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Libra’s Lovely Autumn Arrives This Thursday

autumn-pieLibra’s Lovely Autumn Arrives This Thursday

September 19, 2016 by Claudia Dikinis

Lovely, autumn arrives this Thursday at 7:22 am/PDT – 10:22 am/EDT on September 22nd. The Sun moves to 0 Libra signaling the autumnal equinox. Day and Night are of equal measure. Justice’s scale balances.

Notice I said balances and not “balanced.” This is an ongoing process. There is no end to effort, except at life’s end when the goddess of truth, order and justice comes for her accounting.

anubis-weighing-heartGoddess Maat’s feather (ancient Egypt) was used as the counterweight to the heart (pharaoh’s) that Anubis placed on the scale. Osiris presided over the ritual while Thoth recorded the transaction on the eternal scroll.

Our modern goddess of justice in the USA is blindfolded beauty holding a sword and a set of scales signifying equality before the law. Justice should be tempered by mercy. The letter of it should not outweigh the spirit.

There are 4 seasonal shifts a year punctuated by two solstices (Summer/Winter) and two equinoxes (Spring/Fall). The changing of the seasons occurs at 0 degrees of their respective cardinal signs: 0 Cancer Summer/0 Capricorn/Winter and 0 Aries Spring/0 Libra Fall. Cardinal signs initiate change. Monthly Lunar cycles and eclipses in Cardinal signs as well as the year’s season shifts advise us that the blackboard is about to be erased in favor of totally new notations.

PrintThe 4 seasonal shifts each year are called INGRESSES. The horoscopes for them are used in combination with several other charts to evaluate what lies ahead in world events. Each Ingress chart is set for the capital city of each country, state, province, territory of the world where astrologers have interest. Areas of the world that are referred to as “hot spots” get special attention.

Some of the horoscopes astrologer’s use to judge the next 4 seasonal months ahead are the last powerful New and Full Moons the month previous, the last Solar and Lunar Eclipses in whatever months they fell. The foregoing horoscopes are analyzed with the birth chart for the nation or state in question. Techniques of advancing these charts forward in time to present day called Progressions, Solar Arc Directions and the nation’s Solar Return (birthday chart for each year) are highly important and are also analyzed.

The same techniques I mentioned above are also used in personal horoscope readings. Interpreting a nation or state or city’s chart means using somewhat different rules of delineation than those in the tool box of individual horoscope analysis. Unlocking the keys to what lies ahead for the United States, for example, means understanding a different, wider, broader set of rules for interpretation. This branch of astrology is called MUNDANE, as in “world”. It is not at all mundane as in pedestrian or boring!

libra-ingress-2016A quick glance at the Libra Ingress (Autumn Equinox horoscope) reveals much all by itself. The Libra Sun at 0 degrees (initiating/cardinal) is in square (90 degree aspect of friction and struggle) to bellicose Mars. Mars is the traditional ruler of the Scorpio Ascendant (Pluto is the modern ruler). Sun and Mars are combat where Mars in Sagittarius is a bit stronger by planetary dignity than is Sun in Libra, the sign of its fall (no pun there).

We know that in the battle between these two masculine forces means Mars has the winning edge. Mars now in the Jupiter ruled sign of “religious fervor” and ideological extremes abruptly butts against the Venus ruled Sun in diplomacy oriented Libra. Just off hand look at our Secretary of State John Kerry’s fractious encounter with his Russian counterpart (and Putin) in relation to the ceasefire in Aleppo, Syria. The ceasefire has already fallen apart in some sectors as I knew they would based on Mercury’s current retrograde (Mercury is back to direct motion 9/21/16, just before the autumn equinox a day later).

nyc-chelsea-explosionWe also just witnessed the bomb attacks on Seaside Park, NJ and New York City’s Chelsea district. The alleged bomber, Ahmad Khan Rahami, claims he and his family experienced bigotry based on his religion and his ethic background. Even from Police. We have the case of the knife attack in Minnesota.

A general idea of the struggle: Men (Sun) with knives and guns (Mars).

