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Remembering September 11th Ten Years After

I highly recommend Starcats readers to check out Frank Rich’s Essay, “Day’s End” published in this month’s “New York Magazine.” Read it here: HERE.

“The battle consuming our attention and our energies these days is the losing struggle to stay financially afloat. In time, the connection between the ten-year-old war in Afghanistan and our new civil war over America’s three-year-old economic crisis may well prove the most consequential historical fact of the hideous decade they bracket.”

“In retrospect, the most consequential event of the past ten years may not have been 9/11 or the Iraq War but the looting of the American economy by those in power in Washington and on Wall Street. This was happening in plain sight—or so we can now see from a distance. At the time, we were so caught up in Al ­Qaeda’s external threat to America that we didn’t pay proper attention to the more prosaic threats within.”

In Memoriam —’s articles on September 11th HERE. The “Prelude” piece, which I just re-read 10 years after having written it, brings me to tears. I’d already mentioned the financial rape of America in that piece. Look where we are today, my friends.

As a legacy, all of my 9-11 articles and horoscopes are HERE.

It is sobering to go back over this ground (ground zero) just after the most deadly month in Afghanistan in this ten year slog. What’s also chilling about my Prelude piece was my mention of the fact that I thought that by 9-11-01 Bush would have us at war with either China or Iraq. It seems Afghanistan came first and by March 13, 2003, we were engaged in the “shock and awe” of the bombing of Baghdad. at least 300,000 innocent civilians have been vaporized, shot, or maimed by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Starcats, September 1, 2011
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Baltimore, New Moon Biwheel

By Request: City of Baltimore in biwheel with New Moon set for the city. Note: there is no verified time for when Baltimore was formed. In absence of data confirming a time, I used 12 noon.

City of Baltimore in Biwheel with New Moon

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The Milky Way as the Earth Spins

Tempest Milky Way from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.

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Hurricane Irene and NYC’s New Moon

Hurricane Irene and NYC’s New Moon

Sun in an out-of-sign opposition to Neptune is one key factor in all charts associated with this event.

Venus combust the Sun (within 3 degrees of Sol), as you’ll see later in my commentary, plays a significant role as well.

NYC -Irene New Moon Biwheel

I looked at the New Moon for NYC chart in biwheel with the NYC Consolidated 5 Boroughs chart: January 1, 1896, Midnight, NYC, 9 Libra rising. The context for the New Moon is to set it at a location and proceed from there.

NM Saturn of damages rises to the Ascendant in the biwheel chart. And in the Stand alone NM chart set for NYC, 29 Taurus rises conjunct the fixed star of great grief, Alcyone. Both NYC and NM charts have Venus as their chart rulers as well as Venus dispositing Saturn rising in the biwheel. A lot of damage is going to be done. Venus in connection with Saturn indicates ruin or damage that will cost a lot.

T-Mars in cardinal water Cancer sits in the 10th house of the biwheel and closely conjoins NYC’s Moon. The two oppose NYC natal Sun and Mercury at 10 and 17 Capricorn respectively. Moon and Saturn are the dispositors and at the time of the new moon, NYC’s Moon will be in partile square to transiting Saturn — water (Cancer) damage (Saturn). It seem that with Mars in Cancer with Moon, there will be a ferosity or aggressiveness to the impact of the damage. A real tidal surge.

NYC’s Venus at 26 Scorpio is in square to transiting Neptune at 29 Aquarius. Venus in Scorpio opposes the New Moon Asc conjunct ALCYONE  and is the dispositor of the Part of Fortune, so all around we’re looking at damages and sadness attached to having endured yet another calamity.

The New Moon conjunction (5 Virgo) is a mere 37 minutes past NYC’s South Node (I use true node). Moon and Nodes connect to the fact that there’s a 24 hour period where the storm will be hovering over NYC. The point is that there will be two tidal cycles.

T-Pluto is in the degree of NYC’s lunar nodes. Pluto in Capricorn signals damage to infrastructure due to tidal surges. The trine would indicate that lower Manhattan will be restored.
Part of the sadness and a feeling of “fate” (lunar nodal connections and Alcyone) could rest with Ground Zero. The site is like a bathtub or big bowl (per reporters on MSNBC) and tidal surges will flood that area. A major sadness coming so close to the 10th Anniversary of 9-11.

As wind and water surge even higher during the two high tides, there’s double the chance for excessive water intrusion along Manhattan’s south coast. Sun in an out of sign opposition with Neptune could mean that even with all the preparations made by governors, mayors and first responders, Neptune’s inundation will turn out to be beyond. Suffice it to say, Neptune is the blind spot. Sun represents those in authority. Saturn’s position in the biwheel chart, rising to the Ascendant, signals that those in charge are taking matters very seriously.

Hurricane Irene Makes Landfall


August 27, 2011

Santa Monica, CA

To everyone on the East Coast. Stay safe!

