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Captain Sully’s birth time

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January 24, 2009

For those of you who missed my radio appearance on the Storm Cestavani show, here’s the link to ASK1RADIO. Sign up is easy and membership is free!

Heads Up!

Sully Pam Young reports that she phoned the hall of birth/death records in Denison, Texas and asked if she could please have the time of birth of Chesley Sullenberger. Pam told the clerk she was in possession of his date of birth, January 23, 1953, but needed the time of birth in order to construct an accurate horoscope. The clerk promptly looked up Sullenberger’s birth records and quoted 5:06 am. That gives Sully a 25 Sagittarius rising with Lunar Nodes across the aviation/travel and transporation axis associated with the 3rd and 9th houses of the horoscope. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Pam says maybe it was the Mercury retrograde that prompted the clerk to bypass the usual confidentiality rules. But heck, why look a gift retrograde horse in the mouth? Since we don’t yet have a BC in hand, we should say so when using this birth time. A grateful shout out to NCGR, Pam Young and to Karen McCauley, faculty member at Kepler College, for forwarding this information to me. You can contact Pam Young by E-Mail.

Sully Sullenberger, January 23, 1951, 5:06 AM, Denison Texas

Sully chart

— Starcats, January 24, 2009


  1. Claudia,

    This has not much to do with Capt. Sully, but wanted to post an ironic headline you might enjoy:

    ‘Bailout Recipients Host Conference Call to Kill Key Labor Bill’

    Bank of America, Home Depot, AIG and other CEOs want to block legislation that would help workers safeguard pensions, benefits, wages, etc.

    But first, they took the workers’ tax money to give themselves basic necessities like yachts and golden parachutes.

    Huffington Post has audio clips from the call.

  2. Hi Claudia

    I love your site… I just can’t resist posting that Cap’t Sully’s Jupiter is Pisces 10 – the Sabian Symbol for which is An Aviator in the Clouds (!!)

    Waving from DownUnder

    • Lynda! Waving back 🙂 Does it get any better than “An Aviator in the Clouds”? I’m so glad you made mention of this. Feel free to give us the Sabians anytime you’d like. Hugs, Claudia

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