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Standard & Poor’s downgrade of USA Credit Rating

On August 5, 2011, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the USA’s debt to credit rating from AAA to AA+. This is the first time in U.S. history such a downgrade has occurred. While largely symbolic, as the USA isn’t going to default on it’s bills, S&P’s reasoning for the slap has to do with politics: the dysfunction of a United States Congress that has lost all common sense.

I noted that immediately after the downgrade was made public (8:21 pm, NYC, 19 Aquarius rising) that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tweeted that the downgrade, first ever, has happened on Obama’s watch. McConnell, who has stated publicly that  the GOP’s supreme goal is to make Barack Obama a one term president, used his 140 character Twitter tweet allotment to blame the president for an egregious financial meltdown that clearly belongs in the lap of George W. Bush.

The Full Faith and credit of the United States is based upon the formation of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution is the structure of the Federal Government which, among numerous things, is tasked with paying all the nation’s debts. The President, under Article 14 of the Constitution, has unilateral authority to pay all debts and  honor pensions sans permission of Congress. This fail-safe mechanism was ingeniously added to the Constitution to ward off nuts like the Tea Party (John Birchers redux) should they want to overthrow the USA by staging economic coups.

The S&P downgrade chart is clear on it’s face — even down to the Neptune retrograde rising pointing to the $2Trillion dollar math error (Neptune – fuzzy math!) the White House caught on S&P’s documents. Chiron in Neptune ruled Pisces rising reveals the wound right down to the outraged expressed by Barney Frank (MSNBC live telephone interview) and the reactionary White Statement about S&P engaging in “amateur hour.”

Saturn, the traditional ruler of the Aquarius Ascendant, is located in the 8th house of debt (!). Disposited (ruled) by cash-in-hand Venus who falls “amiss” (not angular) in the 6th house, the “angle of distress.” The Leo Sun, fidelity and bona fides “straight from the heart,” is also amiss in the 6th house. Here are where ailments and mental anguish are located. Restrictive Saturn squelches Venus and her square aspect to mega-capital Jupiter is further damaged because both planets of wealth are “peregrine.” Peregrine means they have no essential dignity and thus are forced to wander aimlessly without standing, rest or relief.

Mars in Cancer in the 5th house of speculation, wagers and risk taking (NYSE) will set off a cardinal grand square formation by squaring Transiting Uranus in the 2nd house (Mars rules it), will oppose dismantling Pluto in Capricorn, then will square Saturn in Libra in the 8th house of debt. Uranus retrograde in the 2nd house of the S&P chart demonstrates the jolt this reversal of fortune (retrograde) has caused and how sudden and unexpected this blow was to the White House. Restrictive Saturn in the loans and debts 8th house spells economic contraction and a drying up of money valves that really should be opened to allow the wheels the industry and commerce to expand and hire.

The Scorpio Moon in the 9th house of law and lawmakers (not necessarily the actual bodies of Congress which we locate in the 11th house of the chart), is in a zodiacal zone known as the Via Combusta. The burning way from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio, as designated by ancient astrologers, is a horoscopic signal of a person or persons who are grieved, anxious and troubled. The Moon is also the planet we look to when gauging where the public’s mind is occupied. It appears that the people are deeply distressed by their policy-makers for what outcomes they know are sure: still no jobs, higher interest rates, draconian cuts to welfare services such as food stamps and free clinics, as well as the threat of a reduction in Social Security benefits and drastic cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

The Scorpio Moon squares cash carrying Venus (what’s in your wallet?) and opposes “grow my wealth” Jupiter. It will shortly by transit square the Leo Sun, the heart of any chart AND the planet associated with the country’s ruler — president Obama. Whereas his poll numbers still remain high, even after throwing the poor and middle class under the bus (again) by announcing that spending cuts sans raises in revenues (taxes on the megarich) were okay with him, and agreeing to ‘look at’ paring down spending on the Big Three, it remains to be seen once the repercussions from the downgrade are felt on main street just how popular the president remains.

Here’s your bi-wheel view of the U.S. Constitution (inner ring) and the S&P Downgrade chart (outer ring). It’s easy to see that the story told from the S&P event chart are magnified when placed in the context of the Federal Government’s chart. The Constitution’s ruthless Pluto rises in the first house and opposes the Sun-Venus conjunction in the 7th house of the bi-wheel. This confrontation between the forces of plutocracy vs. the President and “your money,” are magnified by transit when you note that transiting Pluto is currently opposing the natal Venus and Jupiter in Sibley 1776 chart! [Declaration of Independence].

I don’t want to throw to much in the mix, because this predominantly air and water astrologer can get lost in the weeds in an attempt to draw out every single connection that can be found in every single chart I’ve looked at over the last 24 hours. Suffice it to say that the reiterations I cited are at least two of the three proofs needed to make the case when astrologers are at work.

Mars will re-ignite the July 1 Solar Eclipse at 9 Cancer (just shy of the USA’s Sun in square to it’s natal Saturn). Insecure, status conscious (Saturn in the 10th of the Declaration of Independence horoscope) and with a need to blame or scapegoat anyone or anything else for troubles at hand, the blame game, a real American blood sport, is set to reach new heights of outrage and international embarrassment. Note: Let’s watch what takes place from August 8th up to the Full Moon of Saturday, August 13th. The Full Moon is 20 Aquarius which conjoins the S&P downgrade Ascendant. Mars throughout August and the upcoming Full Moon in connection with the aforementioned charts will send shock waves up and down the socio-economic ladders of the USA and several nations in Europe (such as Italy and Spain) who are teetering on real insolvency.

We are all connected thanks to coaxial cable linking us to global markets, information and trade. The mystical “we are all one” has taken on a different cast.


August 6, 2011

Santa Monica, CA








  1. It’s also the Pluto half-return of when the debt ceiling was first established when Pluto hit the conjunction to Venus/Jupiter.

  2. Wonderful observation, Patrick. Thanks for your contribution and welcome!

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