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1936 FDR: I welcome their hatred

President Obama, a self-professed Blue Dog, needs to listen to this:

FDR didn’t back down. There’s no excuse for what the current president is allowing to take place on his watch. He may not be able to win the fight, but he has a voice. He, like FDR, can shout: “I welcome their hatred.” However, my wishes don’t stand today’s reality test. A conservative Democrat today (Blue Dog) is very much like a Republican of the late 60’s just before the Barry Goldwater phenomenon and the John Birch Society successfully began steering the GOP off the Wiley Coyote cliff. Even so, it appears that Blue Dogs are growing ever increasingly more right of center. If the USA wants to commit suicide by Tea Party, I wish they’d just get it over with so the rest of us can get busy using the energy of those upcoming Uranus-Pluto squares rebuilding and arising like the phoenix.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt




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Fracking for Gas Makes Earthquakes

Fracking for Gas Makes Earthquakes

“Shortly before midnight Mountain Time on August 23, the largest earthquake in Colorado in more than a century, with a magnitude of 5.3, sent tremors as far away as Kansas. Some twelve hours later, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake centered in Northern Virginia sent shock waves as far away as Toronto.”

Rare Strong Earthquake Hits Colorado – August 23, 2011, 11:46 PM, Trinidad, Colorado

“The quake, with a preliminary magnitude of 5.3, was centered about nine miles from the city of Trinidad and hit at 11:46 p.m. local time.”

“National Zoo Animals React to the Earthquake

“The vibrations from yesterday’s 5.8 earthquake were keenly felt at the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park; all animals, staff and visitors were safe and no injuries were reported.

“Small Mammals – The red ruffed lemurs sounded an alarm call about 15 minutes before the quake and then again just after it occurred.”

Colorado’s horoscope (August 1, 1876, 9:26 AM, LMT, 01 Libra Asc) and the chart for the EQ event in Trinidad is quite nearly Virginia’s EQ Redux. Mars conjoins Colorado’s 10th house Venus in Cancer and squares transiting Saturn in Libra. Note: cardinal signs signal events on the world stage. We’ve got a highly volatile mix with Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Both planets are retrograde and the first of the perfect squares doesn’t take place until June 2012, but when you see something work, you’ve got to make note of it.

Neptune is a key player in EQ (and hurricane) events. Note that transiting Pluto is trine Colorado’s earthy Neptune at 5 Taurus. The trine to oil and gas related Neptune makes the case for fracking being the proximate cause of the damage. Sure, EQ’s have earth cycles, but when human interaction conjoins, then presto-change-o! Something has to give.

Colorado’s cardinal earth move in ambitious Capricorn (in solstice degree, I might add) is squared by transiting cardinal fire Uranus in Aries. Earth and fire aren’t “friends” and when the two elements are in square by planet transit, something is going to snap.

To be clear, one particular aspect doesn’t a tragedy make but when in concert with other moving factors in a horoscope, the probability of an earth level materialization goes up exponentially.

The transiting Lunar Nodes (Gemini/Sagittarius) are in square to Colorado’s natal nodes (Virgo/Pisces). About 11 hours before the EQ happened, the transiting Gemini Moon hit the event chart’s South Node (transiting). Simultaneously the Gemini Moon came to a point called “the bendings.” The Bendings isthe geometrical point where a transiting or natal planet is in square to the Lunar Nodes. I only give about 1/2 of a degree on either side of the bendings point. You have to play it tight.

Colorado’s Mercury in grandiose Leo is partile (exact) square it’s natal Neptune in  acquisitive Taurus. Dramatic Mercury knows the value of it’s resources (8th house Neptune and Pluto). Transiting Jupiter in Taurus is squaring Colorado’s Leo Sun. The State has a Leo stellium in it’s 11th house of future hopes and dreams. Uranus in Leo is the dispositor (ruler) of Colorado’s Aquarian Part of Fortune in it’s 5th house of investments and gambles. It’s in wide but viable square to Colorado’s 8th house underworld riches (mining and resources).

With populations expanding and the drive for fuel consumption competes with China and India’s voracious appetities expands, fracking for natural gas and Canadian tar sands pipeline ventures will be very difficult to stop. Corporations don’t want to invest in infrastructure and refuse to operate safely. Look at the many coal mining disasters that have taken place in the just the last few years in Virginia and West Virginia.

It isn’t likely that president Obama, a self-identified Blue Dog Democrat [“Privately, Mr. Obama has described himself, at times, as essentially a Blue Dog Democrat,” See NYT ], is going to stop the proposed tar sands pipe line. It remains to be seen what forces may at least attempt to rein in natural gas fracking. Protection of our national parks and forests is essential to our survival as well the legacy we seek to leave our children.


August 24, 2011

Santa Monica, CA

State of Colorado and Earthquake Biwheel



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Around the Interwebs/The Mountain Astrologer Blog

I like this week’s column from Mary Plumb of The Mountain Astrologer

“Sachs sees the unrest as interconnected and essentially under the theme of “popular frustration with governments not meeting the needs of the people.” He said there is a “pressure cooker” in the U.S., where problems — unequal wealth, a large underclass, high unemployment, a distrust in the legitimacy of government, a woeful educational system and infrastructure, no coherent energy policy, etc. — are at a boiling point.”