“(CNN)The man who stabbed nine people at a Minnesota mall Saturday before being shot dead by an off-duty police officer was a “soldier of the Islamic state,” according to an ISIS-linked news agency.” . . .The FBI is calling the attack “a potential act of terrorism.” The man was known to police and the community fears an anti-muslim backlash.
These acts are an outpouring of the Sun/Moon square to Mars featured in the September 16, 2016 Lunar Eclipse. Going forward from that signature release event, the Libra Equinox chart with strong Sun square Mars alerts us to be prepared for more of the same.The Moon in the Equinox chart opposes Mars from Gemini, another Mercury ruled sign. The sign is different from where Luna was positioned in the eclipse chart and is opposing rather than squaring Mars, but we find resonance with the eclipse chart as Sun, Mars and Moon all are still locked in struggle.

A mitigating factor in the Equinox chart is Venus in late Libra (28 degrees) making a sextile (60 degrees) to Mars. A sextile provides an opportunity for diplomacy over the next 4 days for John Kerry to engage in productive talks with his Russian counterpart re extending the ceasefire in Syria. Venus, however, will change to Capricorn on September 24 shutting down Venus’s make-peace overtures in favor of more hard line (Saturn rules Capricorn) “by the book” policy speeches and remedies.

usa-autumn-equinox-biwheelThe Libra Ingress chart’s Moon at 19 Gemini and Mars at 26 Sagittarius line up with Donald Trump’s birth Sun (21 Gemini) and Moon (21 Sagittarius). The aforementioned connect with the USA’s Declaration of Independence chart’s birth Mars (21 Gemini) loudly signaling the sluices and flood gates of racism, bigotry, religious persecution, xenophobic and misogynistic hate speech will hit ever harder and lower up to election day (Nov 8).

bigplutoThe first presidential debate is Monday, September 26th, the day when underhanded, underworld, dark political backroom maneuvering goes back to direct motion in Capricorn. Pluto in the USA’s birth chart is opposite Mercury, which is retrograde. This explains our nation’s penchant for conspiracy theories of all sorts. Social Media is alive with outcries against stolen primary elections, unnamed/unseen forces against Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders, fluoride in the water, vaccines cause autism, and the 9-11 Truthers are back at it along with the Sandy Hook Shooting of innocent children was a false flag operation. Alex Jones, Breitbart, WorldNetDaily and Fox News never had it so good.

biguranusUranus of populist uprisings is currently retrograde at 23 Aries conjoined to the Asteroid ERIS, goddess of disruption and discord. Uranus, when he goes direct December 19 at 20 Aries, will recross Eris in early 2017 igniting much of what will surround the inauguration of the next president, which I forecast will be Hillary Clinton.

Scorpio rises in the Libra Ingress chart with Juno of political marriages right at the ascendant. Hillary has Scorpio rising and has Juno, the Greek Hera kept surveillance on Zeus (the Roman Jupiter) whose philandering forced her to have a child all by herself: Hephaestus (God of Forge) who was born with a deformity which made him lame. Symbolically, and I do like to use myths and archetypes for world figures, Hillary has had to give birth to herself while suffering the insults of those who would say she’s cold or unlikeable. Hephaestus was the god all others on Olympus came to when they needed something done.

There are few in the political world in the United States that have Hillary’s grit, resilience, steely concentration, and discipline. “Forged” out of hardship and slights, Hillary Clinton will dominate. [Should any readers of my blog suspect I’m viewing this through the lens of my lifelong Democratic Party filters, think again. In 2000 and again in 2004 I’m on record having forecast George W. Bush wins against Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.]

ur-square-usa-pluto-june-14-2017Heads up on Pluto, the underworld guy I talked about above. Uranus will conjoin the USA’s horoscope’s progressed VENUS (27 Aries) and square the USA’s birth chart Pluto (27 Capricorn) on June 14, 2017, September 23, 2017 and April 1, 2018.

Transiting Uranus in square to Pluto over the last 3-4 years in the big sky is separating, but we can’t ignore that there is a tightening of the two planets as they effect the United States’ common welfare.

I had been looking at this over some days lately but hadn’t yet written about it. Colleague Michael Wolfstar’s column this week provides a good analysis.  [Note Wolfstar uses the 8 Scorpio rising chart for the USA. I prefer the 12 Sagittarius rising chart aka, “The Sibly Chart”. There are several different proposed times for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.]


[Charts were cast using Esoteric Technologies Solar Fire v. 9.0.24]

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