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BP Macondo Well Leaking Again

BP Macondo Well Leaking Again

BP Oil Spill and August 19, 2011 Transits

“An anonymous Vessels of Opportunity (VoO) captain is reporting that BP has hired approximately 40 boats from Venice and Grand Isle to deploy boom around the former Deepwater Horizon site (50 miles off the Louisiana coast). The fleet began its mission over the weekend to contain a growing sheen on the water near the site of the Macondo wellhead, which was declared “officially dead” on September 19, 2010.”

A look at the bi-wheel (BP Spill inner wheel/today’s transits at spill latitude and longitude outer wheel) indicate that the leak must have started long before today’s report in the Tallahassee Examiner.

It’s a “new moon” moment for the Macondo well as transiting Moon just crossed over the Oil Spill Sun (0 Taurus) so news of a spreading sheen or leak brings us to a new phase. Now what will BP do? Nothing, of course.

Retrograde Pluto at 5 Capricorn is reconnecting with Pluto’s position the day of the spill. Retrograde Neptune is reconnecting with Spill Day Neptune. Neptune is one ruler of oil  (drilling and profits seem to be Plutonic in nature) and oil spillages. Neptune’s retrograde recontact with Spill Neptune sets off the Spill Day’s mutual reception with Uranus (then in Aquarius). The mutual rulership exchange between these two outer planets underscores the sudden (Uranus) nature of the event that destroyed one of the earth’s most glorious ecosystems. Neptune  is the unstoppable flow of toxic oil. Uranus is the planet of shocks.

The renewed leak and spreading of sheen must have started around August 9 or 10 when Mars squared Uranus; Moon opposed Mars and conjoined Pluto (8/9) and Mars opposed Pluto (8/10). On August 17th, Mars now in Cancer crossed over the July 1, 2011 Eclipse degree (9 Cancer) which resonates with BP Spill Moon (22 Cancer) which is on the degree of the fixed Star POLLUX, which translates to the word “polluted.” Castor and Pollux are the Gemini Twins. Again, don’t confuse constellations with the tropical zodiac positions of planets contacting these fixed stars.

On September 5, Labor Day, Mars will make the exact conjunction to BP Spill’s natal Moon. Transiting Chiron at 3 Pisces squares BP Spill ascendant. We can expect more painful news of harsh consequences born by the people of the Gulf states and the innocent creatures that make the watery depths their home.

August 19, 2011


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Tea Party & John Birch Society

John Birch Society,

December 9, 1958

12:00 Noon (no birth time known)

Indianapolis, IN

“Robert Henry Winborne Welch Jr. (December 1, 1899 – January 6, 1985) was an American businessman, political activist and author. He was independently wealthy following his retirement and used that wealth to sponsor anti-communist causes. He co-founded the conservative group the John Birch Society (JBS) in 1958 and tightly controlled it until his death. He became a highly controversial target of criticism by liberals, as well as some leading conservatives.”

Forerunner to the Tea Party (and oftentimes an “inspiration” for the more extreme wing of the Libertarian Party), the John Birch Society has it’s roots in the middle earth of the midwestern state of Indiana.

I was born and raised in Indianapolis in a small enclave called Castleton. The old world and a burgeoning new one met head on against a backdrop of automobiles, zoning disputes, tractors, post WWII fashions, old country churches and the sounds of rock and roll blaring out the radio. I remember our grade school bomb drills where we dropped under our desks and covered out heads. I don’t know how the maneuver would have spared us from Hiroshima like explosions and fall out, but suffice it to say our dear township believed it expedient.

There was the summer when one of the farmers in our area loaded up his crop duster and dropped leaflets (litter!) all over the land stating: THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A BOMB.

Terror of communists plagued the land. The GOP and Joe McCarthy had a field day pushing hard against the old lizard brain (limbic system/pineal gland) of the local GOP who assured us that sharing and caring for our fellow man (women excluded) was going to destroy our great nation.

” . . . Welch claimed that Birch was an unknown but dedicated anti-communist,[6] and the first American casualty, Welch contended, of the Cold War. One of the founding members[21][22][23] was Fred Koch,[24] founder of Koch Industries, one of the largest private corporations in America.[25″

Fred Koch is the father of the infamous Koch Brothers who, along with Dick Armey started funding the astro turf group we know today as the Tea Party.

