Posted by: starcatsastrology | August 3, 2011

August 9 and 10: incendiary aspects

I’m concerned about August 9 and 10 because the planet aspects for those days is nothing short of incendiary.

Mars square Uranus (rash/explosive)
Moon opposite Mars (antagonistic/reactionary)
Moon conjunct Pluto (underhanded/destructive)
Moon square Saturn (scarcity/depression)
Mars opposite Pluto (brutal/ruthless)

All of the above could signal both geopolitical and geologic upheaval, but because these planets are in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) we often find these energies relating to geopolitical events. [The earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011 wasn’t a “cardinal grand square chart” even though Jupiter in Aries was in square to Pluto in Capricorn. Comparing the EQ chart to Japan’s national horoscope showed stressors that pointed up possibilities for a geophysical event.]

With Mercury retrograde as of today, the “message” of what the events are have their foundations via warnings we’ve already heard. Things we already know.

But figuring out exactly how these factors will manifest on the earth plane is difficult and will be multi-variant.

It’s a time to be extra-cautious over these next two weeks. Mars, the impatient planet in combination with rash Uranus tends to manifest earlier than expected. I’m going on personal alert as of Sunday the 7th and will be extra cautious about crossing streets as drivers are bound to make worse than usual decisions behind the wheel.


  1. Claudia, am I correct that the USA’s ascendant (Sibley chart) is in Libra? Can you speak to how this could affect/effect the political situation that is beginning to stew here?

  2. Hi Nancy, the Sibley chart Ascendant is 12 Sagittarius which puts the first house/7th house (national identity, belief in cherished myths vs. outside enemies both foreign and domestic) under great pressure.

    The USA just experienced it’s Mars Return (7th house at 21 Gemini) setting off the natal square (pressure) to natal fantasy-prone Neptune in Virgo. The USA is also 2 degrees shy of it’s last Saturn Return hit (the 8th since our nation was founded).

    Mars, now in Cancer, is set to cross over the USA’s Venus, Jupiter, the July 1 Eclipse degree (9 Cancer), Sun and finally Mercury where it will then oppose the USA’s Pluto.

    The August 9-10 aspects I mentioned, in connection with the stressful transits I laid out above, point to dangerous windows of time where unbalanced, irrational, erratic people and groups are far more prone to act out in violent ways. The recall election of Republicans in alliance with extreme governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin is August 9th. My eyes will be trained on that event because it is too easy for tempers to flare out of control.

    The debt ceiling agreement signed by Obama is a good example of ‘organized’ violence against the majority of the American people. This debt ceiling document, loaded with poison pills and draconian cuts to discretionary spending on the most vulnerable among us may act as another trigger mechanism setting distressed people on a violent path.

    The long hot summer, crops failing, food prices rising, gasoline prices still out of control, joblessness, and more are reflected in upcoming aspects that are leading the public to a snapping point.

    August 8 and 9 take on a reformation of a cardinal grand square first experienced back in 2010. It will be reignited by the 7 Uranus-Pluto squares (the first exact one in direct motion is June 24, 2012) will re-seed cardinal challenges all the way into 2015.

    There are a number of hard aspects and eclipses lining up over the next few months and years that signal a time of upheaval that may not have been experienced to such depth since the 1929 Great Depression and through the WWII years.

    I don’t know why I just thought of this, but here it is: next April is the 100th year of the sinking of the Titanic. The shock to post victorians and early 20th century Americans over the ‘failure’ of supreme technology was a crushing blow. The Captain of the Titanic said to one passenger just before she sailed, “Madame, God himself cannot sink this ship.” Hubris! And, perhaps as a metaphor for the United States at this juncture, perhaps a dose of humility is necessary.

    I will be pouring libations to Nemesis at the next Full Moon (August 13) in hopes that she will bring low the people who are visiting harm upon the needy in this country.

  3. All of this within orb of Obama’s sun. I am not very good at astrology, but I see further panic in the stock market and chaos in government. Should be one he’ll of a ride. Calvin (4catz)

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