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Hurricane Irene and NYC’s New Moon

Hurricane Irene and NYC’s New Moon

Sun in an out-of-sign opposition to Neptune is one key factor in all charts associated with this event.

Venus combust the Sun (within 3 degrees of Sol), as you’ll see later in my commentary, plays a significant role as well.

NYC -Irene New Moon Biwheel

I looked at the New Moon for NYC chart in biwheel with the NYC Consolidated 5 Boroughs chart: January 1, 1896, Midnight, NYC, 9 Libra rising. The context for the New Moon is to set it at a location and proceed from there.

NM Saturn of damages rises to the Ascendant in the biwheel chart. And in the Stand alone NM chart set for NYC, 29 Taurus rises conjunct the fixed star of great grief, Alcyone. Both NYC and NM charts have Venus as their chart rulers as well as Venus dispositing Saturn rising in the biwheel. A lot of damage is going to be done. Venus in connection with Saturn indicates ruin or damage that will cost a lot.

T-Mars in cardinal water Cancer sits in the 10th house of the biwheel and closely conjoins NYC’s Moon. The two oppose NYC natal Sun and Mercury at 10 and 17 Capricorn respectively. Moon and Saturn are the dispositors and at the time of the new moon, NYC’s Moon will be in partile square to transiting Saturn — water (Cancer) damage (Saturn). It seem that with Mars in Cancer with Moon, there will be a ferosity or aggressiveness to the impact of the damage. A real tidal surge.

NYC’s Venus at 26 Scorpio is in square to transiting Neptune at 29 Aquarius. Venus in Scorpio opposes the New Moon Asc conjunct ALCYONE  and is the dispositor of the Part of Fortune, so all around we’re looking at damages and sadness attached to having endured yet another calamity.

The New Moon conjunction (5 Virgo) is a mere 37 minutes past NYC’s South Node (I use true node). Moon and Nodes connect to the fact that there’s a 24 hour period where the storm will be hovering over NYC. The point is that there will be two tidal cycles.

T-Pluto is in the degree of NYC’s lunar nodes. Pluto in Capricorn signals damage to infrastructure due to tidal surges. The trine would indicate that lower Manhattan will be restored.
Part of the sadness and a feeling of “fate” (lunar nodal connections and Alcyone) could rest with Ground Zero. The site is like a bathtub or big bowl (per reporters on MSNBC) and tidal surges will flood that area. A major sadness coming so close to the 10th Anniversary of 9-11.

As wind and water surge even higher during the two high tides, there’s double the chance for excessive water intrusion along Manhattan’s south coast. Sun in an out of sign opposition with Neptune could mean that even with all the preparations made by governors, mayors and first responders, Neptune’s inundation will turn out to be beyond. Suffice it to say, Neptune is the blind spot. Sun represents those in authority. Saturn’s position in the biwheel chart, rising to the Ascendant, signals that those in charge are taking matters very seriously.

Hurricane Irene Makes Landfall


August 27, 2011

Santa Monica, CA

To everyone on the East Coast. Stay safe!


  1. It’s started raining heavily here on the west side of Baltimore County. There’s a flash flood warning out already, too. I also heard that a storm surge of up to 11 feet may come up the Chesapeake Bay. One of my dear friends lives a few blocks from the Susquehanna River, in Havre de Grace, so I’m very concerned about that news. There’s nothing we can do except hunker down and stay vigilant. Do you have a chart for Baltimore, MD, so i could compare it to this?

  2. Hi Nancy, I just posted a biwheel of the City of Baltimore with the New Moon set for that location.

  3. I’m glad you wrote about this. What fascinated me was how on Friday they told us that it was changing course and heading out to sea, and then Mercury went direct and it continued north..

  4. Yes, the hurricane followed its own ‘mind’ 🙂

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