Posted by: starcatsastrology | March 12, 2011

Japanese Earthquake and Eclipse of 12/21/10 – the signal that pointed the way

Signals pointing to the Japanese earthquake can be traced back to the Lunar Eclipse of 12/21/10 that took place just hours before the Winter Solstice. Casting charts for the eclipse and the winter solstice for Tokyo, Japan then comparing them with Japan’s chart and the Earthquake event chart are chilling in what they reveal.

That Lunar Eclipse was at 29 Sag/29 Gemini.

The current Transiting Lunar Nodes conjoined those 2010 eclipse degrees over this last week. Uranus has been in square to these points, a critical aspect point known as being “at the bendings.”

Uranus also conjoined the fixed star Scheat, the star that signifies deaths by drowning AND poisons (like nuclear reactor fluids in water). Neptune at 29 Aquarius, in that mutual reception relationship with Uranus at 29 Pisces, was the Tsunami. Neptune at 29 degrees was in “sensitive degree,” to the lunar nodes which supercharged the Nodal square made by Uranus.

The lunar eclipse of 12/21/10 set for Tokyo is revealing. ACG Mars goes through Tokyo and is located in the eclipse 7th house of the horoscope for the Eclipse set for Tokyo.

ACG observations: Jupiter and Uranus go right through the latitude and longitude for the epicenter of the quake which lies about 80 kilometers out to sea straight from Tokyo.

The Uranus-Jupiter conjunction at eclipse time (in Pisces) reiterates Japan’s natal Jupiter placement at 0 Capricorn (Winter Solstice degree). Remember, the Winter Solstice 201 followed right on the heels of the eclipse. By the time of the quake on 3/11/11, transiting Uranus was only minutes away from to 0 Aries point.

Uranus was already in orb of square to Japan’s natal Jupiter. Zero degrees of cardinal signs (season changing degrees) mean something is going to happen and it will happen FAST. Uranus and Jupiter in square signal too much energy to contain. Hence, the quake and the worries we have about two of Japan’s nuclear reactors at risk of melting down.

Transiting Neptune, now at 29 Aquarius, is in square to Japan’s natal Neptune at 29 Taurus which is conjoined to the fixed star ALCYONE, the star of great grief.

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