The John Birch Society solar  horoscope has all the hallmarks needed to identify it as intemperate. Mars at 17 Taurus (the bullheaded ideologue) is opposite exaggerating Jupiter at 19 Scorpio, also known as the accursed degree of the accursed sign. It is conjunct the coiled snake star Serpens aka Unukalhai, a pale yellow star in the neck of the Serpent in the constellation Ophuichus which means, ‘he who holds the serpent‘.

Don’t confuse the sign Taurus with the constellation Ophuichus (located sidereally as opposed to the tropical sky, which correponds to the 12 signs of the zodiac). At any rate, the ancients didn’t have much good to say about Serpens or Unukalhai. With Jupiter, Robson, author of one of the pre-eminent books on fixed stars says, “With Jupiter: Hypocrisy, deceit, banishment, imprisonment or exile. [Robson*, p.214.]” For more on fixed stars visit Anne Wright’s excellent fixed stars site:

The aforementioned Mars in opposition to Jupiter t-squares into radical, revolutionary Uranus. There’s your signature for the crazy. Mars, Jupiter and  Uranus are way over the top even in flowing aspect, but when pitted against each other by opposition into t-square, we have an incendiary mix.

There’s a 5 planet conjunction in religious zeal Sagittarius comprised of Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn. Jupiter on the coiled serpent star (“don’t tread on me”?) is the planet ruler of the 5 planet line-up. Since Jupiter is in that t-Square formation I mentioned above, God, Guns, Guts, and kill me a commie for Christ became identifying slogans of the Birchers in short order.

Ronald Reagan was a Bircher or at least a staunch admirer of them. He was told early in his political career that he had to dial back the intense rhetoric and hide his more extreme views lest he ruin his chances for the governorship of California (and eventually the U.S. presidency).

The evangelical bleed into the movement happened rather early on in JBS’s history. By the time Reagan was running for president, he let it slip (on purpose) that he “spoke in tongues” but please don’t tell anyone . . . of course, the person he  uttered that lie to made sure to announce it widely. Reagan became president, of course, and like the Bushes, promptly threw the evangelicals under the bus.

It doesn’t seem to have detoured them though. In today’s politics Michelle Bachmann, Tea Partier and evangelical Christian, just happened to mention that the country is afraid of “the rise of the Soviet Union.”

That and mistaking the 34th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death (August 16, 2011) with his birthday (January 8, 1935) is enough on its face to disqualify her from being a Wal-Mart greeter, let alone president of the United States.

(Learn about the difference between the Tropical (Western Astrology and Sidereal (Eastern Astrology) zodiacs from Kevin Burk here: )

August 18, 2011


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Henry Varnum Poor, founder of S&P


“Henry Varnum Poor (December 8, 1812 – January 4, 1905) was a financial analyst and founder of H.V. and H.W. Poor Co, which later evolved into the financial research and analysis bellwether Standard & Poor’s.

“In 1860, Henry Poor published History of Railroads and Canals in the United States, an attempt to compile comprehensive information about the financial and operational state of U.S. railroad companies. He later established H.V. and H.W. Poor Co. with his son, Henry William, and published annual updated versions of his book. Standard & Poor’s traces its history back to this publication.”

Key Events for 1860:

1860 – Pony Express begins.
1860 – Crittenden Compromise
1860 – Abraham Lincoln elected President of the United States
1860 – South Carolina secedes from the Union

Henry Poor’s horoscope (no time known): a locomotive pattern with big money Jupiter (though retrograde) in gold standard Leo as the lead planet or engineer.

His Sun conjoined to Neptune in cosmopolitan, internationally savvy Sagittarius conjoined to Neptune shows a fiery visionary who can seriously think (Saturn in Capricorn) and evaluate the soundness (Mercury in Capricorn) of the “financial and operational state of U.S. railroad companies.” Henry Poor was a man who could see the future (Sun-Neptune) and translate his intuitive hunches (mutable fire) into a long-lasting (Saturn in its sign of rulership) and respected financial rating institution on classically pin-striped Wall Street.

It’s the 1860 publication of Poor’s book on the U.S. history of railroads and canals that historians consider the founding of the agency Standard & Poor’s.

In 1860, Poor’s progressed chart has Venus, Mercury and Saturn all in the cardinal earth sign Capricorn opposing the USA’s (Sibley chart 1776) natal Venus, Jupiter and Sun.

