Posted by: starcatsastrology | August 22, 2011

Libya Falls/Qadaffi M.I.A.

Libya Falls/Qadaffi M.I.A.

I was waiting for the Saturn Return of Libya’s Independence and today is the day. The Saturn Return marks 29 1/2 years of Qadaffi draconian rule in the North African nation and at long last, forces of liberation are prevailing.

It is Arab spring.

Transiting Mars, which just crossed over July 1, 2011’s Solar Eclipse degree (10 Cancer) now conjoins Libya’s natal Uranus. Mars, the planet of war, agitation and aggravation is setting off Libya’s natal revolutionary, defiant Uranus. The pair are squaring Libya’s natal Saturn and Mars at the time of the nation’s second Saturn return.

A Leo Sun on Regulus, fixed star of the king or ruler, is in opposition to dissolving Neptune in rebellious, freedom fighting Aquarius. Neptune’s work is a watery erosion of ego, power and position. The ground melts out from  under one’s feet. Support systems collapse. A power base drains away. Neptune’s force isn’t the same as Pluto’s, which is more of an undermining that comes from long term decay. Neptune is the force of water. It works as the gentle erosion that arises from denial but also as a tsunami that takes out everything in one instant.

In the case of Qaddafi, the ruthless dictator, self-appointed dweller in lavish tents styled after his Bedouin roots, has been swept away on the tides of revolt. The seeds of this insurrection were sown right under his own nose. Like Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Qaddafi’s solution for keeping tribal factions under control meant ruling with an iron fist.

Dismantling Pluto has already crossed over Libya’s Sun (01 Capricorn). It now joins forces with Libya’s Chiron at 4+ Capricorn. The pain and the wound are clear for all to see. Chiron exposes weaknesses and wounds in any structure when posited in Capricorn. Pluto would prefer to hide from this exposure by donning his Hades helmet of invisibility. This is what Qadaffi is doing. He is in hiding as a 30 year structure of iron fisted rule collapses and dissolves beneath this feet.

Libya Independence and Transits BiWheel


  1. But what takes his place? Chaos or control? I hope it is the latter, for the sake of the long-suffering Libyan people.

  2. Who knows? The outcome lies within the psyche of the Libyan people. The main issue will be the test of whether they work together or splinter into tribal factions. That will be the case in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria as well. Hard lessons out of Afghanistan and Iraq, two countries with strong tribal loyalties, demonstrate how hard achieving cohesion as “one people” can be. Of course, in the case of Arab Spring, the people themselves have chosen their path. They aren’t under the lash of invasion by foreign powers. I wish Libya well!

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