I like her work on Michele Bachmann’s chart too: “The recent Newsweek cover, with a wide-eyed photo of Michele Bachmann, reminded me of Pallas Athena springing forth from Zeus’s head. (1) But then, I had already noticed that Bachmann shares Pallas Athena conjunct the Moon with the U.S. Sibly horoscope.”


Current Issue of the Mountain Astrologer


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Virginia – 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake!

Virginia Earthquake 2011: USGS Warns it May be a Foreshock

International Business Times 8/23/2011

“According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the quake happened at 1:51 p.m. at a depth of 3.7 miles. The quake was centered 27 miles east of Charlottesville, Va., near the town Mineral in Louisa County. Virginia Earthquake 201

1: USGS Warns it May be a Foreshock”

The chart for the State of Virginia is June 26, 1788, at 12:00 pm. The noon time comes from the Virginia Historical Society. Virginia  has cardinal angles, which places transiting Saturn in Libra in the first, Uranus in Aries in the  7th and Pluto on the 4th house cusp. Saturn is too far in degree to make a perfect cardinal grand square with Virginia’s Cancerian Sun and Jupiter,  but it sure seems to be working that way. T-Pluto on the I.C. cusp opposite Virginia’s Sun is certainly the “up from under” thrust set off by unexpected shakes Uranus in the 7th house.

I think that the quincunx (150 degree aspect) between Virginia’s Cancerian Uranus and Mercury to transiting Neptune also play a part. Uranus quincunx Neptune, two outer planets, signal the timing of a destablizing stretch. Quincunx aspects signal what’s out of joint and two tectonic plates in struggle for space show that one will have to “give way” or sacrifice to the other. The earth’s crust is constantly moving like the top layer of a pie that’s floating atop hot molten juices below. The out of phase quincunx set up by transit in Virginia’s chart show that something above and below strained to the breaking point.

If this is a foreshock to a greater level event in the future, We might see something of consequence happen again after Uranus goes direct on December 10th at 0 Aries. That 0 Cardinal point is usually a signal of a big event. It can be geological or geopolitical. Or both. Uranus at 0 Aries so close in opposition to Virginia’s Ascendant means the state is going to have to get their earthquake emergency response team in place. The old Dominion, the oldest of colonies and still the keeper of some of the oldest (and not so good) ideas about humanity and politics is being “shaken up.” I know, I know. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but I still subscribe to “as above, so below.” Or as Jung would tell us, what we don’t own often eventuates in an event outside us.

Just so Virginia doesn’t feel like I’m picking on her, the quake was felt all the way into New York City, Concord, N.H., Washington, D.C., the entire East Coast Trough, and Toronto, Canada.

State of Virginia and Earthquake Transits

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Cat Age Calculator :)

Cat Age Calculator

Click the link above and find out how old your lol cat is!


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Libya Falls/Qadaffi M.I.A.

Libya Falls/Qadaffi M.I.A.

I was waiting for the Saturn Return of Libya’s Independence and today is the day. The Saturn Return marks 29 1/2 years of Qadaffi draconian rule in the North African nation and at long last, forces of liberation are prevailing.

It is Arab spring.

Transiting Mars, which just crossed over July 1, 2011’s Solar Eclipse degree (10 Cancer) now conjoins Libya’s natal Uranus. Mars, the planet of war, agitation and aggravation is setting off Libya’s natal revolutionary, defiant Uranus. The pair are squaring Libya’s natal Saturn and Mars at the time of the nation’s second Saturn return.

A Leo Sun on Regulus, fixed star of the king or ruler, is in opposition to dissolving Neptune in rebellious, freedom fighting Aquarius. Neptune’s work is a watery erosion of ego, power and position. The ground melts out from  under one’s feet. Support systems collapse. A power base drains away. Neptune’s force isn’t the same as Pluto’s, which is more of an undermining that comes from long term decay. Neptune is the force of water. It works as the gentle erosion that arises from denial but also as a tsunami that takes out everything in one instant.

In the case of Qaddafi, the ruthless dictator, self-appointed dweller in lavish tents styled after his Bedouin roots, has been swept away on the tides of revolt. The seeds of this insurrection were sown right under his own nose. Like Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Qaddafi’s solution for keeping tribal factions under control meant ruling with an iron fist.

Dismantling Pluto has already crossed over Libya’s Sun (01 Capricorn). It now joins forces with Libya’s Chiron at 4+ Capricorn. The pain and the wound are clear for all to see. Chiron exposes weaknesses and wounds in any structure when posited in Capricorn. Pluto would prefer to hide from this exposure by donning his Hades helmet of invisibility. This is what Qadaffi is doing. He is in hiding as a 30 year structure of iron fisted rule collapses and dissolves beneath this feet.

Libya Independence and Transits BiWheel

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