Posted by: starcatsastrology | August 24, 2011

1936 FDR: I welcome their hatred

President Obama, a self-professed Blue Dog, needs to listen to this:

FDR didn’t back down. There’s no excuse for what the current president is allowing to take place on his watch. He may not be able to win the fight, but he has a voice. He, like FDR, can shout: “I welcome their hatred.” However, my wishes don’t stand today’s reality test. A conservative Democrat today (Blue Dog) is very much like a Republican of the late 60’s just before the Barry Goldwater phenomenon and the John Birch Society successfully began steering the GOP off the Wiley Coyote cliff. Even so, it appears that Blue Dogs are growing ever increasingly more right of center. If the USA wants to commit suicide by Tea Party, I wish they’d just get it over with so the rest of us can get busy using the energy of those upcoming Uranus-Pluto squares rebuilding and arising like the phoenix.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt




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