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Lunar Eclipse Watch September 16, 2016

Lunar Eclipse Watchsept-16-2016-lunar-eclipse

Friday, September 16 marks our second autumn eclipse – a Full Moon (Lunar) Eclipse at 25 Pisces. [Sun at 25 Virgo]. Full Moons, especially eclipses in mutable the mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius), come on quickly.

With Mercury in Virgo retrograde expect more than the usual amount of misunderstandings and chaos. Make sure you slow down, pay attention and clarify meanings. If you’re in doubt: ASK. The T-square comprised of Eclipse Sun and Moon in 90 degree angle to Mars in Sagittarius coupled with Venus in Libra unsettled by disruptive Uranus (retrograde) in Aries (Mars ruled) means combative Mars is in charge. Not known for his diplomatic skills, Mars would rather kick ass first then ask for names later.

The planetary aspects in play for the 3 days after the eclipse inject more substrata into this multilayered lunar eclipse. Saturday: Mars trine Uranus. A trine in this case simply means Mars makes an easy slide into Uranus’s penchant for disturbances. Reaction time is instant:

Moon in square to complicating Pluto means just that: all that deep down murky stuff we usually shove into the cellar of our unconscious leaks like toxic waste up through the floorboards. The cherry on top is Luna’s trine to Saturn. Mind messages crisscross and point to harsh judgements. We’re either seeing ourselves as damaged goods or we look at those around us and misjudge them as “lower companions.”

Sunday’s Venus in opposition to Uranus with Moon conjoined to Uranus (and opposing Venus in trine to Mars) means I need to give a caution. That guy or girl who looks so hot and so exciting . . . I’d say you’d be better off taking a cold shower because the price you could pay dealing with a relative stranger’s sudden revelation that they’re NUTS isn’t worth it!

If Sunday means you’re spending the day with your significant other and you’ve managed to navigate your way through Friday and Saturday without a fight, Moon, Venus and Uranus? Hey you guys, swing from the chandeliers! Boldly go where you’ve never gone before. Just be sure you both are ready for it.

As you can see, this eclipse will be a deeply emotional one. We’re liable to be blindsided by the irrational. We need to get a coping strategy in place ahead of time. Practice awareness!


If you can get close to the ocean, a river, creek, reflecting pool, Koi pond, or just soak in your bathtub, incorporate water into your release ritual. A dose of lavender scented Epsom salts will relieve sore muscles and induce calm.

The way out is “through” so here are some navigating tips:

Listen to inspiring music;

Inhale the perfume of fresh herbs: Rosemary, Sage, Basil and Mint;

Do yoga, go for a run, long walk,

temperanceIndulge in some online Retail Therapy, Just don’t overshoot the  budget;


Unplug from devices and meditate;

Read! And by that I mean a real book you hold in your hands;

Spend quiet time with your animal companions;

Order take-out and give yourself a break from chores;


Intensive Journaling;

Avoid TV Cable News;

Tune out politics;

Read an inspiring biography or inspirational quotes;

And remember, we’ll always have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Stream movies!

Prayer: Please help me to remember that “this too shall pass” – what am I to learn from this? How can I best take care of myself while being helpful to my loved ones? — The Serenity Prayer will come in handy!

[Chart is set for Washington, DC using Esoteric Technologies Solar Fire v. 9.0.24]

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