Posted by: starcatsastrology | September 17, 2010

Speak Your Word! In Word is Power!

Speak your word and be aware of the power of your words. Words are power because of the intention locked inside them. The sound, rhythm, tone, and delivery of what we say and how we say it contains power for good or ill. We are responsible for how we treat ourselves by listening to the self-talk we apply to ourselves. We are responsible for how we treat others by the respect with which we greet them.

To Manifest we have to RE-invest in the power of positive speaking!

This weekend, as the Sun starts his journey through the final degrees of discriminating Virgo, take a look at what you’re saying. What you say is what you have. What you have is a result of what you say.

If your checkbook is challenged right now, remember that material manifestation alone is not a measure of how we’re doing spiritually. Having our needs

met with enough left over to share is how we complete the sacred cycle of giving and receiving. To keep the channels open: We speak our word. We fill our dreams with emotion. We always include others in our prayers for abundance.

Here are thoughts by Sandra Ingerman, Author of “How to Heal Toxic Thoughts” that really got me buzzing today:

“Even abracadabra, the incantation that many of us said as children, is actually a word of power that comes from the Aramaic. The original spelling is abraq ad habra, which literally means, I will create as I speak. ”

“. . . it is not the word itself but the intention behind the word that makes a difference. In our culture, just as we don’t look at the energy behind our thoughts and emotions, we don’t look at the power behind our words; we don’t consider what plants will grow from the seeds we plant in another person’s psyche.”

As above, so below.

As I speak, my words go forth and return to me bearing rich fruit.

Happy Weekend!

Claudia Dikinis,

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