Poor’s progressed Saturn is in an exact opposition to USA’s Cancer Sun (cardinal water) which sets up a t-square to the USA’s Saturn at 14 Libra in (cardinal air). The natal USA Saturn becomes the focal point of the T-square which flows out of the Sibley chart’s 10th house of respect and standing.

Standard and Poor’s, until it corrupted itself by colluding with Wall Street throughout the housing bubble/toxic derivatives scandal, was one of three highly lauded rating agencies that could be trusted to fairly rate corporations and financial institutions in America.

Poor’s natal and progressed Capricorn planets challenged (squares and oppositions made to the Sibley chart) the captains of industry to back up their claims by proving their bottom lines. Saturn, the taskmaster, did more than visit karma. When Saturn stands as the hermit holding the lantern at the top of the hill, people and the entities they create are called to hard scrabble up the mountain of performance AND consciousness to by doing the hard, but honorable things.

By transit, Poor’s natal Saturn is being opposed by Pluto. T- Pluto on Poor’s Saturn is set for the explosive Mars in Cancer opposition that takes place this upcoming week. Poor’s natal chart, which I consider one of two founding charts for his agency, will be under siege via his natal Saturn in Capricorn over the next few days by hard transits: Mars in Cancer in square to Aries-based Uranus;  Capricorn Moon opposite Mars and conjunct Pluto; and Mars in opposition to Pluto. Poor’s horoscope and progressions to 1860 (founding of S&P’s) point to pitched battle between the White House, Congress and this rating agency.

Because Poor’s natal Sun-Neptune in internationally focused Sagittarius are under illuminating stress via our Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycles over this year and next, we are looking at long season of confrontations both domestically and internationally with mistakes made when it comes to a global economic sustainability.

The next election cycle depends on whether or not a dysfunctional Congress can stand up and govern like adults and if President Obama (Saturn at 25 Capricorn) can stand firm for the good of the country instead of caving in again for the good of Wall Street and big campaign contributions.

August 7, 2011
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Quick Correct

I posted the S&P downgrade time as 8:21 pm on August 6th. The correct time is 8:19 pm. The rising degree is still 19 Aquarius, but the chart goes from 19 degrees 49 minutes to 19 degrees 05 minutes when using the 8:19 pm time. My reporting was off by 44 minutes, which doesn’t change the analysis of the event chart. However, in the interest of accuracy, it’s important for me to publish time corrections when they come up.

August 7, 2011
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Standard & Poor’s downgrade of USA Credit Rating

On August 5, 2011, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the USA’s debt to credit rating from AAA to AA+. This is the first time in U.S. history such a downgrade has occurred. While largely symbolic, as the USA isn’t going to default on it’s bills, S&P’s reasoning for the slap has to do with politics: the dysfunction of a United States Congress that has lost all common sense.

I noted that immediately after the downgrade was made public (8:21 pm, NYC, 19 Aquarius rising) that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tweeted that the downgrade, first ever, has happened on Obama’s watch. McConnell, who has stated publicly that  the GOP’s supreme goal is to make Barack Obama a one term president, used his 140 character Twitter tweet allotment to blame the president for an egregious financial meltdown that clearly belongs in the lap of George W. Bush.

The Full Faith and credit of the United States is based upon the formation of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution is the structure of the Federal Government which, among numerous things, is tasked with paying all the nation’s debts. The President, under Article 14 of the Constitution, has unilateral authority to pay all debts and  honor pensions sans permission of Congress. This fail-safe mechanism was ingeniously added to the Constitution to ward off nuts like the Tea Party (John Birchers redux) should they want to overthrow the USA by staging economic coups.

The S&P downgrade chart is clear on it’s face — even down to the Neptune retrograde rising pointing to the $2Trillion dollar math error (Neptune – fuzzy math!) the White House caught on S&P’s documents. Chiron in Neptune ruled Pisces rising reveals the wound right down to the outraged expressed by Barney Frank (MSNBC live telephone interview) and the reactionary White Statement about S&P engaging in “amateur hour.”

Saturn, the traditional ruler of the Aquarius Ascendant, is located in the 8th house of debt (!). Disposited (ruled) by cash-in-hand Venus who falls “amiss” (not angular) in the 6th house, the “angle of distress.” The Leo Sun, fidelity and bona fides “straight from the heart,” is also amiss in the 6th house. Here are where ailments and mental anguish are located. Restrictive Saturn squelches Venus and her square aspect to mega-capital Jupiter is further damaged because both planets of wealth are “peregrine.” Peregrine means they have no essential dignity and thus are forced to wander aimlessly without standing, rest or relief.

