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Libra Sun and Aries Full Moon

September 22, 2010


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The Moon is in Pisces today and won’t shift to gung ho Aries until 4:47 AM EDT tomorrow. Pisces is the sign of Consummation, this gentle Moon that’s at home in blue green watery depths is receptive, sensitive, impressionable, peace-loving, empathic, sympathetic, charitable, compassionate, creative, mystical, devoted, psychic, shy, soulful, spiritual, and needs solitude to cleanse Self from a myriad of impressions Pisces soaks up from the world around it.

Pisces takes it deep into the soul. The toxic and the transformative. Water is the universal solvent and Pisces’ job is to transmute substances in psychic waters onto a higher vibrational level.

Next Lunation: September 23, 2010 FULL MOON at 0 Aries 15.

Sabian Symbol: “A woman has risen out of the ocean. A seal is embracing her.” Key words: New cycles are starting. New beginnings. Emergence from dream to real life manifestation. Recognizing and honoring our instincts. Trusting our intuition. Following the soul’s code. Trusting that Psyche has a better plan for us and choosing to cooperate.

Planet News:

The radiant Sun leaves exacting, systematic and (often) self-critical Virgo for harmony-loving Libra tonight at 10:09 PM EDT. The Sun moves into the cardinal (seasonal) signs 4 times a year: Spring-Aries, Summer-Cancer, Autumn-Libra and Winter-Capricorn. These vital times are known as equinoxes (Aries-Libra) and solstices (Cancer-Capricorn).

What makes these celestial events so important is that each of these 4 signs initiates all activity for the next 3 months ahead. The horoscopes for the Sun’s entrance into these event-changing signs has been relied upon for at least 1,000 years by astrologers who practice Mundane (WORLD) astrology. Kings and politicians alike throughout much of human history have relied upon priests, magi, and astrologers for news about how anything from war, peace, crops and finances will be effected over the next season.

For us, The Libra Sun quickly links up by opposition to the Aries Harvest Moon. The opposition phase for Sol and Luna each month is the Full Moon phenomenon.

Cardinal signs initiate with speed! So Sun-Moon in fullness within 6 hours and 8 minutes of each other is a potent harbinger of an active, dynamic, and energetic 3 months ahead. The energy of Libra and our Aries Full Moon will resonate from now until December 21 when the Sun steps into Capricorn — the Winter Solstice — which, by the way, is also a Lunar Eclipse!

More on all that the closer we get to the time.

For now let’s look at Venus, the Libra Sun’s ruler and the Aries Moon’s ruler, Mars. In a past newsletter I mentioned that the Venus-Mars, male-female, or The Lovers in the Tarot deck, meet by conjunction several times between now and their last rendevouz on May 23, 2011.

The next Venus-Mars conjunction takes place on October 8th (the Sun is Libra until October 23) in the sign of sexy, intense, playing-for-keeps Scorpio. Since Scorpio is about depth and Libra (The Lovers Card) is about choice, we’re at a dynamic turning point.


Especially because Venus is set to go retrograde on October 8 until November 18. Goddess Venus, the lady also known as Fortuna and in charge of the Law of Attraction, will not work at her full powers for the time in which she’s retrograde. So this is a good time to set affairs in order by letting go of any person, place or thing that is weighing our energy down.

Letting go means clearing the decks so that the NEW can move in. Nature abhors a vacuum! Whenever we let go of something or someone who isn’t good for us, it is replaced with that which is HIGHER. That’s the value of Venus retrograde. Re-evaluating all things related to this powerful Goddess. Venus doesn’t put up with junk and neither should we!!

The choices we are now to make are about PARTNERSHIPS — it is important to set out meaningful relationship boundaries and definitions. With Saturn moving through Venus ruled Libra until October 5, 2012, choices we make now have everything to do with what we will or won’t put up with.

It takes Saturn 2 1/2 years to walk through a sign, so as you can see, Saturn and Libra’s Venus-ruler have a long-term project to collaborate on! It’s all about the just use of resources, relationships, and defining one’s values.

It’s time to make that list of what’s acceptable to us and what’s non-negotiable. It’s okay to hold the expectation that 1) your vital relationships need to encompass attributes that enhance growth and 2) help keep the channel open for abundant supply.

Anything that compromises authenticity blocks manifestation!

Anything less than honesty tempered with respect blocks our success at manifesting or sustaining a loving union!!

Real intention infused with high frequency emotion connects us to THE SOURCE, the ONE who brings our dreams to fruition!

Set a new course tonight when the Sun steps into Libra by speaking your AUTHENTIC word!

“A thousand plastic flowers don’t make a desert bloom. A thousand empty faces don’t fill an empty room”.” — Fritz Perls …

/Claudia Dikinis

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