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Starcats’ Melange: February 9 Lunar Eclipse

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I’m placing the February 9, 2009 lunar eclipse into the very competent hands of Shelley Ackerman and Lynda Hill as well as some other stellar astrologers because the ground under Starcats (currently experiencing Neptune transiting her Aquarian 6th house) is dissolving like a million tabs of Alka-Seltzer dumped in swimming pool. Oh, the creative is looming high. My dreams are powerful and potent. My visualizations are super-amped, but try as I might. I can’t focus! I can’t get organized!

Take a hike over to Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone and read your February forecast. Remember to read for your rising sign (if you know it) as well as your Sun sign. The reason? Reading a forecast based upon your rising sign places all the transiting planets into the actual houses they’re visiting in your horoscope. What you learn from astrologers like Susan Miller is how accurate transits can be.

Today’s blog is melange mix, jumble, potpourri, mishmash, medley, blend, hodgepodge, muddle, assortment, mixed bag and crazy quilt (see, I can at least use a Thesaurus) of links to news articles that testify to the rambunctious January-February caught up in our new year’s lunations and eclipse patterns. It seems I’m best suited right now to set out chunks of things, but I lack the concentration to string them all together into a coherent whole. Can you imagine how frustrating this is for a Virgo rising woman who’s lived nearly 60 years of her life with natal Saturn in her ascendant!?

There are a gazillion things I want to tell you! If only my brain would let me!

I’ll have to console myself with giving you some precious little Midpoint clues to our eclipses and lunations in hopes that you’ll be inspired to break out your crystals and become your own favorite oracle. A bit o’ Tarot and Rune reading and reflection might come in handy too.

Take the information I’ve set out below inward and let it bubble through the waters of your creative unconscious. It seems that right now — for me anyway — that’s what we’re supposed to be doing!

2009 Jan-Feb Lunar And Eclipse Cycles

January 10, 2009, Full Moon (not an eclipse) at 21 Cancer

Jan 26, 2009, Solar Eclipse 6 Aquarius 31

February 9, 2009, Lunar Eclipse 20 Leo 59

February 24, 2009, New Moon (not an eclipse) 6 Pisces 35

Eclipse Midpoints and Other Mysteries

This Fixed Air eclipse is low on the element of water. Intuitive thinkers will be inspired (Air and Fire signs) but Earth and Water signs might feel out of their element — literally. Air and Earth and Fire and Water are often drawn to each other when compensation by element and function are needed, but unless other elements by synastry (chart comparison) supply strong bulwarking such as:

Ascendants and chart rulers compatible by sign;

Sun-Moon in flowing aspect;

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter complementary by element and aspect;

A harmonious planet such as Venus or Moon in close cross-chart harmony with the lunar nodes; partnerships of all kinds can suffer.

But not to worry too intensely. The New Moon of February 24th (not an eclipse) at 6 Pisces will help bring Earth and Water back into balance. Air and Fire signs can be soothed by late February’s Sun-Moon seed moment by admitting and allowing the flow of water over earth to heal circuitry that connects the pathways to body-mind integration.

Several of the Lunar Eclipse’s midpoints connect to the progressed chart of for the United States. The midpoint taps are very important to watch over the coming 5-6 months. The Eclipse lasts 5 hours and 54 minutes, which equates to as many months of calendar time for eclipse impact. That means that by July 7, the next Lunar Eclipse, the lunar eclipse on our horizon now will most likely fade out in favor of the Cancer/Capricorn axis highlighted in July.

The Ascendant/Midheaven

The Lunar Eclipse’s Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint is 4 Pisces 15. The Asc/MC midpoint in any chart reveals where the self and one’s actions flow outward into manifestation — the point of highest expression. 4 Pisces flows from the Eclipse chart’s 11th house (set for 9:49 AM, Washington, DC), the house the ancients called The House of the Good Daimon (or spirit). Here spirit takes on “body” as an action or events. The consciousness embodied by the entity in question makes a choice as to whether what is manifested will be judged as “good” or “bad.”

Ready? Lock and Load Your Midpoints!

The list below sets out major cross-chart hits from the Eclipse chart Asc/MC midpoint to President Obama’s chart and the progressed chart of the USA

USA’s progressed Sun is 4 Pisces 16 (remember, the eclipse chart’s Asc/MC midpoint is 4 Pisces 15).

The USA’s progressed Moon is 5 Virgo 43. The USA, by progression, has reached a Full Moon climax cycle. From here on out, the USA’s progressed Moon is in her waning phase. As is the case with any Full Moon lunation whether it is an eclipse or a progressed cycle, the life phase in question has crested and now disseminates (spills forth) the fruits of it’s labor whether for good or ill.

The Sun/Uranus midpoint in the eclipse chart is 5 Pisces 55.

The Moon/Saturn midpoint is 5 Virgo 41.

President Obama’s Venus/Neptune midpoint natally is 5 Virgo 11.

His Mars/Ascendant midpoint is 5 Sagittarius 18 (forming a grand mutable square with the aforementioned mutable chart midpoints. See other placements below as they are also hooked into the grand square).

Obama’s Uranus/Vertex (Vertex is a point of fated encounters in the horoscope) is 4 Virgo 05.

The President’s Neptune/Part of Fortune is at 2 Aquarius 55 (I digress to mention that this midpoint equates to President John F. Kennedy’s pre-natal Solar Eclipse that proved to be fated and ultimately fatal in connection with his brother Joe, brother Robert and his own destiny in Dallas, Texas. This does not mean I’m predicting the same for President Obama. It means that the President must be very careful, especially during January and February 2009).