Mars in Cancer in the 5th house of speculation, wagers and risk taking (NYSE) will set off a cardinal grand square formation by squaring Transiting Uranus in the 2nd house (Mars rules it), will oppose dismantling Pluto in Capricorn, then will square Saturn in Libra in the 8th house of debt. Uranus retrograde in the 2nd house of the S&P chart demonstrates the jolt this reversal of fortune (retrograde) has caused and how sudden and unexpected this blow was to the White House. Restrictive Saturn in the loans and debts 8th house spells economic contraction and a drying up of money valves that really should be opened to allow the wheels the industry and commerce to expand and hire.

The Scorpio Moon in the 9th house of law and lawmakers (not necessarily the actual bodies of Congress which we locate in the 11th house of the chart), is in a zodiacal zone known as the Via Combusta. The burning way from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio, as designated by ancient astrologers, is a horoscopic signal of a person or persons who are grieved, anxious and troubled. The Moon is also the planet we look to when gauging where the public’s mind is occupied. It appears that the people are deeply distressed by their policy-makers for what outcomes they know are sure: still no jobs, higher interest rates, draconian cuts to welfare services such as food stamps and free clinics, as well as the threat of a reduction in Social Security benefits and drastic cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

The Scorpio Moon squares cash carrying Venus (what’s in your wallet?) and opposes “grow my wealth” Jupiter. It will shortly by transit square the Leo Sun, the heart of any chart AND the planet associated with the country’s ruler — president Obama. Whereas his poll numbers still remain high, even after throwing the poor and middle class under the bus (again) by announcing that spending cuts sans raises in revenues (taxes on the megarich) were okay with him, and agreeing to ‘look at’ paring down spending on the Big Three, it remains to be seen once the repercussions from the downgrade are felt on main street just how popular the president remains.

Here’s your bi-wheel view of the U.S. Constitution (inner ring) and the S&P Downgrade chart (outer ring). It’s easy to see that the story told from the S&P event chart are magnified when placed in the context of the Federal Government’s chart. The Constitution’s ruthless Pluto rises in the first house and opposes the Sun-Venus conjunction in the 7th house of the bi-wheel. This confrontation between the forces of plutocracy vs. the President and “your money,” are magnified by transit when you note that transiting Pluto is currently opposing the natal Venus and Jupiter in Sibley 1776 chart! [Declaration of Independence].

I don’t want to throw to much in the mix, because this predominantly air and water astrologer can get lost in the weeds in an attempt to draw out every single connection that can be found in every single chart I’ve looked at over the last 24 hours. Suffice it to say that the reiterations I cited are at least two of the three proofs needed to make the case when astrologers are at work.

Mars will re-ignite the July 1 Solar Eclipse at 9 Cancer (just shy of the USA’s Sun in square to it’s natal Saturn). Insecure, status conscious (Saturn in the 10th of the Declaration of Independence horoscope) and with a need to blame or scapegoat anyone or anything else for troubles at hand, the blame game, a real American blood sport, is set to reach new heights of outrage and international embarrassment. Note: Let’s watch what takes place from August 8th up to the Full Moon of Saturday, August 13th. The Full Moon is 20 Aquarius which conjoins the S&P downgrade Ascendant. Mars throughout August and the upcoming Full Moon in connection with the aforementioned charts will send shock waves up and down the socio-economic ladders of the USA and several nations in Europe (such as Italy and Spain) who are teetering on real insolvency.

We are all connected thanks to coaxial cable linking us to global markets, information and trade. The mystical “we are all one” has taken on a different cast.


August 6, 2011

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Progressed Mars Retrograde in USA chart

Mars – Key Concepts

Sexual Energies
Life Force/Libido
Self Expression
Personal Drive
Urge to Win
Warrior spirit
Can-do spirit
Gung-ho DIY
Will to conquer, overcome and prevail

The USA’s natal Mars in airy, mutable Gemini (21 degrees) progressed in to Libra decades ago and conjoined America’s natal Saturn (14 LIbra) on July 28, 1979. Months prior to that conjunction on February 1, 1979, the Iranian revolution took place installing Ayatollah Khomeini as the nation’s supreme ruler. Then on November 4, 1979, The US-Iran Hostage crisis began. The stalemate of progressed Mars onto Saturn signaled a 444 days long,pitched battle between Western and Middle Eastern powers.

