Posted by: starcatsastrology | August 4, 2011

Dow looks at 500-point loss; 2011 gains are wiped out

“Stocks plunge as worries about global growth are causing traders to dump stocks and seek safety. Gold briefly tops $1,680 but falls back. Treasury yields fall as the dollar rises.”

“Worst selloff in a year

Today’s selloff was the worst for the major averages since May 2010. Very little was spared.” MSN Money:

Transiting Venus (liquid capital) and Jupiter (megabucks) are in square to each other from the fixed signs Leo (bling and cash) and Taurus (opulence and expansion). Both planets lack what’s called essential dignity and are therefore called “peregrine.” Just as you’d expect, peregrine planets are energies that have no where to go and no outlet or ability to fulfill their roles. It’s all about the minus. No pluses means no gestalt.

Mars entered Cancer yesterday and at 0 degrees of the sign puts it in solstice degree. The cardinal points (0 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) mark the 4 seasonal ingresses of the year. It’s from ingress charts, eclipses and monthly lunations that mundane astrologers make forecasts the years’ 4 quarterly action phases.

Mars stimulates. He stirs things up. He antagonizes, goads, pushes, bullies and annoys. Mars hitting the summer solstice point then rolling over July 1st’s eclipse degree (9+ Cancer) on August 17th is setting the stage for another major government and economic slow-down that will take place around August 25th, when transiting Mars squares the USA’s natal Saturn.

As a Cancerian nation, Mars rolling over natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury (all in Cancer) makes for steamy temper flares (Mars in water equals steam) and a drive towards security and safety. This is likely to manifest as a continued hoarding of cash by corporations, another delay on job creation and cautious, limited spending on the part of consumers. Peregrine Venus is the ruler of the USA’s Saturn in Libra which squares the USA’s natal Sun. Talk about reactionary!!


  1. Panic never helps anyone. I’m not even going to LOOK at my 401k. hmmph

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