladyship into the New York U.S. Senate seat, ran for president in a close contest for the nomination with Barack Obama, and became his Secretary of State.

Her accomplishments are the stuff of legends and although she plans to retire from her current job as Secretary of State, Her fixed, tough Scorpio-Leo elemental square (Water and Fire) may well position her as the next Democratic candidate for president in 2016.

Her current health challenges are a result of exhaustion, a nasty virus, and a blood clot sustained from the concussion she suffered after passing out from dehydration. As of this writing, this astrologer hasn’t learned where in the body the blood clot is located. If it is related to a subdural hemotoma (brain) post concussion, Mrs. Clinton’s doctors will be doubly worried as a brain clot is what caused the death of actress Natasha Richardson post skiing accident on March 18, 2009. I wrote a lengthy piece here on my blog about Ms. Richardson soon after the news reports.

If the clot (Mars-Saturn: Mars is blood. Saturn’s constrictive nature congeals or clots). is located in the leg or pelvis, Mrs. Clinton’s doctors will be equally vigilant as these clots can travel to the lungs, heart and brain. Coumadin (warfarin), a blood thinning medication, dissolves (Neptune) and breaks up clots). Secretary Clinton will be in hospital for a minimum of 48 hours so that her Coumadin levels can be monitored.

Transiting Saturn (9 Scorpio) is currently in Mrs. Clinton’s 12th house (clots as unseen enemies!) and is wedged between the life-giving Sun and Chiron of wounds and injuries. Chiron is notable here because Hillary Clinton has had blood clot issues in the past. So this is a repeat scenario. A Chironic weak spot; a health issue that needs constant monitoring; a chronic or repeated physical debility.

Transiting Saturn will be in mutual reception with transiting Pluto (Capricorn) for the next two and a half years. Capricorn is mastery, stature, reputation and power. Pluto in the sign testifies to Mrs. Clinton’s global respect. She has fans located across the world as well the affection and respect of world leaders. While that testimony is a stellar one, the down side has to do with Capricorn’s penchant for overwork and perfectionism leading to circulatory problems.

With Mars now in nervous system and arterial flow Aquarius, Secretary Clinton’s above-mentioned Chiron weak spots (blood clots, circulation) seem poised as the energy that will put her at repeated higher risk. Part of the answer is her using her well-developed empathic Pisces Moon’s advice: retreat; rest; enjoy solitude; rebuild body, mind, soul; release global toxins accumulated over 4 long years of planetary travel. Mrs. Clinton has absorbed the troubles and conflicts of the world at a cellular and soul-level.

Mars’s current transit through Aquarius will set up a t-square formation where the energy locked within this hard, fixed construct will flow out transiting Saturn in her 12th of solitude, rest, repair and power-actions negotiated behind the scenes. In connection with the crisis at hand, Mars’s opposition to tough yet resilient natal Mars, Pluto and Saturn can go a couple of ways: 1) if Mrs. Clinton were to overtax herself at all over coming days and weeks, she could suffer further health breaks. Too much stress on a sturdy tree branch can snap the trunk of the whole tree if the “storm” is sufficiently strong. On the other hand, her natural survival and ability to prevail under conditions that would shatter a less capable person will be the very forces that allow her to bounce back.

Balance will be the key.  As humans age, even though they may be graced with remarkable regenerative powers, there comes a time when a more prudent or measured use of rest vs. work becomes a necessity. Saturn, the planet of necessity and prudence, is sending it’s message via the growing opening square to Mrs. Clinton’s natal Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Leo. Mars (and Pluto) is Mrs. Clinton’s Ascendant ruler and the ruler of her 6th of health and efficient functioning. Mars by transit coming to oppose her first and sixth house planet of rulership provides an extra cautionary message. Her tendency is to follow the dynamic driving force of Mars! Since when does anyone say “No” to Mars without a fight?!

What’s on Hillary Clinton’s side is Bill’s over-solicitious devotion to her post scandal and daughter Chelsea’s gentle encouragement to take the needed time off. Intelligent and wise to a fault, Mrs. Clinton will listen to her physcians’ recommendations and most likely follow their orders. An intelligent Mars chart ruler knows how to retreat from battle in order to wage a better fight another day.

1. Bucket Chart with gentle Pisces Moon as the handle.

2. Elemental balance: equal parts fire and water. STEAM!

3. Scorpio Sun in mutual reception with her sun sign rulers Mars and Pluto

4. Age factors: Reversal of Lunar Nodes and by age 66 Mrs. Clinton set to experience her 3rd waxing  square between transit and natal Saturn.

Hillary Clinton & Current Transits

Hillary Clinton & Current Transits

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