The crisis wasn’t resolved until Jimmy Carter lost the presidency to Ronald Reagan. On the day of Reagan’s inauguration, January 20, 1981, the hostage siege was over.

On July 20, 2005, Progressed Mars hit it’s stationary point pre-retrograde in the USA’s chart. The planet of dynamic will will stay retrograde for a period of 72 years. August 2005 America witnessed the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, a failure of timely first response by the FEMA and the Bush Administration resulting in one of the largest airlift rescue operations in American history. Neither the Governor of Louisiana and Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagen prepared adequately beforehand either. The devastating consequences of Hurricane Katrina are but one example of a failure of will (Mars).

On July 21, 2007, progressed Mars officially hit retrograde status. On August 1, a freeway bridge in Minnesota collapsed during the evening rush hour, sending cars into the water. A failure to reconstruct (Mars-Saturn) led to a disaster where many lives were lost.

On August 9 of the same year, Mortgage failure concerns hit US markets The Dow Jones tumbled amid fears that a mortgage market failures may prompt a global credit meltdown. This was a clearly a precursor to the September-October 2008 financial meltdown that imperiled the world’s economy leading to our present Great Recession.

The two aforementioned examples represent a failure of the political will (Mars) needed to shore up the nation’s skeleton (infrastructure/Saturn) and a lack of political will to enforce banking regulations.

The USA’s progressed Mars will turn Stationary direct on March 28, 2085. It will re-conjoin the USA’s Saturn at 14 Libra by direct progressed motion on February 10, 2141.

These examples are but tiny clues to what lies ahead for the USA as she founders. She’s lost her moral compass and can’t summons the will to get back on track. Lunatics are running the asylum while the very highways and bridges that connect us together crumble. The economic dragon called China rises in the east. The USA’s political will to lead and continue her quest to become a more perfect nation founders in the shoals of oil spills and toxic dialogue.

Nations, empires rise and fall. Long planetary cycles signal peaks and valleys. Sometimes you have to become No. 2 in order to remember what is required ethically and morally to be No. 1. The words in the Declaration of Independence were, in part, a prayer. Words spoken are words affirmed. A nation founded in an age of enlightenment requires enlightened minds to hold fast to its moral compass.

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Uranus-Pluto Squares from 2012 to 2015

Make note:

6/24/12 – 8 AR/CAP
9/19/12 – 7 AR/CAP
5/20/13 – 11 AR/CAP
11/1/13 – 9 AR/CAP
4/21/14 – 13 AR/CAP
12/15/14 – 12 AR/CAP
3/6/15 – 15 AR/CAP
3/17/15 – 15 AR/CAP (Exact)

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Dow looks at 500-point loss; 2011 gains are wiped out

“Stocks plunge as worries about global growth are causing traders to dump stocks and seek safety. Gold briefly tops $1,680 but falls back. Treasury yields fall as the dollar rises.”

“Worst selloff in a year

Today’s selloff was the worst for the major averages since May 2010. Very little was spared.” MSN Money:

Transiting Venus (liquid capital) and Jupiter (megabucks) are in square to each other from the fixed signs Leo (bling and cash) and Taurus (opulence and expansion). Both planets lack what’s called essential dignity and are therefore called “peregrine.” Just as you’d expect, peregrine planets are energies that have no where to go and no outlet or ability to fulfill their roles. It’s all about the minus. No pluses means no gestalt.

Mars entered Cancer yesterday and at 0 degrees of the sign puts it in solstice degree. The cardinal points (0 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) mark the 4 seasonal ingresses of the year. It’s from ingress charts, eclipses and monthly lunations that mundane astrologers make forecasts the years’ 4 quarterly action phases.

Mars stimulates. He stirs things up. He antagonizes, goads, pushes, bullies and annoys. Mars hitting the summer solstice point then rolling over July 1st’s eclipse degree (9+ Cancer) on August 17th is setting the stage for another major government and economic slow-down that will take place around August 25th, when transiting Mars squares the USA’s natal Saturn.

