Posted by: starcatsastrology | January 21, 2011

The Ophiuchus flap

Deborah Holding of breaks down the Ophiuchus flap:

“. . . there has only ever been 12, there are still only 12, and there only ever will be 12. A zodiacal sign is essentially defined as a 12-fold mathematical division of the ecliptic circle, which (as all circles do) measures 360°. To put it simply, for as long as 360 divided by 12 continues to total 30 – there will always be exactly 12 zodiac signs, each measuring exactly 30° of ecliptic longitude.

“Why must there be 12 divisions and not 13? Because the zodiac was purposefully created as a precise astronomical measuring device, to allow mathematical definition of the annual circuit of the Sun, and easy calculation of the movement of the planets, which – as viewed from Earth – all remain close to its apparent path (the ecliptic). . . .”

Read her column in its entirety here: The 13th Sign

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