Posted by: starcatsastrology | September 11, 2010

Cardinal Cross, Transits and Burning Questions

September is a great time for a reading. Mercury in analytical Virgo is going direct on September 12th at 4:09 pm PDT/7:09 pm EDT, just after the New Moon of September 8th at 16 degrees of that earthy, practical sign. Pluto in corporate power Capricorn goes direct right on Mercury’s heels on Monday, September 13th. The full Harvest Moon at 01 Aries (September 23) takes place just hours after the Autumn Equinox — the day the Sun moves to 0 Libra! Mid to late September is when our autumn to winter will really start to roll.

The best investment you can make right now is the one you make in YOU. All change happens on the inside first as an intention, then as a purging of old, useless and outdated parts of self that leads us to a realignment with our Authentic Self. At that stage, we are then ready to SPEAK OUR WORD and let loose the energy that will manifest our future goals and dreams. Let astrology help!

Are you ready for the cardinal cross journey? Curious about how Transits and Eclipses are set to effect YOUR 6 months ahead? E-Mail me for info on how to book a detailed telephonic consultation at a friendly, affordable fee.

$100, 60 minute-BURNING QUESTION consultation! Ask three questions and get timelines for ourworking, resolution and manifestation by telephone and/or via SKYPE!

I can now do many consultations on SKYPE!

Let’s see if a F2F reading works for you!

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