As a Cancerian nation, Mars rolling over natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury (all in Cancer) makes for steamy temper flares (Mars in water equals steam) and a drive towards security and safety. This is likely to manifest as a continued hoarding of cash by corporations, another delay on job creation and cautious, limited spending on the part of consumers. Peregrine Venus is the ruler of the USA’s Saturn in Libra which squares the USA’s natal Sun. Talk about reactionary!!

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Obama and USA Chart

Transiting Saturn in Libra is set to make it’s 3rd and final hit to the USA’s Saturn (14 Libra), a planetary phenomenon we call the eighth Saturn Return since the nation’s inception in 1776.

Obama’s Natal Saturn is at 25 Capricorn, a scant 2 degrees and 13 minutes shy of a conjunction with the USA’s Pluto. Yes. Plutocracy. Big money, and it would appear that this planetary conjunction might identify Obama as a champion of big money because there is a shared system of values (USA Pluto in house no. 2 of ‘values’ as well as cash) in the Sibley chart.

Transiting Saturn in Libra is moving to make three cardinal squares to Obama’s natal Saturn and the USA’s Pluto. No aspect is as brutal as a hard aspect between Saturn and Pluto. Remember that the opposition of the two in 2001 (Gemini/Sagittarius) was one of the planetary harbingers of 9-11.

The Saturn in Libra square to Obama’s natal Saturn and the USA’s Pluto hooks into a formation called a T-square. Obama’s Saturn and the USA’s Pluto opposes the USA’s Mercury at 24 Cancer. The release valve or focal planet in the “T” is transiting Saturn in justice for all Libra. The empty leg of the T-square is Aries, the 4th house of the USA’s chart (Sibley). transiting Uranus is currently moving through Aries and will stay put in the fiery warrior sign for the next 7 years.

We essentially have a grand cardinal square in place for many months to come. Keep in mind, too, that historically whenever Uranus has transiting the sign Aries (it takes Uranus 84 years to circle the whole zodiac) the USA experiences a DEPRESSION.

Okay, all the above being said, here are the transiting Saturn hits setting off the T-square/grand square between Obama and the USA’s chart:

1. November 24, 2011 — a day before the solar eclipse at 2 Sagittarius! (The December 10th Lunar Eclipse at 24 Gemini/Sag sets off the square between the USA’s Mars to the USA’s natal Neptune which just happens to be conjoined by Obama’s natal Mars at 22 Virgo).

2. April 18, 2012 (retrograde Saturn transit means 3 hits).

3. August 8, 2012, last T-square formation.

On October 23, 2012, after Saturn has just moved into Scorpio, it will square Obama’s natal Mercury at 2 Leo. This takes place just before the 2012 presidential election on Tuesday, November 6th. This square could indicate that the president’s message can’t get through. The talking points may not resonate with the public.

Because of the harsh aspects upcoming for the president over the next year and the manner in which those aspects play out in connection with the USA’s horoscope, Mr. Obama may rue the day he didn’t stand up against a reckless minority in Congress called the Tea Party. Since when does a fringe minority control the national agenda?

The layering of super committees, half of which will be ideologues from the most ignorant among us, sounds more like a Kafka novel or a throw back to Soviet style gulag politics.

I’m just sayin’ ….

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August 9 and 10: incendiary aspects

I’m concerned about August 9 and 10 because the planet aspects for those days is nothing short of incendiary.

Mars square Uranus (rash/explosive)
Moon opposite Mars (antagonistic/reactionary)
Moon conjunct Pluto (underhanded/destructive)
Moon square Saturn (scarcity/depression)
Mars opposite Pluto (brutal/ruthless)

All of the above could signal both geopolitical and geologic upheaval, but because these planets are in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) we often find these energies relating to geopolitical events. [The earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011 wasn’t a “cardinal grand square chart” even though Jupiter in Aries was in square to Pluto in Capricorn. Comparing the EQ chart to Japan’s national horoscope showed stressors that pointed up possibilities for a geophysical event.]

With Mercury retrograde as of today, the “message” of what the events are have their foundations via warnings we’ve already heard. Things we already know.

But figuring out exactly how these factors will manifest on the earth plane is difficult and will be multi-variant.

It’s a time to be extra-cautious over these next two weeks. Mars, the impatient planet in combination with rash Uranus tends to manifest earlier than expected. I’m going on personal alert as of Sunday the 7th and will be extra cautious about crossing streets as drivers are bound to make worse than usual decisions behind the wheel.

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