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BP Macondo Well Leaking Again

BP Macondo Well Leaking Again

BP Oil Spill and August 19, 2011 Transits

“An anonymous Vessels of Opportunity (VoO) captain is reporting that BP has hired approximately 40 boats from Venice and Grand Isle to deploy boom around the former Deepwater Horizon site (50 miles off the Louisiana coast). The fleet began its mission over the weekend to contain a growing sheen on the water near the site of the Macondo wellhead, which was declared “officially dead” on September 19, 2010.”

A look at the bi-wheel (BP Spill inner wheel/today’s transits at spill latitude and longitude outer wheel) indicate that the leak must have started long before today’s report in the Tallahassee Examiner.

It’s a “new moon” moment for the Macondo well as transiting Moon just crossed over the Oil Spill Sun (0 Taurus) so news of a spreading sheen or leak brings us to a new phase. Now what will BP do? Nothing, of course.

Retrograde Pluto at 5 Capricorn is reconnecting with Pluto’s position the day of the spill. Retrograde Neptune is reconnecting with Spill Day Neptune. Neptune is one ruler of oil  (drilling and profits seem to be Plutonic in nature) and oil spillages. Neptune’s retrograde recontact with Spill Neptune sets off the Spill Day’s mutual reception with Uranus (then in Aquarius). The mutual rulership exchange between these two outer planets underscores the sudden (Uranus) nature of the event that destroyed one of the earth’s most glorious ecosystems. Neptune  is the unstoppable flow of toxic oil. Uranus is the planet of shocks.

The renewed leak and spreading of sheen must have started around August 9 or 10 when Mars squared Uranus; Moon opposed Mars and conjoined Pluto (8/9) and Mars opposed Pluto (8/10). On August 17th, Mars now in Cancer crossed over the July 1, 2011 Eclipse degree (9 Cancer) which resonates with BP Spill Moon (22 Cancer) which is on the degree of the fixed Star POLLUX, which translates to the word “polluted.” Castor and Pollux are the Gemini Twins. Again, don’t confuse constellations with the tropical zodiac positions of planets contacting these fixed stars.

On September 5, Labor Day, Mars will make the exact conjunction to BP Spill’s natal Moon. Transiting Chiron at 3 Pisces squares BP Spill ascendant. We can expect more painful news of harsh consequences born by the people of the Gulf states and the innocent creatures that make the watery depths their home.

August 19, 2011


Santa Monica, CA


  1. This is really disturbing, even more so because I have not heard a peep about this here. Why aren’t CNN, MSNBC, BBC, etc. saying anything?

  2. Good question. Another question I have is why aren’t hearing about the Japanese Fukushima power plant core cracking on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, etc. You can get reasonable reports on Al-Jazeera if your public tv station sponsors it.

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