Posted by: starcatsastrology | March 25, 2011

SNAP observations on Japan

Japan’s progressed Sun and Venus are conjoined to the USA’s Venus and Jupiter. Japan’s progressed Uranus is 13 Cancer conjunct the USA’s Sun and is square Saturn. Japan’s progressed Moon is conjunct its progressed Pluto. It’s natal and progressed Saturn are square transiting Pluto. That’s what I’m seeing in the 1952 Japan chart. When Pluto reaches 8 Capricorn, it will conjoin Hiroshima bombing chart’s South Node, which then squares Japan’s natal Saturn in Libra (1952 chart) and also is in orb of square to all planets transiting Aries. Charts are being set off like pinball machines!!

Another cute fact — Hiroshima’s Mars at 8 Gemini conjoins the USA’s Uranus. Mars-Uranus, the nuclear or explosive detonation aspect. I see Uranus/enriched Uranium and Mars as being as powerful as Pluto/Plutonium in all these cases. Remember what Oppenheimer said when the practice bomb was set off in Los Alamos: “Now I am become death, destroyer or worlds.” – Bhagavad Gita. So Explosive and destructive — Pluto in Kali or Shiva guise. Way heavy.


  1. Truly amazing – the pointers were there!

    • Dear Gaylle, welcome and thank you for commenting. /Claudia

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