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That Cozy Cancer Moon

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scmoonJust a quick check in . . .

We’re under the soothing spell of a gentle Cancer Moon in effect until Friday (4/3) at 12:32 PM PDT/3:32 PM EDT. Take advantage of the harmonizing effects of this Moon’s home-centered flow to catch up on sleep, cook comfort foods like pasta and garlic bread — yummy! — and organize photos into your scrapbook.

Cancer is the sign of home, hearth, children, and civilization. By civilization, I really do mean the cradle of all we hold dear: home, country, traditions, family and our personal history. On the universal level, Cancer represents the cradle (baby!) of civilization and is the sign associated with the African continent, a place where archeologists (ruled by Saturn-Capricorn, the sign opposite Cancer) still find skulls and bones that point to the existence of our most remote ancestors.

We’re just past the first quarter Moon (a Cancer Moon square Aries Sun) leading up to the Full Moon in the relationship sign Libra (at 20 degrees) that occurs this year on Passover, April 9.

Lunar phases are timers for the development of important events in our lives. We usually know what our month is going to be about at the time of any New Moon, at the time of our own Lunar Return (the Moon returns to our birth chart Moon every month!), and anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 days before and after a Solar or Lunar Eclipse.

Squares indicate testing phases, so the Moon in square to the Sun indicates that what was on your plate at the time of the New Moon has begun to ripen as an issue and calls for your attention.

You may be engrossed in the issue or distracted by it, depending on what’s happening happening in your life. Emotional reactions, memories of similar past events, and a longing to retreat to a more comfortable life phase or special place might be caught up with whatever challenges you’re facing right now.

The positive build-in to the Full Moon of April 9th is that Venus (currently retrograde) is the ruler of that lunation. Seven days after that Venus-ruled full Moon, the love goddess goes from retrograde to direct motion! April 17th — a Friday, the day associated with Venus! — will be a great day to celebrate!

The New Moon of Aprl 24 is also a Venus ruled lunation in the money and opulent living sign of Taurus! If you have any trouble visualizing how cattle can symbolize money and opulent living, think of the Merrill Lynch iconic bull statue on Wall Street. [Issues of fraud and politics aren’t any reflection on cattle!] Also, for centuries, the number of livestock owned by a tribe or family was a measure of their wealth. We find that today in non-industrial societies across the planet.

So there we are! We have two good news events set for April 2009: Two lunations (Full and New Moons) both ruled by Venus. The first lunation of April 9 is ruled by Venus retrograde. Venus turns direct one week later. The New Moon of April 24 is ruled by Venus in direct motion.

Venus in direct motion means all things associated with the planet can now start working in our favor. Money, relationships, social connections and relationships between women and female family members balance and harmonize. Showers and parties are best planned after April 17th. Men, if you’re proposing this month, buy the ring and pop the question AFTER April 17th. That way she’s sure to love your ring selection and quickly say YES!

For women who hope to become pregnant, the New Moon of April 24th in the fertile sign of Taurus is a good date to try if your cycle matches up to that New Moon starting 10 or so days before the 24th. No promises there! I’m not a fertility doctor, but I do know the love goddess and her sister Moon!

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