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Natasha Richardson and Redgrave Family Data

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A reader asked me to post the data I used for my Natasha Richardson blog. That’s clearly something I should have done in the first place, but due to time constraints and exhaustion, I pretty much spaced it out. My apologies! For anyone who wants to gin up the data and have a look at the charts of all the players, you’ll find the data below.

FYI, you can find scads of data at Astrodatabank’s Wiki Project. If you don’t have astrology software, you can cast charts free of charge at

A reader commented that Natasha’s untimely death resonated with her in a similar way as did Princess Diana’s death. If you’d like to read my article on Diana, you can find it on my website here.

Natasha Richardson
May 11, 1953
5:00 pm BST -1:00
London, UK
Asc 13 Libra

Natasha Richardson’s Accident
March 16, 2009
3:00 pm EDT +4:00
Montreal, CAN
Asc 11 Leo

Time of Death,
March 18, 2009
7:26 pm
New York, NY

Vanessa Redgrave
Jan 30, 1937
6:00 pm UT +0:00
Blackheath, UK
Asc 24 Leo

Joely Richardson
Jan 8, 1965
12:00 PM (no time known) UT 0:00
London, UK

Liam Neeson
Jun 7, 1952
12:00 pm (no time known) BST -1:00
Ballymena, Ireland

Sir Michael Redgrave – Solar Data
Bristol, England
March 20, 1908
Sir Michael Redgrave

Roy Redgrave, Sir Michael’s father – Solar Data
April 26, 1873
122 Kennington Road, Kennington, a district of Lambeth in South London
Roy Redgrave

Starcats, March 25, 2009

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