Posted by: starcatsastrology | August 4, 2011

Obama and USA Chart

Transiting Saturn in Libra is set to make it’s 3rd and final hit to the USA’s Saturn (14 Libra), a planetary phenomenon we call the eighth Saturn Return since the nation’s inception in 1776.

Obama’s Natal Saturn is at 25 Capricorn, a scant 2 degrees and 13 minutes shy of a conjunction with the USA’s Pluto. Yes. Plutocracy. Big money, and it would appear that this planetary conjunction might identify Obama as a champion of big money because there is a shared system of values (USA Pluto in house no. 2 of ‘values’ as well as cash) in the Sibley chart.

Transiting Saturn in Libra is moving to make three cardinal squares to Obama’s natal Saturn and the USA’s Pluto. No aspect is as brutal as a hard aspect between Saturn and Pluto. Remember that the opposition of the two in 2001 (Gemini/Sagittarius) was one of the planetary harbingers of 9-11.

The Saturn in Libra square to Obama’s natal Saturn and the USA’s Pluto hooks into a formation called a T-square. Obama’s Saturn and the USA’s Pluto opposes the USA’s Mercury at 24 Cancer. The release valve or focal planet in the “T” is transiting Saturn in justice for all Libra. The empty leg of the T-square is Aries, the 4th house of the USA’s chart (Sibley). transiting Uranus is currently moving through Aries and will stay put in the fiery warrior sign for the next 7 years.

We essentially have a grand cardinal square in place for many months to come. Keep in mind, too, that historically whenever Uranus has transiting the sign Aries (it takes Uranus 84 years to circle the whole zodiac) the USA experiences a DEPRESSION.

Okay, all the above being said, here are the transiting Saturn hits setting off the T-square/grand square between Obama and the USA’s chart:

1. November 24, 2011 — a day before the solar eclipse at 2 Sagittarius! (The December 10th Lunar Eclipse at 24 Gemini/Sag sets off the square between the USA’s Mars to the USA’s natal Neptune which just happens to be conjoined by Obama’s natal Mars at 22 Virgo).

2. April 18, 2012 (retrograde Saturn transit means 3 hits).

3. August 8, 2012, last T-square formation.

On October 23, 2012, after Saturn has just moved into Scorpio, it will square Obama’s natal Mercury at 2 Leo. This takes place just before the 2012 presidential election on Tuesday, November 6th. This square could indicate that the president’s message can’t get through. The talking points may not resonate with the public.

Because of the harsh aspects upcoming for the president over the next year and the manner in which those aspects play out in connection with the USA’s horoscope, Mr. Obama may rue the day he didn’t stand up against a reckless minority in Congress called the Tea Party. Since when does a fringe minority control the national agenda?

The layering of super committees, half of which will be ideologues from the most ignorant among us, sounds more like a Kafka novel or a throw back to Soviet style gulag politics.

I’m just sayin’ ….


  1. she’s BACK!! Missed your posting. I am scared to death of this stuff because a lot of this is resonating in my chart too.

  2. Hi Mimi 🙂 glad to see you! If dialogue keeps up, I’ll be very encouraged to write/blog and whatnot. Wow, it’s the interaction that fuels my fires!!

  3. Thanks for posting this, Claudia. It’s mighty dark out there, and we can use all the light we can get.

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