[Another Starcats digression!] Obama’s Uranus/South Node midpoint equate to 26 Taurus 17, the degree of Mars on the July 7, 2009 Lunar eclipse. 26 Taurus is Caput Algol a most unfortunate fixed star placement. [read about Algol here. The president will need to be very careful during this eclipse as well. Also, the Democratic Party’s (chart) Mercury is at 26 Taurus (Joe Liberman’s Uranus is 26 Taurus!) so I it appears the party as a whole will see someone in high position “beheaded” or “heads will roll” at this time. Sen. Joe Lieberman could be at the center of some of this flap. Also Al Gore’s Venus is conjunct Algol — Al Gore (you can’t make this stuff up!. What will Mr. Gore teach us about global warming this summer? What events such as massive fires (droughts) are on our horizon?

The USA’s progressed chart at it’s full progressed moon cycle along the Virgo/Pisces axis connects deeply with the Midpoints found in the Feb 9 Lunar Eclipse chart and in Barack Obama’s natal chart.

It can be no accident that the President’s call for service and sacrifice resonate with the waning Moon phase indicated in the USA’s progressed chart. The apex (full moon) has crested. The USA’s progressed Moon is now one degree past her opposition with the progressed Pisces Sun.

The USA’s Progressed New Moon (rebirth cycle) at 19 Pisces 26 doesn’t occur until March 25, 2024 (two years after her Pluto return!).

10 Virgo rises in the progressed chart. It’s Midheaven is 7 Gemini with progressed Uranus conjunct the MC angle! (The USA’s natal Uranus is at 8 Gemini). Progressed Neptune rises in the progressed chart at 25 Virgo retrograde. A transit chart for that day reveals Saturn and Venus conjoined at 12 and 16 degrees of Pisces in orb of conjunction with the USA’s progressed Sun-Moon conjunction.

This meandering of mine has a point that goes beyond the sheer joy of blogging about planet and midpoint dialogues. There’s a revelation here from sky that shows that the country as we’ve understood it is in a dismantling phase. The Virgo/Pisces progressions in the USA chart point out the need to create order (Virgo/Mercury) out of Chaos (Pisces/Neptune).

At the same time, this axis leads us to the threshold of a national LETTING GO in favor of new forms and new ways of being that mean (as Obama said) everyone putting a bit of skin in the game. These changes are going to hurt. A nation with Sagittarius rising (I prefer the Sibley chart) won’t easily forego mobility (unlimited access to fossil fuel for cars), access to excess (credit cards, unbridled feel-good shopping), or the national myths (USA Ascendant) that encourage and uplift America’s people.

Doing with less having fewer opportunities massive unemployment and a crumbling infrastructure don’t inspire national confidence. No, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus. What we do for America between now and 2024 will say a lot about our national character and who we want to be in the 21st Century. We have to learn to play nice with others and understand that everybody on earth wants and deserves a piece of the pie.

Starcats, February 7, 2009

Friendly Resources

Starcats’ Mini-tutorial on how to get started evaluating eclipses: TWA Flight 800

Check out Starcats on Leo and Aquarius Here

See also Starcats’ Lunar Nodes Series

See Paul Wright’s article “Neptune and Economic Turmoil” in TMA’s Feb-Mar 2009 issue HERE

Check out Ray Merriman’s “Geocosmic Projections for the World Economy 2008-2011 at The Mountain This article is long and extensive. Financial astrology buffs will be in 7th Heaven.

Empower yourself by reading Bill Herbst’s Newsletters Tap into Obama’s Leo/Aquarius archetype!


“. . . eclipses relate the Moon most significantly not only to the Earth, but also to the Sun. As the Moon represents the past and the Sun the present, the past will tend to boscure the present in a solar eclipse. A North node eclipse begins something what comes to conclusion at the following South node eclipse.” Cycles of Becoming by Alexander Ruperti, pg. 71.

“Unless the lunar eclipse touches important points in the birth-chart, specifically the Horizon [Ascendant] or Meridian [Midheaven] axes or some important planetary opposition, its occurrence may not be evident.” Cycles of Becoming by Alexander Ruperti, pg. 70.


This lunar eclipse follows the Solar one of January 26, 2009 at 6 Aquarius 31. Solar eclipses followed by lunar ones complete a lunar cycle. Whatever was seeded at the Solar event in late January will be “fatefully and spectacularly fulfilled or repudiated at the following eclipsed Full Moon.” [Ruperti, pg. 71].

Starting from January 10th’s Full Moon (21 Cancer 02) where the Sun-Neptune midpoint was 6 Aquarius 53 (degree of January 26 Solar Eclipse!)…….

Solar Eclipse of Jan 26th was on the USA’s natal South Node that reiterates the elemental balance in the USA’s Declaration of Independence chart. Lacking the element of fire.

Big News

111th Congress sworn in: This Congress will last from January 3, 2009, until January 3, 2011. It began its first session on January 6, 2009.

Obama inaugurated January 20, 2009

Stimulus package about to be voted on just before lunar eclipse 2/9

Employers slashed 598,000 jobs in

January 2009, the deepest monthly cut in payrolls in 34 years.

“Octuplets Arrive just after Solar Eclipse” Michael Wolfstar’s Feb 3, 2009 column at Stariq, Chart for first of the babies Here.

“Divided, Senate chops stimulus to $780 billion in tentative agreement” Rawstory

Worst ice storm in a century hits Kentucky HuffPo

Massive winter storms claims lives but as weather warms in the upper midwest, more lives claimed Fisherman dies, dozens rescued from ice floe

Kellogg customers more concerned with peanut butter recall than Michael Phelps hitting the Bong HuffPo

Chrysler Chief Could Be First Test of Pay Limits WaPo

Capt. Chesley Sullly to appear on 60 MINUTES Sunday, February 8, 2009. Check your local listings.


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