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Progressed Mars Retrograde in USA chart

Mars – Key Concepts

Sexual Energies
Life Force/Libido
Self Expression
Personal Drive
Urge to Win
Warrior spirit
Can-do spirit
Gung-ho DIY
Will to conquer, overcome and prevail

The USA’s natal Mars in airy, mutable Gemini (21 degrees) progressed in to Libra decades ago and conjoined America’s natal Saturn (14 LIbra) on July 28, 1979. Months prior to that conjunction on February 1, 1979, the Iranian revolution took place installing Ayatollah Khomeini as the nation’s supreme ruler. Then on November 4, 1979, The US-Iran Hostage crisis began. The stalemate of progressed Mars onto Saturn signaled a 444 days long,pitched battle between Western and Middle Eastern powers.

The crisis wasn’t resolved until Jimmy Carter lost the presidency to Ronald Reagan. On the day of Reagan’s inauguration, January 20, 1981, the hostage siege was over.

On July 20, 2005, Progressed Mars hit it’s stationary point pre-retrograde in the USA’s chart. The planet of dynamic will will stay retrograde for a period of 72 years. August 2005 America witnessed the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, a failure of timely first response by the FEMA and the Bush Administration resulting in one of the largest airlift rescue operations in American history. Neither the Governor of Louisiana and Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagen prepared adequately beforehand either. The devastating consequences of Hurricane Katrina are but one example of a failure of will (Mars).

On July 21, 2007, progressed Mars officially hit retrograde status. On August 1, a freeway bridge in Minnesota collapsed during the evening rush hour, sending cars into the water. A failure to reconstruct (Mars-Saturn) led to a disaster where many lives were lost.

On August 9 of the same year, Mortgage failure concerns hit US markets The Dow Jones tumbled amid fears that a mortgage market failures may prompt a global credit meltdown. This was a clearly a precursor to the September-October 2008 financial meltdown that imperiled the world’s economy leading to our present Great Recession.

The two aforementioned examples represent a failure of the political will (Mars) needed to shore up the nation’s skeleton (infrastructure/Saturn) and a lack of political will to enforce banking regulations.

The USA’s progressed Mars will turn Stationary direct on March 28, 2085. It will re-conjoin the USA’s Saturn at 14 Libra by direct progressed motion on February 10, 2141.

These examples are but tiny clues to what lies ahead for the USA as she founders. She’s lost her moral compass and can’t summons the will to get back on track. Lunatics are running the asylum while the very highways and bridges that connect us together crumble. The economic dragon called China rises in the east. The USA’s political will to lead and continue her quest to become a more perfect nation founders in the shoals of oil spills and toxic dialogue.

Nations, empires rise and fall. Long planetary cycles signal peaks and valleys. Sometimes you have to become No. 2 in order to remember what is required ethically and morally to be No. 1. The words in the Declaration of Independence were, in part, a prayer. Words spoken are words affirmed. A nation founded in an age of enlightenment requires enlightened minds to hold fast to its moral compass.


  1. Hi, Claudia,
    Thanks for your analysis, altho this is pretty grim. 72 years of the lunatics running the asylum?? I would be fine with living in a country that is not a world leader, but a country with no moral compass, without the will to do what is right sounds like an awful place. And do you mean 72 years of the lunatic Republicans running the country?? That’s enough to make me look for the exits.

    • No, I don’t mean that lunatic Republicans will run the country for 72 years or that there will be no one holding onto the nation’s moral compass. As a long term cycle it’s necessary to paint with a broad brush and break the cycle down into smaller bits — planet phases such as the 12 year Jupiter-Pluto cycles, the 13 year Jupiter-Neptune cycle and so on. Special emphasis on the 20 year Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions inform us of socio-economic trends. My blog on the 72 year Mars retrograde by progression (USA chart) seems to point more towards the need to work much harder at summonsing the will to work at making the hard choices that, in part, signal the USA taking second place in the world’s affairs for a long time to come. Signals of failing “empire” are all around us while nations like India, China and Brazil seem poised for rapid ascendance.

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